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 on: Today at 13:17:56 
Started by Nichrome - Last post by Nichrome
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.

 on: Today at 13:15:59 
Started by Dragoonyang - Last post by dragontoy
I want one.

 on: Today at 13:13:42 
Started by lucas.7.snow - Last post by Nichrome
I'd send the card for RMA. Who knows what's actually going on.. See >>How to contact MSI.<<
If you live in Europe, RMA must go through seller/shop.

 on: Today at 13:11:43 
Started by smile393 - Last post by smile393
Hello! Requires a modified BIOS for the GE62MVR 7RG laptop. Faced the following problem: The laptop has two hard drives NVMe SSD and SATA HDD. When installing the Windows operating system on the NVMe SSD, the boot partition is created on the SATA HDD. Create a boot partition on the NVMe SSD helps only by physically extracting the second hard drive. Unlocked BIOS is required, where among other things there will be a function to disable individual SATA ports. It is necessary that when reinstalling the system each time do not disassemble the laptop to extract the second hard drive.

BIOS Version: E16JCIMS.309

Thank you!

 on: Today at 13:07:26 
Started by Dragoonyang - Last post by dragontoy

 on: Today at 13:01:48 
Started by chrisinsocalif - Last post by anthonysny
My screen has a black mark and thought it was dust but it looks to be dead pixels. Warranty says there has to be around 5 or 6 dead pixels for them to fix it. I really do not know how many that is. I tried to take pictures (hard to do) and maybe someone from the forums can tell me if it qualifies. Thanks you. My screen scaling was 100%. Thank you.  
My laptop is the GT62VR-087US


If your machine is still under warranty, it's covered.

 on: Today at 13:00:25 
Started by zlatan9.0 - Last post by zlatan9.0
2400 default freq.
I have 2x8 kit. 3200mhz certified freq. They're the ones for am4, so fully compatible.
Windows runs fine, intel burn test completed without errors, tried some games, all good.
I don't know what to think. Maybe it's my motherboard.

 on: Today at 12:57:30 
Started by emersonyang - Last post by dragontoy

 on: Today at 12:51:00 
Started by anthonysny - Last post by anthonysny
Thanks. I understand to install the drivers in the recommended order... but if one of the drivers in the recommended order is already up to date, are you saying it's safe to just skip over it and install the next driver on the list? (I ask because doing so effectively changes the actual installation order :/ )

Also - at what point in this whole process should I update the firmware and utilities?

Should I update the firmware before or after updating the drivers? 

Should I update the utilities before or after updating the firmware?

 on: Today at 12:02:53 
Started by eggysk8 - Last post by Talentless
Wish I could help... but I logged on here for the first time in a while to see if anyone knew how I could get my AC Adapter replaced?  The green light randomly turns off and stops charging my GT73VR 6RF Titan Pro.  I've already tested using another cord, but the problem is with the brick itself.

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