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 on: Today at 05:52:50 
Started by rclederer - Last post by rclederer
I love my new Titan 1070 sli. It comes with the O.O double power bricks that connect to a terminal, which then plugs into the back  of the computer. This connection is under so much weight and pressure that it is constantly falling out of the back of the computer.

Any fixes as to how to keep it in? I've set up tension safety loops, used velcro to strap the junction box under the computer, and used straps from my riser to try and alleviate tension. It STILL falls out to the point I wish I could super glue the darn thing in. Which I  would do in a heartbeat if I didn't think it would ruin the connection.

Any ideas??

 on: Today at 04:46:51 
Started by trancebliss - Last post by jim
So glad I found this fix, the whine was driving me crazy on my brand new WE72 workstation.  Its now whine free!

 on: Today at 04:19:34 
Started by karelfa - Last post by karelfa
When I connect my brand new GT 73 EVR 7RF Titan Pro to external monitor via HDMI or Display port, Windows display settings see the correct external resolution of the external monitor, in my case 2560 x 1080, but the external screen is dimmed to 50% brightness and refresh rate drops to 30 hz so external monitor is unusable. I am able to tweak the settings by setting: duplicate these displays, it then shows 2560 x 1080 on both displays, restart the laptop and the external monitor is all of the sudden ok. But if  I restart, go to sleep or shut down the laptop, the settings are lost and external display shows again the correct resolution but is dimmed again and refresh rate drops down. I did took it to the service center and they don't know what to do, they say it may be the Intel driver. By the way they repeated same exact problem on another brand new laptop same model with same configurations as mine, so there is probably some kind of issue with model line. Anybody has any idea how to fix it? All the drivers are updated to latest version, Nvidia settings are correct.
Thanks for help. ( External monitor is not at fault, tested this on 3 different monitors with various resolutions in service center and same problem on all of them ) My MSI GT73 laptop display has native resolution of 1920 x 1080, 120 HZ refresh.

 on: Today at 04:08:51 
Started by GloR1oUS_ - Last post by dpsr2012
I'm new to MSI, I purchased a RX 580 Gaming X 8G a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to register it ever since. I've tried with MS Edge, IE, and Chrome all end to a page with a 504 error page with a little dragon at the top, no information or why I get the 504. I can't contact MSI because I don't have a registered product on file so what am I supposed to do? The Worst website I have ever seen. Any information would be very helpful... Thanks

 on: Today at 03:35:35 
Started by n.siragusa - Last post by plutomate
Clear CMOS sometimes fix this small glitch but you already send your board back so let's just wait.
most of the time when you see this, you can start with trying 1 memory stick only?
make sure the stick is in slot 2, if it works try the next memory on slot 4.
also, check if there is any bent pin in the CPU socket.
Usually, E0 can be observed when something is wrong with the memory :think: (esp when XMP is on)
since you didn't say very specifically of what you did for troubleshooting, that is probably all i can suggest for you.

 on: Today at 03:27:41 
Started by Rjck - Last post by Rjck
Hello, can you please provide the latest bios update for my GPU?

GTX 1060 6gb Gaming X - S/N: 602-V328-19SB1708009532

Do you recommend to do the update? Thank you in advance.

 on: Today at 03:13:23 
Started by digitalluster - Last post by digitalluster
How do I remove Intel's Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Software from Windows 10 x64-bit? I have uninstalled it countless time only to see it show back up in Windows. What's the fix to totally uninstall this software. What does it even do? Is it worth it's weight to even consider using?

 on: Today at 03:01:01 
Started by jonodlr1 - Last post by cpsoho
Is this the spec sticker which you mentioned?

 on: Today at 02:59:01 
Started by arestavo - Last post by arestavo
Almost a week in and no white screens and no white screen then no video out issues! (a record, since with the old one it was less than 24 hours each time) Not when the laptop comes out of sleep, not when I leave the laptop on copying files overnight, and not randomly when playing games!

I must say, the 7RE model compared to the 6RE model does have 10% slower GTX 1070s (even overclocked) when comparing GPU scores with Firestrike. It sucks, but if that's the price to pay for a laptop that's not a complete disaster, then so be it. For comparing both: 

I've managed to undervolt the CPU and was able to get the temperatures down to acceptable levels as well. 93C was way too hot for just running Heaven or Valley, and now it's around 76C (a little hotter in Assassin's Creed Origins).

The screen hinges creak when opening the lid and that's ominous for longevity. We'll have to see. Maybe opening it from the middle will help, instead of opening it from the sides.

Hey it only took 8 months, but I've got a working laptop and not a $2,500 paperweight.

 on: Today at 02:52:06 
Started by joshshreve6 - Last post by joshshreve6
I found the issue. The MSI website listed an old version of BIOS. After I called support, they emailed me the newest BIOS and it solved the issue.

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