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 on: Today at 02:40:24 
Started by jackbabyjones - Last post by david
...I took apart both laptops. CPU sockets are different as expected. However, the GTX 880M fit perfectly in the GPU slot of the AMD Radeon HD 8970M. For some reason, the laptop wouldn't boot with the NVIDIA card. Is it because the motherboard is built for the AMD CPU and will only accept AMD GPUs? ...

Hi jackbabyjones,

I don't know. My guess is that it's probably more of a BIOS issue than a motherboard issue. The BIOS of the GX70 may not include support for the NVidia GTX 880m. You really need to talk to MSI Support about this.
Quote from: jackbabyjones
... Also, if I replace the GX70 motherboard with an Intel-based GT70 motherboard, will the CPU and GPU from the GT60 work? The GT60 and GX70 use the same power supply and battery. Everything is virtually the same except screen size and Intel vs AMD. ...

The power supply and battery don't matter. What you need is a compatible chipset for the CPU you plan to use. If the GT70 motherboard has a compatible chipset, then your Intel CPU should work. Generally, the chipset must match the CPU generation. For example, an Intel 4th-gen CPU with a Haswell architecture needs a motherboard with a Haswell chipset. There are some exceptions. For example, some 4th-gen Haswell chipsets will also work with Intel 5th-gen Broadwell CPUs. But you need to know these details before you start plugging in a CPU.

As for the NVidia GTX 880m, again, it depends on what the BIOS of the GT70 motherboard is designed for. It might work with the dGPU or it might not. You need to talk to MSI Support or a user who has experience with the GT70.

Kind regards, David

 on: Today at 02:37:15 
Started by user00 - Last post by HenryW

 on: Today at 01:32:19 
Started by 1976steven - Last post by sydneyblue203
Nothing you can do with the cpu but get the max turbo i think 3.4 ghz. You can try to overclock the gpu and see what happens your not going to hurt it. My old desktop had a 1070 and i had about 2000 mhz all the time with my GT titan it changes all the time due to power limits

 on: Today at 00:46:55 
Started by talez2005 - Last post by hamid_m_h
Nice build. Might be worth waiting till next gen nvidia and amd navi come out in 2019 and you might be able to get an 1080 on the cheap or even navi even cheaper if are promising 1080 equivalent for 300-350 dollars.

 on: Today at 00:45:30 
Started by trance_scope - Last post by trance_scope
What is this mode? There is no information that I can find anywhere that reference this. Trying this mode, it maxes out the Vcore to max at idle, and on load (I'm guessing LLC kicks in) the voltage goes down around 0.05V. I also get significantly less Cinabench scores with it on, about 100 points less. Is there any benefits to this mode?

 on: Today at 00:33:18 
Started by legendzfan - Last post by legendzfan
Thank you for the fast reply, unfortunately, this card has reached it's end of life. Well, it was nice to try. Gotta say the bios you gave me worked flawlessly and almost made it feel like it would work properly again, isn't the case sadly. I'll lock the topic and move on with that. Great service!

 on: Today at 00:04:22 
Started by pilldiver - Last post by pilldiver
Thank you for the quick response! :) I've extracted the .rom file with ATIFlash and attached it here, had to add .txt to get it uploaded.

 on: Yesterday at 23:45:27 
Started by lukusluke - Last post by lukusluke
Simple question, does an Infinite X VR8RF-008US support intel optane?

 on: Yesterday at 23:34:41 
Started by frank07wayne - Last post by frank07wayne
yes... is enabled ..enabled, but is not present the "Voice" Cache/Ring Voltage... is present whit another name ? or is included in CPU Core Voltage

 on: Yesterday at 23:20:09 
Started by 1976steven - Last post by 1976steven
My CPU is 7700HQ and my GPU is GTX 1060 6gb

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