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 on: Today at 20:21:00 
Started by darkystori - Last post by darkystori
Hi everyone,

i bought a msi ge73vr 7rf raider a couple months ago, and ive always had a low fps problems/stutter in some games, minecraft is one of them. 
specs from laptop:
CPU: i7 7700HQ
GPU: Nvidia gtx 1070 8 gb
ram: 16gb ddr4 (2x8gb)

so, before i had this laptop, i had a msi gt726qd dominator g i believe, with a i7 6700hq, and a gtx 970m. when i used to play minecraft on there i used to get over 1000 fps.. without problems or stuttering, 
what i dont understand is that this laptop with a gtx 1070 only gets 180 FPS IN THE SAME GAME.. literally, its so much more powerfull then the 970m.. i cant play the game normally because it always stutters and gets fps drops sometimes.
ive checked the windows powerplan. disabled nvidia overlay, deleted dragon center, did a clean driver install. and so on.. i really dont know what the problem is.

Can someone help ??

 on: Today at 20:05:32 
Started by leegmayoh - Last post by leegmayoh
Quick update. 

The laptop has been Diagnosed with a gone power conductor and the GPU is fried. I have however managed to get the power conductor component replaced on the board.

I am really not sure what to do at this point though. I now have the laptop in a working condition but only on integrated graphics... Everything else is fine.

What are my best options? I am seriously considering selling it. But who would buy a gaming laptop with no working GPU? the 980m cards are so expensive!

 on: Today at 20:05:24 
Started by chetraruc - Last post by rbleroy91
Thank you kindly for all this info but I guess it's kinda late in my case. I have already added the second stick -_-
Do again, even after to have added sticks, then try all steps I suggest in this order. It is important to verify all of that before to do what you want!
Good courage,
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 20:02:25 
Started by anechkadetochka - Last post by matteo_santucci
I just receive the results from the RMA, they provide to my a number of screenshots of every test and stress they perform the laptop in order lets say to make this shut down happen. It never happen to them so they can not do anything. But as you said its completely random. When i bought the laptop 10 months ago it happens once or twice but i didnt pay attention cause maybe it was just a crash of the windows. It stops for months since 20 days ago. Almost 9 months since the last time that happened again. And then we had a big party. 4-5 ever more times per day. The programms on the computer are more or less 100% same till i bought it except ofc the  updates to any game, software etc... I took the RMA 10 days ago and for the last 2 days before i send it to them nothing happen again for me as well.
The thing is that if for example a part is just malfunctioning from time to time and its not burnt they will send it back to me without doing anything. Still have 2 months of warranty and then this piece boom, burned down and ofc is not covered from the Warranty since they did not trace it the 1st time.
I spend almost 2000 for this laptop and i didnt expect those kind of problems. I search most of the forum and find out that is a common issue for an MSI without a permanent solution. There are ppl here which replace. motheboards, gpu, cpu, battery almost everything inside and keep happening....
I will not go for MSI again probably i will stick with Dell again....
Did you fix your problems?

 on: Today at 19:59:06 
Started by eric_goss - Last post by eric_goss
I asked coolermaster support and it seem that this is normal.

I have ordered a ARB (addressable RGB), my board need to have the ARGB (JRAINBOW1) header and I have only JRGB1 

I will replace it by the right type. My bad.

 on: Today at 19:56:29 
Started by rodrigogarlop - Last post by dramitphys

 on: Today at 19:56:08 
Started by emersonyang - Last post by matteo_santucci
When will they add new games? All the reward are sold out except for the steam wallet.
I think that it would not be fair if the next games would cost more than 300 points.

 on: Today at 19:53:07 
Started by cyborg_kat - Last post by Nichrome

Generally any PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 drive will work. Not SATA though.
- Supports PCIe 3.0 x4 standard, 4.2cm/ 6cm/ 8cm length M.2 SSD cards

 on: Today at 19:51:42 
Started by snifflingdark - Last post by Nichrome

In BIOS, at least 2 should be working just fine. Use 1 USB port for keyboard and 1 for pendrive. Should be sufficient to navigate to Mflash.

 on: Today at 19:40:18 
Started by andreas_fanclub - Last post by dramitphys
upload your laptop or keyboard image.

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