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Sticky Topics
Find more Gaming Notebook FAQs before 27-October-13 HERECamera not working.(May 3rd 2014) Game, Benchmark software instability issue. (May 9th 2014) Low microphone volume issue when using Skype. (May ...
msiTechNB 10 8714 Last post 05-March-17, 15:06:16
by crafting201502
NB Technical Discussions Forum Rules & Posting Guide:1. This sub forum is only for of . Discussions/Topics for other MSI products will be relocated to the right subtitle by Administrator/Moderator.  ...
msiTechNB 0 2814 Last post 10-February-17, 09:22:00
by msiTechNB
Dear all, If you want to insert files and know more forum text edition functions, please refer to the attachment. Best Regards, msiTechNB
msiTechNB 0 1946 Last post 05-August-16, 11:37:04
by msiTechNB
Information Update(Date: 2016/7/24)Dear valued customer,We have been receiving several reports of TDR problem at our gaming notebooks especially with GT80 2Qx Titan series(MS-1812). Users may see a po...
msiTechNB 0 4169 Last post 01-April-16, 12:28:30
by msiTechNB
Here is our MSI exclusive utility, give them a try and leave your thoughts and commands!"Silent Option" Fan Control Application for MSI Laptops          "System Information Export" tool           "LED...
msiTechNB 0 13654 Last post 21-July-15, 06:41:16
by msiTechNB
Normal Topics
gt62vr 7re battery life
How long should be my battery lasting and why is dragon center so high on usage. I got screen dimmed to lowest and got my keyboard led turned off.
ersin 0 11 Last post Today at 17:17:05
by ersin
No wifi only ethernet
Hey guys.I recently bought a MSI GT72VR 7RE Dominator pro. everything is awesome on this notebook.BUT after today i opened my notebook to do some work and i had no wifi connection or icon. there was o...
joeyvanleeuwen11 3 128 Last post Today at 17:07:26
by ersin
Battery is not charging (blinking red light)
Hi, my battery is not charging and I have noted there is a red light blinking on the battery icon.My laptop is a GS70, almost 3 years old, but everything else is working fine.I have installed the Batt...
enrique.piatti 2 56 Last post Today at 16:13:18
by enrique.piatti
GP62VR 7RFX Gaming Laptop. Model not listed on Web Site for Drivers and Bios
Hi all!This is the first MSI laptop (GP62VR 7RFX) I've owned and so far very impressed.  Especially with the build quality.However I was trying to find the latest drivers and bios associated with this...
linuxdancer 4 132 Last post Best Answer Today at 15:34:27
by linuxdancer
MSI gt72 dominator pro dragon 7.1 sound is not working
Hey guys I have just bought this computer everything is great but I cant get this 7.1 working. I test and only stereo works so right and left rest doesnt work.
ahmethamditozan 0 12 Last post Today at 13:24:13
by ahmethamditozan
Find EC firmware to unlock min RPM FANs (GP62 6QF)
Hello, so this is my last “problem“ with my GP62 6QF. I'm  trying now different EC Firmwares for this laptop, and I need to unlock all RPM speeds, because these firmwares has got min speed around 3200... 7 133 Last post Today at 11:59:16
by badmyn
GL626QF - Grey screen from sleep mode
Ever since the last major Windows 10 update, when the laptop wakes from sleep mode the screen turns on grey with vertical lines, with a large square for a cursor. Any ideas?
yoav.ash 5 87 Last post Today at 11:53:59
by lee.roger
GE62VR 7RF- Constant freezing/crash requiring hard reset!
Hi,Just at completely random times the computer freezes and I can't do anything. Sometimes its page memory BSOD, sometimes its just all black screen and usually its green squares/buzzing sound(please ...
miku911 0 10 Last post Today at 11:23:33
by miku911
Weird screen after sleeping mode
Hi, Since a few weeks, my computer sometimes chows a weird screen made of lines and colors (looks like a broken screen) when i wake it up from sleeping mode. To fix it I just have to put it in hiberna...
alexgubb 2 54 Last post Today at 10:27:57
by lee.roger
MSI help desk update?
Hi there. I'm new to MSI forums.  I use here and there my daughter's laptop, MSI  GE 72VR 7RF, bought 4 months ago.Today, a pop up is proposing a MSI help desk update.  I never noticed the MSI help de...
thereselcarette 5 468 Last post Best Answer Today at 07:44:04
by johang99
Terrible performance on a £1400 MSI laptop
Hi, I have a MSI GS63VR 6RF laptop and I am getting gaming performance that a £400 laptop probably could have gotten me.I have attached the exported system info from MSI help desk to this postIn Team ...
alexggtf2 0 28 Last post Today at 06:46:53
by alexggtf2
CONCERNED regarding cpu temperature
hello guys my cpu temperature reaches 90 degree Celsius while playing csgo my model no isPL62 7RC  help me out????
ukulshr 3 62 Last post Today at 06:08:55
by ersin
MSI stealth pro CPU fan noise and issue
Hi! my cpu fan speeds up and start making high pitch and ratteling sounds then bumps and speeds down and then try speed up again and repeats at random every few seconds. I saw a video online that many...
howtopoker123 1 18 Last post Today at 06:07:14
by ersin
Uppercase letters (Shift+Letter) "A" and "S" suddenly disabled
Dear MSI support,Please advise what to do with the problem I faced in my notebook GS73VR 6RF Stealth Pro.Suddenly (don't know at what point) two of all keyboard letters "A" and "S" were disabled in up...
eduard 1 23 Last post Today at 06:05:44
by ersin
Killer Gb Lan with Killer Shield + 802.11 ac
somebody help with lan connection . no connection identify pls help .Killer Gb Lan with Killer Shield + 802.11 ac
neala1977 1 34 Last post Today at 03:07:22
by nica.ar2
Max rated AMP on Fan header
So I know that the max rated amp for fan headers on desktop PC's are 1A, but what about notebooks? I plan on installing a 2nd fan into a GT 60 notebook to improve the cooling a lot, but I need to know...
nightmaster552 0 17 Last post Today at 00:48:03
by nightmaster552
HDD noise in GT72MVR?
Just bought a new GT72MVR with SSD + 1 TB mechanical hard drive. The laptop is making a small high pitched buzzing sound constantly. It's been a while since I've owned an mechnical hard drive, but my ...
mskoglund 0 20 Last post Yesterday at 20:44:51
by mskoglund
My msi g70 is throttling only when plugged in!!!
Hi,I have posted before regarding the strange throttling that happens only when I plug my laptop in ..I tried checking using msi dragon center and notice an unstable power consumption when I plug in ....
hosh.engee 0 13 Last post Yesterday at 19:52:15
by hosh.engee
MSI GS70 2QE-263UK
Hi AllI keep getting a pop-up inviting me to update MSI Live.  Clicking on "update" or "later" has no effect at all and then 15 minutes later I'll get the same pop-up with the same results.  Looking a...
alanbates33 0 15 Last post Yesterday at 18:13:26
by alanbates33
Repair timing...
Hi there! This may not be the best place to voice such a message, but I'm curious as to what other people have experienced in regards to repair work completed.I sent my laptop away to be repaired unde...
alexcranky1 0 17 Last post Yesterday at 17:12:11
by alexcranky1
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