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 on: Today at 04:56:36 
Started by jmsias713 - Last post by jmsias713
I recently got a new GE72VR 7RF laptop. I have tried everything to try and get the SHIFT function to work, but it doesn't work when it's plugged in and I press the fn F7. When I check on the Dragon Center the Shift column doesn't appear. Also when I click the Fn shortcuts the icons at the bottom of the screen don't appear.  Please help.

 on: Today at 04:03:32 
Started by theytesteremail - Last post by theytesteremail
Thanks for the input on this everybody!  Now I am confident about installing the NVMe drive.  I was just scared that I had to buy an adaptor to fully utilize the speeds of the NVMe.

 on: Today at 03:40:05 
Started by remyvb - Last post by SpeedJack

Did you clean the dust that accumulates inside the laptop?
Update the latest BIOS/EC/VGA driver/ Dragon Gaming Center. Do RC reset.
Please use MSI HelpDesk to export basic OS information and compress (zip) the configuration txt file for us. You can find the latest version of HelpDesk in the download link below.

 on: Today at 03:12:25 
Started by chris_rice70 - Last post by chris_rice70
Is it necessary for me to register to activate my MSI motherboard or will presenting my invoice from Amazon be fine for my 3 year warranty?


 on: Today at 03:05:40 
Started by jamin280672 - Last post by miklet
BIOS 1.90 installed smoothly
In the memory try it section, there are more choices over version 1.80
I tried all the 3200's with my 4 sticks of Corsair 8GB CMU16GX4M2C3200C16B love....
Still, in memory try it 2933 16-18-18-18-36, it works every time.

I am quite happy with the performance of the Pro Carbon Motherboard

 on: Today at 02:54:37 
Started by omcocftr - Last post by andres.moya.i
Just to let you know you not alone. GS72 6QE. Internal mic, line-in, mic-in. "Digital" noise. Speakers getting distortion and then no sound once heat up from any game. maybe after 10-20minutes from cold. Wired thing cable headset at the same time works ok.
I have to use Bluetooth headset for calls and games. Notebook sent for RMA 2nd time. First attempt was not successful, they changed fans, small board with jacks and speakers themselves. No result. 

Seen some reports from 2015 similar, but not recent. So I think I am just unlucky and they can fix for me.

 on: Today at 02:35:53 
Started by jiirroo - Last post by nigege20
Hi, i having the same issue. i suspect my ATI was spoil and intel graphic is working.
previously i am using intel graphic as ATI always gave me screen flickering issue.
early this week, i just did a system factory restore as my windows seems corrupted. after restore complete, it went blank after load windows. 
i suspect my ATI was default display in factory reset, and due to my ATI was spoil, so no more graphic after load windows.

can anyone helps on how do i change the default display to intel so i can continue of restore setup?

 on: Today at 02:24:19 
Started by pgolxpt - Last post by Yang
I think BIOS is older version and it is jsut for Intel 6th CPU.

Step1: Install Intel 6th CPU.
Step2: Check BIOS version. I think BIOS version should be v9xx.
Step3: Flash BIOS to v610. BIOSv610 is support Intel 7th CPU.
Step4: Change CPU to Intel 7th CPU.
And then Cubi 2 plus can be support Intel 7th CPU normally.

 on: Today at 02:18:43 
Started by thaian619hehe - Last post by thaian619hehe
Thanks for this precision. But, if you only restart (not shutdown then power on, only select restart in Windows), does it also freeze?

I suspect your "SSD Lite-On" where you have installed Windows. Because you have already tried to do a fresh install on it, can you retry but on a classic SATA disk (for example, your WD)? If yes, unplug all the disks (SSD included) except this one, then format it in GPT and do a fresh install; does your freeze problem rise again?

It's only happens when i shutdown, restar is normal. I used it normal a month before, i'm not sure but maybe install hotspot shield and i got a virus, after that it occurred that issue. Unistall hotspot already and make a clean virus too. I should try as your recommend. Ah 400gb games will be disapear but it's ok haha

 on: Today at 02:16:40 
Started by linh183 - Last post by andres.moya.i
Problem is back with GS72 6QE. i7-6700 with 970m

Sound card is burn same as in a video above. As soon as system get hotter sound distortion and then no sound at all.

It doesn't depend on GPU temperature directly. You need to make it warm maybe 70 or 80 and wait temperature propagate to the sound card. Can take 5-10 mins or 20 minutes on maxed out fans. So I think affected area is not very close to GPU or CPU. More likely lower, around left part of the keyboard. SATA HDD also add some heat so I am always keep it spin down with hdparm. 

I've sent notebook to 2nd RMA. First return back with "replaced: fan, small board, speakers". No changed. 

Also I tried all possible combination of drivers with nahimic and without. Linein terrible digital noise. Internal mic inaudible in calls. External mic same as line in - terrible.

Right now I am trying to understand is it by design or fault? Or I managed overheat it? Never tried overclocked it, I am not own enemy. Now desperately trying to underclock :( but afterburner don't allow me to limit power with this card.

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