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 on: Today at 20:43:35 
Started by samporiikonen - Last post by samporiikonen

Anyone else been having similar problems with latest windows 10 update?

Heres picture about it.

My computer is MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro with windows 10 pro installed.
Heres updates i have installed.

Any ideas what might cause it.
I have installed newest display drivers but nothing sofar...

 on: Today at 20:32:01 
Started by chaile.resende - Last post by chaile.resende
Existe um programa que faz isso para o Windows?

 on: Today at 20:11:49 
Started by jemtay83 - Last post by ksuviper
Still no luck.  When I switch to RAID mode I get no additional settings in the bios to configure.  Everything looks to be exactly the same as when it is in AHCI mode, except for the setting that says what mode it is in.  I am going to reflash the bios to see if it helps any.

 on: Today at 20:09:58 
Started by kaptenknas1994 - Last post by kaptenknas1994

Just bought my MSI GL62M 7RD laptop and it shipped with an 256GB M.2 SSD, but it's on the SATA interface.
I've consulted the manual and I can't find an answer to the question if this mobo and chipset supports an M.2 SSD NVMe drive and if it can boot from it?
Any of you guys who might can help me out?

Best regards.

 on: Today at 20:07:18 
Started by redhool_7 - Last post by Nichrome

I'd suggest to uninstall Live Update.
To be honest, it can do more bad than good.
If things are working fine, then you could be using even 5 years old drivers. But as long as things work the way you expect them to work, then there is literally no need to update anything.

 on: Today at 20:06:45 
Started by samreese18 - Last post by samreese18

I put the SSD in after i paid it off, initially it was a 1TB 7200RPM HDD. As for Keyboard driver, I checked for it and Windows says it is already up to date. But i have heard that W10 updates screwed over many using backlit KBs but they fixed it with a driver update or something, so i do not understand it.

Thank you

 on: Today at 19:51:18 
Started by ildotoress - Last post by gertjan.v.d.meij
Raven Ridge is coming very soon. Support will be there for them....

When can i finally get SUPPORT so i can get the full 3000Mhz on my four g.Skill sticks of 8GB 3000Mhz Ram ? 

First i had two 8 GB sticks , and those run just fine @ 2933Mhz , So i bought an extra set , 

but now ( with 4 sticks ) i can only go to just 2400Mhz ! 

I am waiting for weeks now for the new update ! 

Come on already ! THINK !!!  :idea:

 on: Today at 19:47:21 
Started by erolfox - Last post by erolfox
thanks a bunch RBL!

at least now I have some way to get into the BIOS :)

I unplugged power on my GPU, plugged into ICG, and I can get into BIOS regularly (as with all BIOS 1.E0 & older)

on GPU it looks like a fastboot, no BIOS access at all.
I do also see now that board shows "A6" when it went to black screen or now when I see BIOS. So it seems the problem is the BIOS graphics no longer display at all on GPU. 

 on: Today at 19:44:54 
Started by rubin-001 - Last post by rubin-001
Dear msi,

I tried multiple times to register my motherboard. When I do it manually it gives the error: Product S/N error. when i do it with the app it says "please valid your product first, thank you!

So i cannot register it for some reason. And normally i would just stop trying but as you guys have this promotion that i can get assassins creed for free by registering I try but it doesnt work. Please help me or just make me skip that step to get to the promotion.

gave some screenshots to show you

kind regards,

 on: Today at 19:33:02 
Started by ildotoress - Last post by dkeighobadi
Anybody have an idea of how to turn the yellowish leds off? Really clashes with my purple strip.

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