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 on: Today at 20:06:38 
Started by sunnysatapara - Last post by peter_ecos
My name handle is TA_152_H

WT is the best WWII game out there.  You can choose between tanks and planes.  I prefer planes and also, a ship version will come out soon.

Best of all: it's free.

 on: Today at 20:04:09 
Started by peter_ecos - Last post by peter_ecos
Just got the GK-701 keyboard.  Would like to map some keys, specially the MSI key to be a hot button for Afterburner.
Ditto for mice.  Do they offer one? I couldn't find any online.

 on: Today at 20:02:58 
Started by ct2424 - Last post by ct2424
Hey guys, I'm not exactly sure which forum this really belongs in, so please move if necessary, but here is my issuer:

I recently put a new rig together:

MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon
MSI GTX 1060 GamingX 6Gb GPU
AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU

The way I use this PC is in a closet running HDMI from GPU through an HDMI switch to HDMI running to 65" SAMSUNG 4K tv in living room. All hardware and cabling is HDMI 2.2. From TV, I have Optical Audio out to HTIB surround 5.1  Regarding the switch, I have also attempted this straight to tv, bypassing switch. My TV is already set to Bitstream audio as well.

My question is this: How can I get the audio from PC to come in Surround/5.1 on this new setup? My previous setup did this without any special drivers or settings and it was HDMI 2.0 connected the exact same way from an MSI GTX 750ti on a GIGABYTE GA-990FXA motherboard. I built this new rig to peak my gaming experience on the 4K setup and so far everything has ran smoothly EXCEPT the audio, which is very important to me and makes a huge difference gaming. As it sits right now, I can only get Stereo audio and let me tell you, it's a HORRIBLE step down from what I had.

I have updated everything I can think of, short of the GPU BIOS, and still cannot figure it out. Am I missing something? Is there something in tall this new architecture that proves the cliche "Newer is NOT always better"? I'd really like to figure this out as this would complete my total gaming experience. My playback device is set as SAMSUNG Nvidia High Definition Audio.

 on: Today at 20:01:40 
Started by Allisthenics - Last post by Allisthenics
Hi all,

I've had my MSI laptop for about a year and a half now. I recently moved to Germany from the UAE, and ever since that, I've been experiencing problems with overheating.

The temperature is much higher in the UAE, and nothing happens to the laptop here (CPU temperature stays below 45C). We are entering spring here in Germany (so it is still much much colder), and my CPU temperature sometimes rises above 60C, and then my laptop restarts. This sometimes happens within 10 minutes of restarting, and in some cases, I don't have this issue at all.

I'm currently keep the temperature under control with the second fan, but I can't do this forever. I tried cleaning the fans, but that only worked for a while. 

Please help, and thanks.

 on: Today at 19:55:29 
Started by terr2 - Last post by badboy2k
ok that is messed up for sure!

will forward that to someone at MSI to see if they can fix it!

as for your problem as i just tried with a product i had forgot to register and it seemed easy enougth to do so please PM Me only the serial and i will see if its you typing it wrong (Leave off last 4 Digits)

 on: Today at 19:48:13 
Started by ildotoress - Last post by Spaced Invader
First time I tried 1.4v the system wouldn't even boot and I had to reset the CMOS. Tried it again as you suggested and it's working at 3200mhz now, thanks.

I manually set the timings to 15-15-15-34-69, and it's getting through memtest with no errors. However, there is some stuttering that occurs during the Bitpattern test, the mouse will lock up momentarily. Should I loosen up the timings or will the stuttering I'm seeing have no bearing on system stability?

This is what I'm using:

 on: Today at 19:40:44 
Started by terr2 - Last post by badboy2k
4/5 times i couldn't even get it to accept the selection of VGA and give the product boxes but kept moving back to motherboard and VGA ones till it finally let it take and give the actual drop down boxes!

looks like its a bit messed up at the min

 on: Today at 19:31:38 
Started by terr2 - Last post by terr2
Thank you for the information, for your reference:

a. If you go to (for online support)
b. Change "product type" to "Display Card (VGA)"

Their online form keeps the field "MB BIOS Version" as a required field, and you cannot enter data into the field via Chrome or IE.  As such, you cannot use the form for online support inquiries.

Thus, per my original post, the point of this forum post is for a MSI rep to see it and say "we should fix that, and maybe send this person a direct message."

Again, thank you for the information, though.

 on: Today at 19:24:22 
Started by ropertovillapaz - Last post by bduckworth07
Sadly I had this happen as well on Wednesday of this week, the 14th.  I cannot get it to power back on.  I had the power cord tested at a local Best Buy and it is good.  There is nothing coming from the computer.  I was also doing something not taxing on the laptop.  Sadly my taxes.  Best Buy does not service the MSI brand and I am on the hunt for someone that can repair the laptop or I have to go shopping for another one.  I have owned my laptop long enough to be out of warranty as well.  If I can get any answers I'll let you know.

 on: Today at 19:24:04 
Started by olaf.f.buratynski - Last post by dejdarova.m
Great I could help ^^ Please mark my response as the solution and good luck with the horror of windows in the future! :)

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