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MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 23 2806 Last post 30-June-17, 17:55:09
by rob-1984
Normal Topics
MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X and Doom.
Hello everyone.Though I'd share my experience with the new game Doom(2016). This game came out earlier in the year but here's my experience with the game. My PC in the wide spectrum of PC building is ...
Tahbo 2 544 Last post Yesterday at 22:37:46
by werner.kayl
WOT - I am only one here playing this?
Hi, my English is not very good, but I will try.....I play this game for a long time, now with RX 480 Gaming 4GB and few days ago i got in trouble, without any changes to settings, sometimes WattMan i...
vevodap 3 297 Last post 21-July-17, 13:36:03
by oneyouhate
Ghost Recon Wildlands
Is a 1050 Ti good enough to play GR:W at 1080p at a decent (not top) quality?
casale35 2 234 Last post Best Answer 04-July-17, 03:29:37
by ujay008
MSİ GTX 1060 Gaming X Plus 6G Witcher 3, R.O. Tomb Raider, GTA V Test
Hello Friends,My English is not goodI just bought my display card, Msi Gtx 1060 Gaming X Plus 9 Gbps Core MemoryBoost Clock / Base Clock / Memory Frequency1809 MHz / 1594 MHz / 9126 MHz (OC Mode)1784 ...
Aerosol 34 2 185 Last post 30-June-17, 17:42:13
by rob-1984
MOVED: what is the best low budget GPU for a 4 gb gaming experience ?
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 111 Last post 21-June-17, 21:09:17
by flobelix
If you are on red team and you love MSI then this is your best shot for your buck.IntroducingMSI® RADEON™ RX 560 AERO ITX 2G OC16 compute units1 | Up to 2.6 TFLOPS | 128 bit Memory Bandwidth | 2GB GDD...
GhostHitman007 4 282 Last post Best Answer 10-June-17, 14:53:16
by flobelix
How it runs gtx 1070 msi armor at watch dogs 2
Well its just fantastic on high preset graphics it reachs 80 fps and 60 fps all the time its just so good the temperatures stay normal and the pc is so quiet and cold , this video card do the work ver...
beterinoe 3 377 Last post 07-June-17, 05:18:21
by cooper.starfighter.alex
CSGO and GTX 1080
Some days ago i have bought the MSI GTX 1080 Gaming Z. It is an absolutely insane graphics card, which runs the Games on a whole new level. In this topic i just want to talk especially about CSGO.So f...
julian.preisinger 11 1014 Last post 01-June-17, 12:46:29
by bond01
Rise of the Tomb Raider with GTX 1060 Gaming (non-X) and intel core i5 6500
HelloFirst, I have to say, I just build my first PC, i posted some pictures of the MSI GPU on the unboxing forum.Now I'm testing some games. The first game I wanted to test was Rise of the tomb raider...
orlandosolorza 4 880 Last post 26-May-17, 13:26:57
by flobelix
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare with R9 380
Yo guys, it's me again. Recently i got some login issues so i couldn't make this review in time.This time we go to a new FPS game: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is a FPS...
guavavip2211 4 702 Last post Best Answer 07-May-17, 10:24:00
by guavavip2211
Resident Evil 7 + MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G
Resident Evil 7 in full detail and driver 378.49, really amazing and the graphics are amazing. Just wonder what the optimum settings for HDR LightThe below specifications represent this GPU as incorpo...
scorp18 6 457 Last post 19-March-17, 15:31:30
by ynrozn1
MOVED: 1080 gaming x OR 1070 gaming z
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Nichrome 0 232 Last post 08-March-17, 10:01:17
by Nichrome
MOVED: MSI GTX1070 8GB GDDR5 GAMING X and MAFIA 3 artefacts/glitches
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 233 Last post 04-March-17, 14:59:44
by flobelix
MOVED: Need some advice on RX 470 GRAPHIC CARD
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Nichrome 0 188 Last post 03-March-17, 18:19:45
by Nichrome
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 274 Last post 06-February-17, 19:13:01
by flobelix
MOVED: msi gtx 1080 gaming x review
This topic has been moved to User Reviews & Modding.
flobelix 0 203 Last post 29-January-17, 15:02:46
by flobelix
MOVED: MSI.APP vanished !!! :censored:!
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 273 Last post 14-January-17, 15:37:20
by flobelix
MOVED: Black Screen with new GTX 1060
This topic has been moved to Graphics Cards.
flobelix 0 305 Last post 12-January-17, 15:52:39
by flobelix
MOVED: Opinions on which Card
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Nichrome 0 271 Last post 08-January-17, 21:03:32
by Nichrome
GTX 1060 Armor , I5 6500 recommend setting GTAV
-Hi everyone , i bought GTX 1060 Armor yesterday , i try test GTA V setting in res 1920x1080 60HZ , so hope setting work for someone , ty .-First thing i  turn on  setting in very high , MSAA X4 ,  wh...
dvnrock 2 1787 Last post 16-December-16, 03:10:17
by neckk5q
MOVED: MSI Gaming APP dosnt work after restarting PC (but)
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.
Nichrome 0 309 Last post 07-December-16, 17:39:05
by Nichrome
MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X and The Witcher 3
I built my first gaming PC back in August here are the specs:Benq XL2730Z 1440p monitorIntel Core i7-6700K stock speed and voltageMSI GTX 1070 Gaming XMSI Z170A Gaming M5 motherboardCorsair Vengeance ...
Tahbo 3 707 Last post 23-November-16, 10:47:13
by karoulis21
GTA V with GTX 960 review + recommended settings
hey guysrecently i have been playing GTA V quite a lot so i thought to share my settings. for me these settings work great.and i am sure these settings will work out for you even better if you have go...
Gameking002 7 3525 Last post 23-November-16, 10:45:02
by karoulis21
MSI Gtx-960 2gb on Skyrim : Special Edition
~MSI Gtx-960 2gb on Skyrim : Special EditionI wasn't sure if I would be able to run Skyrim : Special Edition with a 2gb graphics card.. Man I was wrong.It actually runs faster and at a constant 60 fps...
1sheep1wool 2 599 Last post 18-November-16, 09:42:49
by adam.last524
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