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By entering this section, you know these are UNSUPPORTED AND UNOFFICIAL BIOS files, and donation is required.
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Sticky Topics
Purpose of the MSI Wind U90/U100/U100+ Notebook Patch:* Force OFF  CPU's Hyper-Threading Technology* Patch NVRAM to modify Turbo function to be engaged by default, and apply @24% OC  * Fixed issue Blu...
Svet 25 12718 Last post 16-January-15, 12:15:52
by thesame
To keep the work running, donation is required!>>> >>> Donate <<< <<<Thank you! Services status: Work in progress, requests are being processed. Use at own risk with warning if by chance something goe...
Svet 0 27361 Last post 06-January-10, 06:22:33
by Svet
Beware, all BIOSses in this section have been created and tested by Svet!However, nobody is responsible if they fail or kill your Notebook, only YOU are.Svet will explain what the modifications are, b...
Ex Forum User 3 0 16824 Last post 02-November-08, 15:12:25
by Ex Forum User 3
Normal Topics
Hey is it yet possible to modify the bios of GT72 2QE to increase compatibility of installed NVIDEA 1070?
brettsidford 0 15 Last post Yesterday at 13:36:42
by brettsidford
Hi, I'm lokking for the last updated BIOS completly unlocked, is it possible? It's installed E17B4IMS.109. Thanks in advance!
raulcurro 1 36 Last post 19-July-17, 22:21:40
by Svet
Request unlocked bios for GX60 3AE-212FR - Hitman Edition
Request unlocked bios for GX60 3AE-212FR - Hitman EditionHi everyone !I have somes issues with the memory.I think that its the timing settings that is wrong but the bios is locked / simple, and I can'...
kingfox_ 0 83 Last post 19-July-17, 07:30:37
by kingfox_
unlocked bios request for MSI 16L13 (Eurocom Tornado F5)
Hello,     I would like an unlocked bios for my Eurocom system. I mainly want to be able to overclock my non-k I7 6700. Will I be able to get more power to my gtx 1070 and overclock it as well? I'm no...
tcheeks38 1 60 Last post 18-July-17, 21:39:44
by Svet
MSI GT62VR 7RE Request for a custom BIOS to enable Intel Speed Shift
MSI GT62VR 7RE Request for a custom BIOS to enable Intel Speed Shift And a possible VBIOS for the GTX 1070 as well.  Is it possible? Any information would be helpful. Thanks !
degeiso 1 74 Last post 18-July-17, 16:04:55
by Svet
GT73VR 6RF Titan Pro
Hello, I need unlocked bios and vbios. Could you please help with it.
g99factory 1 54 Last post 17-July-17, 19:33:11
by Svet
G70 2oc unlocked bios
Hi, I need unlocked bios to switch gpu and control fan speed, probably my nvidia gtx died. right now i have newest bios E1763IMS.51D and updated ec to 5.17. PM me with instructions, thanks
xor7589 1 54 Last post 17-July-17, 19:31:31
by Svet
msi gs63vr 7rf bios unlock
Hi,  I own an msi 7rf and I want to do some CPU voltage undervolting via the bios. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
shalila.b 1 63 Last post 16-July-17, 20:13:10
by Svet
ge62vr-6rf bios modded
Hi, I have msi ge62vr-6rf and want some undervolt features in bios. Can someone help me?
bladerazor90 1 53 Last post 16-July-17, 20:12:08
by Svet
Unlocked VBIOS for MSI GE72 6QF Apache Pro
Dear Svet,I would like to request an unlocked VBIOS for my MSI GE72 6QF Apache Pro Laptop. Please see specs below:CPU: Intel i7 6700HQGraphic Card: nVidia GTX970M (GM204 rev. A1) - 3GB  GDDR5 SamsungG...
kossatz 1 79 Last post 15-July-17, 21:21:23
by Svet
please help i want Update bios ms-1762 motherboard for new cpu gtx 980m
 Hello everybody   i go to site my notebook  GT70_Dragon_Edition  and i Update bios my  motherboard  ms-1762    but  last bios was 2013 it old  and the last   firmware was  2013 it old site my notbook...
fsafsa7 3 110 Last post 15-July-17, 11:59:04
by fsafsa7
Need unlocked vbios for MSI ge72 2qf ( gtx 970m , 5700hq )
Hello! I need unlocked vBIOS for my msi notebook. There is no trotling at all and temperatures are OK, so i want it overclock more. Thank you!
ilyaheadshotmachine 1 73 Last post 13-July-17, 20:53:53
by Svet
just got a gs63vr 6rf
just got the gs63vr 6rf and was wondering what mods you do to the custom bios
bobfig1 1 86 Last post 12-July-17, 21:43:58
by Svet
Problem with a new GTX 980M video card on msi GT70 0nc (1762 model)
Hello!Yesterday I've installed Nvidia Geforce GTX 980MX (8gb) on my GT70 0nc (1762 model) according with the following article -
ganhood 1 89 Last post 12-July-17, 18:11:41
by Svet
How to undervolt in Bios, GS63VR 7RF... ?
You've helped me before Svet, can you help me again ? I have this new GS63VR, using intel utility sucks. Can you aid me with a modded bios ?
jfxjlm 1 91 Last post 11-July-17, 17:01:53
by Svet
MSI GT72 2QE GTX 980M unlocked vbios request
Hello, I would like to request for an unlocked vbios for MSI GT72 2QE with GTX 980M 8GB graphics card. Thanks!
me 1 104 Last post 10-July-17, 20:46:12
by Svet
MS-16F4 unlocked BIOS
Hello everyone, do i need a unlocked BIOS to use all 4 ram slots? How much would it cost to get one? My BIOS E16F4IG6.517 EC Firmware 16F4EG72 Ver. 7.15 Thanks in Advance!
julian_kruse 1 84 Last post 10-July-17, 17:09:30
by Svet
Medion Erazer X7843 unlocked bios
How would I go about getting a Medion Erazer X7843 unlocked bios so I can change virtualization settings?
salambassi 1 83 Last post 10-July-17, 15:47:18
by Svet
unlock bios request for MS-16L11 and few problems
Hello,-I bought my barebone laptop(info Below) 6 months ago, and please I would like to have the unlocked bios on my laptop.-Also I wanted to register my product on MSI website, and when I enter my se...
b_52_ 1 86 Last post 09-July-17, 22:59:57
by Svet
CX70-i574M287W7 - Possible to change the fn key and win key
Hi, Is it possible to swap this both keys, cause it is worse to work without the win shortcuts on the left side of the keyboard. The current BIOS is E1758IMS20H - CX70 20C Thank's a lot! Andre
deejayandi 1 91 Last post 09-July-17, 22:02:15
by Svet
Require Unlocked GS63VR 7RF BIOS for undervolt
Hello, does anyone has any info on an unlocked BIOS which would allow me to undervolt the CPU on my GS63VR 7RF? Thanks.
fer.geraci 1 92 Last post 09-July-17, 18:40:17
by Svet
Requiring unlocked Vbios for GE72 2QF [4720HQ, 970M 3GB]
Hello.I'm experiencing drastic thermal throttling on this laptop, GPU goes to 87c and it starts dropping frequency to very low numbers, I in a minute testing it went to 700mhz.The performance then is ...
arturas.leks 1 82 Last post 09-July-17, 16:08:38
by Svet
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