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Author Topic: MSI X58A-GD45 Ram Disappearing.  (Read 487 times)

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MSI X58A-GD45 Ram Disappearing.
« on: 15-July-17, 00:33:09 »

Hello, i have had this PC for a few years and never noticed there were 6 RAM sticks in it. i looked it up and it should total 12Gigs of RAM. I have only been using 8 so far. After going in and moving all the sticks around to verify the sticks/ports were not broken i booted up and saw 12 gigs. then about 30 minutes later it was back down to 8. after finding the BIOS Program for MSI (since i cannot get into my BIOS settings when booting, ive tried all the keys) I noticed my RAM voltage was default 1.5V. On the physical RAM stick it states 1.65V
So last night after upping the voltage to its current level of 1.65V it registered 12Gigs and was stable for about 5 hours. During the 5 hours i did some minor beginner level overclocking on my CPU and GPU. its an old system so im not going any higher. But after reboot even though i load the overclocking profile CPU-Z states 12 Gigs while my Windows Performance says only 8. In the "Control Center" (MSI BIOS Gui) it reads all RAM ports and shows all 12 Gigs.
Not sure what to do next. Thank you for reading. All specs in link below. if any more are needed just ask.
Extra benchmark after i overclocked things. Before: After:

EDIT: for clarification. Windows does show 12Gigs after loading the overclock profile, but about 10 mins later it drops back to 8Gigs.

EDIT 2: Went back and saw the RAM timings in my BIOS Gui were on Auto and not correct. So i adjusted them to the card specifications. After reboot still the same issues.
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