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Author Topic: System(ntoskrnl) high cpu usage + WiFi connection losses  (Read 546 times)

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I have a lot of issues with a recently bought MSI GS60 Ghost 6QD-211NL.
The system process, otherwise known as ntoskrnl.exe always uses at least 16% of my cpu, this goes pared with random WiFi connection losses (on any network).
I've had 4 blue screens already, with stop code: KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE.

This is horrible: The battery empties at rapid pace because of the high system load, the fans sound like a hurricane on idle, and I can't watch a video or play a game online without having to reconnect every 5 minutes.

I did a recovery, to no avail.
I've tried many different drivers, even legacy drivers, to no avail.
I've flashed the bios, to no avail.
I did a full reinstallation of windows, to no avail.
I opened the laptop, reïnserted the Killer E2400 chip, and put tape between the antennas so they don't cross and intere eachother, to no avail.
What did work however, is flashing the EC.
This solves the wifi issues and high system load issues for a while, but not long enough.
Every time I flash the EC again, the system load is back to 0% and my WiFi works for a while.
However, put the laptop in sleep mode and all problems return immediately. I also had to disable fastboot, because fastboot also immediately makes all problems return.

Now, what can I do?

luca00555Topic starter

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« Reply #1 on: 17-July-17, 22:09:28 »

I think I might have found a permanent solution,

From the message I stated, and another bluescreen stating something about wifi adapter issues, could have been concluded that a conflict with the Killer E2400 network card was plausible.

- I removed the Killer network drivers and replaced them with their original Qualcomm drivers.
- Then I flashed my EC one more time with WiFi connection disabled, flashing the EC clears the ECRam (can't remove the battery).

The Killer control center is a joke anyway, the software overhead costs more resources than it gives.
Delay wasn't even a problem for network cards, it's completely overshadowed by real distance between the interconnected computers.

Hey by the way, at least 8 of your applications delivered with the laptop were bloatware. I'm not paying 1.5k for irrelevant software drastically reducing battery life and slowing down the supposed luxury experience.
Get it together.
Keep Nahimic or something equivalent for superb sound, and a more lightweight version of the Steelseries keyboard LED control panel, delete the rest.


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« Reply #2 on: 18-July-17, 03:29:42 »

maybe norton and some application can be removed without problems but MSI Dragon Gaming Center (include SHIFT mode help us to keep performance), SCM (control function key & quick launch button) , Nahimic and SSE must be keeped.
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