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Author Topic: WS63-7RK 15in 4K display color accuracy after calibration  (Read 990 times)

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robertbsleeTopic starter

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Hi all,

I have WS63-7RK with 4K display and trying to calibrate the display with Xite i1Display Pro 

At home I have an external Dell 24in 4k premier colour display attached via DP and it keeps great calibration but when connected to this laptop, the laptop display  evem though it has been calibrated (50% of time) has a red color shift, when CPU load hits 100%

I have calibrated many of my systems in the past so calibration is not new to me, but this is the first time I have this color shift issue

thanks in advance

At work I work with Dell 32in 4k premier colour display attached which doesn't have this wierd issue


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« Reply #1 on: 23-August-17, 05:44:28 »

Hi, do you mean to say when you connect WS63 to a DP monitor, and when CPU loading is 100%, the laptop color becomes RED?
So if you don't connect the Dell monitor, there would be no problem at all?
What's your system configuration?
Would you mind to use ""Help Desk"" to export it and post here?

I think you can try latest graphic driver and MSI True Color:
"Uninstall INTEL and Nvidia graphic, 
(1). Uninstall Nvidia graphic driver by DDU.
(2). Uninstall INTEL graphic from Windows control panel.
Disconnect network, restart.
(3).Install new INTEL graphic driver.
(4).Install new Nvidia graphic driver."
Nvidia  385.28
How to clean install NVIDIA VGA driver?

Download and install True Color.
[How to] How to correctly install MSI True Color?

robertbsleeTopic starter

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« Reply #2 on: 07-December-17, 03:08:41 »

Hi Had to run this laptop without colour calibration.

I have used my irite pro and friends Spyder4. have issues on the 4k monitor. 

If you are planning to do color critical work, this is not the laptop for you
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