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Author Topic: MSI GameBot - Register your products by MSI GameBot now!  (Read 1657 times)

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To enjoy MSI member service faster in one click. MSI GameBot provides all MSI service including product registration, online service, Rewards, repair checking & where to buy in one app. No need to find different app for different purposes, this app solves all you need from MSI.

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« Reply #1 on: 19-October-17, 04:18:49 »

Really handy app! I am using Android version and you can do almost everything that you can do on website and UI/GUI is damn good. Keep up the good work guys! :]
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« Reply #2 on: 27-October-17, 20:25:14 »

Very nice app, easy to use and well done.
It got a 5 star rating from me.


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« Reply #3 on: 01-November-17, 09:04:49 »

Just letting you know there are some people who have had smart phones and have chosen to reject the imperial probe droid from entering their lives. And calls for others to do the same are growing.

And there are now hold outs against the technology myself included - even though many of us are technology insiders and IT guys because we know what big data is all about. Training AI to censor us. For that reason we can never like, want or review any android or iphone app because we do not trust the technology. And we are NOT IT Bogans. I was a MCSE in 1998, Master CNE, SCO Unix ACE , SairLinux & Gnu Engineer etc and since then I've only advanced my network security (SANS) training since.

Speaking of droids I used to think was the answer - a version of android without all the google spyware and app store built in. Whilst researching pizzagate, I found the person who is a homosexual Hillary Clinton supporter ( who as head of Reddit "Trust and Safety" deleted /r/pizzagate from who moved on to become Discord's Head of Trust and Safety Mr Sean Li. Whilst investigating their Communist Chinese (yes the people who make QQ Tencent Inc) and other two ethnic minority group venture capital funding groups behind discord I found out (from half the techs at Discord used to work for Cynogenmod and that too was venture capital funded by the elite ethnic minority group that allegedly dominates the banking sector. Discord is a spin off from reddit and reddit staff rigged the stats to internally promote it.

That's why so many gamers seem to swear buy it. They were duped into using the evil software by rigged consensuses on reddit. I too was a fool who thought even Cynogenmod would give me safety from big brother ahem Google the ultimate Spyware. Having a smartphone or social media is letting big brother manipulate you by manufactured false consensuses. It's a marketing department dream but a consumers worst nightmare, unless you like roleplaying a lemming 24/7.

Now they (Reddit/Discord) have their fingers in everyone's private chat logs and voice chat from games. Have you see the job description for what they do with all the data they collect on you? Discord just censored and sided with ANTIFA that was exposed by myself and others as supporters of NAMBLA - the North American Boy Love Association (only today PJW put out a viral video about ANTIFA and NAMBLA). So if you like using a chat/voice/gaming app controlled by hardcore pedophiles - discord is for you! Big data is not your friend people.

(Also see and myself exposing ANTIFA = NAMBLA for ages) Also see ANTIFA Australia leader was secretly let out of jail after child porn charges:

What was CyanogenMod and it's current fork of Android LinageOS - a version of Android where you could have no google apps store / "Google Play Services" tracking everything you need. Like Microsoft forced (or attempted to - Thanks LiteXp) force Internet Explorer Rootkit onto every PC to say it was core to the OS - GooglePlay services is becoming a requirement of more and more apps. I thought it was an the answer to android / iphone spying on us all - but alas I was wrong. There is no safe android.

If there is ever an app I really need, like one to set my bluetooth alarm clock, I'm going to fire it up on a Qemu(think Hyper-V M$) VM instance use it - then kill off the threat. I feel good about having 6-12 days battery life with my feature-phone that turns itself on and off at night. And not carrying a smart phone (or even my regular phone) around every day makes me feel good that my nuts are not being affected by ionizing microwave radiation.

MSI please do not make anything you can't do with a web-browser be only in the app. That's my two cents..... I HATE STEAM your partner for forcing people to have android to do any kind of account verification required for trading etc, and yes you need a pure android not a emulated version of it to run their app I tried.

Total proof below that reddit,voat,disccord are Y-Combinator companies designed to prime AI with our collective intelligence so it can impersonate us and replace us... as what... A BOT of all things. BOTS are Not Trendy. They put the artificial into intelligence and dehumanize all our interactions between the mostly inhuman corporate entities that dominate our lives. In the case of discord think of it as an army of a billion ANTIFA loving homosexual censorship monkies that will redflag you for any even in-game comment - coming soon. Everything you say on the internet (depending where you say it) is not the property of these creeps. Vote with your feet as I did.

(Hint why they use python for processing all chat logs and trying to find subversives that don't like men in women bathrooms or being paid to punch women in the face on pay per view (Falllon Fox) etc - 1984 is now people: )

As Discord is used by more and more amazing people, there are also more and more bad actors who seek to make Discord less great for our users. We work on stopping them every day, but could do so much more with your help. We’re looking for an anti-abuse engineer to build towers and rally defenses against the forces of evil, striking spam and abuse down and safeguarding our users.

What You'll Be Doing
  • Investigating, analyzing, and stopping spam, fraud, and other abuse on Discord.
  • Working on real-time processing systems to sort through millions of events a day, identify and block bad activity algorithmically.
  • Building tools to nip other avenues of abuse and fraud in the bud.
  • Collaborating with Trust and Safety, CX, and other engineers to make Discord better.
  • Thinking both quantitatively and qualitatively to drive continuous improvement.
What You Should Have
  • A degree in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent experience.
  • 4+ years of relevant experience.
  • Deep familiarity with both Python and SQL.
  • Strong problem solving, troubleshooting, and investigative skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, under pressure.
  • A strong passion for gaming and online safety.
Bonus Points
  • Abuse engineering, analytics, or trust and safety experience.
  • A lifelong passion for gaming and deep understanding of what drives the gaming community. An ideal candidate is already familiar with Discord and is ready to jump in and help make it better!
  • A cover letter covering what you find interesting about Discord.
  • Played a tower defense game once in your life.


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« Reply #4 on: 09-November-17, 06:14:15 »

How can i get more points msi forum ?
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