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Author Topic: [MOD BIOS] X399 SLI Plus (AMD CBS)  (Read 73 times)

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« on: 07-December-17, 11:29:28 »

I am sharing my modded bios! So....

Bought an X399 SLI Plus and noticed that there were some missing ... features.

After some research here and there I saw that the AMD CBS menu is in there but hidden/disabled, so... well, I had to enable it and it "sorta" works: all options should work flawlessly, apart one: it looks like Custom PState management is somewhat broken.
Whenever you try to set a custom VID for a PState, the motherboard will sometimes not boot (freeze on diag code 68) and sometimes not set the VID... I did that because I wanted to lower the lowest pstate to 1.6GHz and lower voltages to save power...

1. I tried to raise the voltage for PState 0 because I wanted to overclock: this resulted in freeze on diag code 68
2. Tried to lower the voltage for PState 2 because I wanted to save power: this resulted in either VID change IGNORED or freeze on diag code 68
3. Tried to activate PStates that are undeclared from the processor... and this resulted in complete breakage (both Windows and Linux 4.15-rc2 crashed at boot), but that's okay, I expected that to happen.

Whenever the motherboard goes nuts and freezes on code 68, all it takes to bring it back is to press the CMOS Clear button and watch it reboot.

Another issue: when you try to set Custom PStates, you will be tempted to either use the +/- keys or write HEX... if you use the +/- keys, it will WRITE + or - on the value (:censored:?), but if you try to enter an HEX value with a letter, that won't work. Explaining better, +/- writes +/-, keys from A to F will not write anything. Odd. Odd. Odd... and disappointing!

Well, since basically everything is working (apart what I needed..) being selfish would be poor, hence I am sharing my modded file.

Another thing, if anyone from MSI is reading this... well, first of all, this is not my first MSI motherboard. I LOVE THEM.
If you can help fixing the Custom PStates bug.. PLEASE.... I'd love you even more, MSI.

Enough talking now.
Here's the link:

P.S.: Based on 7B09vA1

Enjoy, folks!
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