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Author Topic: Mystic light is... Very underwhelming  (Read 1268 times)

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ViridisTopic starter

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So, I bought a b350 mortar arctic and with it, a strip of 5050 RGB LEDs.
It's fair to say what is advertised is definitely not what we get.
Now I'm not expecting waves , motion rainbows or anything because I know the limitations on these strips, but... If a product page feature description says "MSI's Mystic Light Extension pinheader provides an intuitive way to control additional RGB strips and other RGB peripherals added to a system, without needing a separate RGB controller. By simply connecting any 12V RGB LED strip to the 4-pin Mystic Light Extension RGB-strip header gamers can sync colors to **any style they choose**" then we shouldn't really be limited to 7 predefined colours with zero chance of calibration or access to the spectrum to change those predefined colours.
What's worse is that they say "any colour" twice in the product page. When it talks about smartphone and pc control it states "Create your own colorful masterpiece with ease. The easy to use Gaming APP is available on PC, phone and tablet. It offers remote control, simply using your smartphone or tablet. Make your PC look and feel brand new with **any color you want** with just a few clicks!"
Now I love MSI stuff, I really do, but c'mon guys 7 colours is not what I'd call mystic light and on a LOT of products is being really mis represented.

Spaced Invader

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« Reply #1 on: 08-December-17, 01:15:22 »

As much as I LOVE my x370 gaming pro carbon board, I'm quite unimpressed with the Mystic Light features. Perhaps a better name for it should be Missing Light. There's so much potential for additional lighting settings & its like they just threw whatever together with Gaming App & shoved it out the door. Got fed up with it & decided to go buy some actual nice RGB accessories from Corsair. The strips & LL series fans look amazing.

ViridisTopic starter

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« Reply #2 on: 11-December-17, 12:49:55 »

Sorted it, unfortunately outside of the MSI software.
Got a £5 RGB controller from Amazon, rigged a molex +12v & Gnd to a 12v dc plug, hid it in the case partition and poked the IR receiver back though.
Now works a treat.


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« Reply #3 on: 11-December-17, 17:58:57 »

The funny thing is that you 'can' light the connected LEDs in any color, but by means of using a tool like RWEverything to directly write in the I/O address of the LED controller, but it usually breaks the breathing/bliking options... and AFAIK MSI hasn't been kind enough to help the development of third party control of their led controllers. Some guy tried to write a linux program to control the LEDs in its Ryzen board, but sadly it wasn't compatible with my B350 Tomahawk.
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