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Author Topic: Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon, BIOS Question  (Read 87 times)

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Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon, BIOS Question
« on: 05-December-17, 23:43:20 »

Hi Ladies and Gents,

I have a Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon that was bought June/July 2016, and still has the 1.30 BIOS Revision.

What are the considerations I should be taking into account with regard to updating the BIOS? 
Can I go directly to the newest version, or do I have to do it in steps?
Most of my MB's features work except Nhimic says it isn't compatible, and RealTek doesn't seem to be present anymore after installing current Nvidia drivers, which includes their Digital Audio Driver. 
From what I read the rule of thumb is to not update unless it's broken, but the above issue is what I consider to be broken...

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance friends!
Jeff Locke, USMC 97-05
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« Reply #1 on: 06-December-17, 21:04:32 »

You can update to the latest bios with bios integrated MFlash if you like. If you have no issue you don't need to of course. Can't see why your software issues should be related to bios.
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« Reply #2 on: 07-December-17, 05:49:36 »

The only reason I think the software is affected is because the MB's on-board audio (driver, resource, or hardware) disappears from my system. It isn't even listed as a "Hidden Device" in the Device Manager. Forgive me for sounding like the layman I am, but it's almost as if the BIOS doesn't know how to handle the two competing audio drivers, and just allows the Nvidia driver to take control, then hides away the existence of its own on-board audio... Idk, that's the only way I can express it.
Jeff Locke, USMC 97-05
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« Reply #3 on: 07-December-17, 07:41:28 »

This topic seems to be related to >>Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon, RealTek Audio issues<<... :think:
Personally, I would do the bios update because it is a reasonable thing to do after all your unsuccessfull tries. It is not riskly if you are using M-Flash (not Liveupdate) and doing before a Clear CMOS. Follow the steps as I explained in the previous topic so we can help you to resolve your problem.
Good luck,
:hat tip:
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