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 on: Today at 16:35:43 
Started by sanepid77 - Last post by Svet
bios version?

windows 10 64bit

which one revision?
fall update? any other older?

and have you tried to reinstall command center?

 on: Today at 16:32:16 
Started by airbnb - Last post by Svet
duplicated topic removed
please do not open multiple topics for the same subject
>>Please read and comply with the Forum Rules.<<

 on: Today at 16:30:57 
Started by info - Last post by Svet
if press F11 during bios post screen then choose what storage to boot from,
does it works every time correctly?
what bios version you use?
have you tried to adjust HDD boot priority in bios setup?

 on: Today at 16:29:11 
Started by Zender - Last post by Svet
what is your current bios version?
and have you tried to run this .exe from pure DOS?

 on: Today at 16:23:29 
Started by ron.mazzucca - Last post by Svet
check the cooling system of the CPU
reseat it, apply new high quality thermal paste by proper way
and make sure the CPU heatsink makes good contact with CPU surface
if need replace the CPU cooler
99C is very high temp in any cases.

 on: Today at 16:16:51 
Started by willace - Last post by willace
i have posted a reply on how i manage to update mine.

Thanks it worked.  My question is why the second part not posted on the support page.....................?

That is the important part.  Please do something MSI.  You are making this difficult where I need to look elsewhere to do this.  This means most people won't be able to do this at all.

 on: Today at 16:16:46 
Started by RAKESHBRO - Last post by Svet
super, thanks for the update

 on: Today at 16:16:22 
Started by - Last post by fvdavalcan
I think you can try to check the MSI True Color app on the laptop and adjust the settings there.

 on: Today at 16:12:58 
Started by sanepid77 - Last post by sanepid77
windows 10 64bit
fx-6300 black edition
msi amd radeon r9 270x
msi 970 gaming motherboard
8 gb ram 


 on: Today at 16:03:25 
Started by maxime.tomei - Last post by arestavo
I really need to start copying and pasting this:

MSI is working with Microsoft on a solution to a serious bug where video output tends to be all white after the laptop comes out of sleep, hibernation, or even monitor sleep. MSI is blaming Microsoft, so who knows when it will be fixed. This has become much more prevalent with the last two major Windows updates, and rolling back the updates or even installing an older version of Windows (version 1607) and putting updates on hold may help. Or just don't put the computer to sleep anymore.

I had a variation where my screen went white after monitor sleep, and restarting the computer resulted in to no video out no matter how many reboots or CMOS/EC resets, and it had to be replaced.

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