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 on: Today at 14:34:08 
Started by bass_zxc - Last post by popnimpop
I would recommend clearing out dust and taking off the caps to check the key. Make sure it isn’t stuck and make sure nothing spilled on it

 on: Today at 14:27:57 
Started by Cetax - Last post by popnimpop
Yep, you should always check the manual to make sure they are in the correct slots. My friend also almost made this same mistake.

 on: Today at 13:59:55 
Started by Cetax - Last post by Cetax
Hello there, I have some trouble with my ram kit... 
My specs:
b350 tomahawk
r5 1600 ryzen
gtx 1060 6gb
2x8gb corsair vengeance LPX 3200mhz
No OC done

Some SS's:

The problem is ,i belive bcz the latest BIOS update for the b350 tomahawk,now it does read only 1 stick ,or only 1 is usable.. 
I've tried:

* Win 10 updated

* BIOS updated

* Both sticks work ,tested 1 by 1, 

* Reseted CMOS with the jummper

* Used XMP profile (didnt want to boot with it)

* Swiched couple slots with my sticks randomly didnt help at first

* Reseted manually the bios settings


* Flashed BIOS again (caused me to lose my eathernet connection somehow,I've got it fixed by enabling some settings in BIOS)

Now I got both sticks to work,and read as 16gb RAM,but they are in the sockets A1 and  B2 (which isnt good I assume,the manual suggests to use A2 and B2 (I've used these the whole time,before the BIOS update) )
Also I get some message before the PC boots up,link:

Recently I had some BSOD errors,crashing my PC to the time that I couldnt boot it at all. Fixed it by updating the BIOS to the latest version,which caused RAM problems (Could be causing ,not 100% sure)... 

Anyone with a solution to my problem? Any reply is welcome !

 on: Today at 13:43:27 
Started by ildotoress - Last post by gutmc
CL 16 means that's probably SK Hynix memory. 3200 MT/s operation is hit or miss, based on a lot of factors, including Motherboard, Bios version and Silicon Lottery for the IMC. I got my Dual Rank B-Die memory running at last at 3200 MT/s but it's almost stable (Boots fine, runs fine, but BSOD once or twice a day - it even pass some stress tests)... so I'm back at 2933 MT/s until a new BIOS update...

ok, I see... 

On the topic of CPU - I see 3,8Ghz in BIOS but when I open the task manager I only see 3,00.
Same with CPU-Z. Even when I do a stress test, only goes up to 3,15Ghz.

Is there a way to fix this ?

 on: Today at 13:35:25 
Started by red181526 - Last post by red181526


 Lov Dollente  replied on 


The BlInitializeLibrary failed 0xc00000bb error is usually related to your computer's motherboard BIOS. This likely occurs if the motherboard reset to its default values. Modifying BIOS/CMOS incorrectly might cause serious issues on your computer. In line with the error that you're getting, we suggest contacting your device manufacturer for better assistance. They will be able to check what causes the issue and can help you modify and reset BIOS


Guys! do something! what should I do?

 on: Today at 13:31:39 
Started by marcusdellicompagni - Last post by marcusdellicompagni
Hey guys.

So I've been having trouble with my new build and I'm hoping you guys may be able me out. I'm not a computer novice, I've built a fair few systems before-hand. However this is my first experience with the Ryzen platform and I'm unsure whether I've got a fault memory control or something else.


B350 Tomahawk (Latest Bios)
AMD Ryzen 1800x (All drivers up-to-date)
32GB Flare X DDR4 2400mhz CL15
Nvidia GTX 1070 (latest driver)
Win 10 64bit (latest updates)

My fist issue was having only 16 of the 32gb of RAM being registered in the system, that turned out to be a faulty memory kit. After getting a replacement from the manufacturer everything seem to work fine. I ran a few mem-tests and the kit passed. Since then, I've still been getting some intermittent Blue screens which randomly happen. 90% of the stop codes are memory related with the most frequent being: Memory_management and IQRL_not_less_or_equal, although (I do get random stop codes on occasion) When running more than one program, there seems to be an issue with memory allocation, causing programs crash or the system to hang. There have been a couple of occasions where there's some serious system lag when no programs are running.


* Tried removing and testing individual RAM sticks (still get the same problem)
* Tried uping the RAM voltage and running at different clock speeds (2133 and 2400)
* Tried different CPU clocks (made no difference)
* Tried re-seating the CPU (same issue)
* Tried re-flashing the BIOS (made no difference)
* Tried clearing CMOS (no difference)
* Tried re-installing drivers for everything (no change)

Any ideas?

 on: Today at 13:24:55 
Started by bass_zxc - Last post by masonyang
MSI recommends all the users to contact the authorized Service Centers and allow local personnel to help replace the keyboard.

 on: Today at 13:21:33 
Started by wk1q9zpatfx2 - Last post by masonyang
MSI recommends all the users to contact the authorized Service Centers and allow local personnel to help replace the touchpad.

 on: Today at 13:15:59 
Started by sapngadclan - Last post by masonyang
hi guy,
you should contact the MSI RMA.
here's the link :

 on: Today at 13:02:17 
Started by TimK85 - Last post by rbleroy91
Would it start up potentially without any RAM inserted? I just ordered another stick on Amazon to be able to at least test two.
Of course, no.
Do the minimal configuration as I explained with your alone RAM stick. If does not work, try to move move the RAM sick in each of the DIMM slot.
Is your mobo installed in a case? If yes and the minimal test does not work, replace the RAM stick in DIMMA2, get mobo out of case and place it on a wooden/cardboard plan.
Hoping this will work,
:hat tip:

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