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 on: Today at 16:51:15 
Started by ddccii - Last post by ddccii
Hi all, I have one problem, I have some mobos MSI Z170a pro carbon with 8 gpu each, when I use GPU´s with modded BIOS I cant to make undervolt (lock slider voltage) with Afterburner 4.4.0 Beta 16, when I swich to original BIOS I can undervolt normally. I´m searching by internet the solution but the alternative ways dont work.

I have other mobos (other manufacturers) with same modded BIOS GPU´s  and I can undervolt without problems. Any advice??

Regards ^^

 on: Today at 16:32:57 
Started by artur.aragao - Last post by artur.aragao
Gameboost is on, it's set to 0.

And could be the cause of your problem.

Change the setting within your BIOS so it's controlled by the BIOS and turn it off and see if it works.
Here a little of what I commented.
It's bugged and mouse performance is affected as well. You're too lethargic.

 on: Today at 16:32:23 
Started by joshuajones02 - Last post by joshuajones02
I have updated all of the bios settings, drivers, chipsets, etc

 on: Today at 16:31:17 
Started by joshuajones02 - Last post by joshuajones02
after hours of unplugging and plugging and trying to diagnose the issue I was having (was convinced it was my PSU or riser cards but not the case).. it looks like it has something to do with the mobo and the PCIe x1 slots... I have 2 plugged in to the PCI e x16 and its running great, but the moment I plug one into the x1 it runs like crap, power is all over the place and it crashes... <- the 2 empty pci e x1 slots are the ones causing the issues.. if any GPU is plugged into them it causes all of the GPUs to run like crap and crash.

So I changed PEG0 and PEG1 to Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3

The above setting has no effect when the cards remained plugged into the positions that are shown in the pic but the moment I switch one of the 4 cards to one of those empty slots, each setting leads to very poor performance overall

 on: Today at 16:29:36 
Started by kingmustard - Last post by kingmustard
At the moment, they're simply called "System fan 1", "System fan 2" etc.

I am having to shine a flashlight into my case to see which fan is connected to which header.

Now that I've visually mapped them out, can we have an option to rename them in Command Center?

 on: Today at 16:28:35 
Started by artur.aragao - Last post by artur.aragao
How to set up CL 14 Gskill 3200 mHz ram with new bios v1.8
Regarding memory, it already worked perfectly at 3200MHz when in 2x 8GB. I bought one more kit and they are not working at 3200MHz. I need to manually set to 2933MHz. When I set the 4 at 3200MHz, it gives F9 code and reboots constantly to the same point. I am required to give a Clear Clear CMOS. Ahhhhhh! The Clear CMOS button on the mainboard since version 1.8 is not working. It is necessary to do this through the mainboard panel button. I feel disappointed with this mainboard.

And even set to 2933Mhz, when I restart the PC or turn it off, when I start it, sometimes it gives the code F9. Then I'm forced to turn the PC off at the source through the switch and turn it back on. This is not cool.

My 4 memory combs are 8GB in the F4-3200C14D-16GFX series.

 on: Today at 16:23:06 
Started by mrhobbs2012 - Last post by mrhobbs2012
About a year ago I did the automatic windows 10 upgrade on my msi ge60 2PE apache pro and my sound blaster cinema is completely gone.  Have been having terrible sound. Got my realtek sound card back but the sound blaster cinema is completely gone. Is it possible to get it back? When I click on the app I get this message "The current selected audio device is disabled, not present, not supported by the application, or has unplugged jack connections. Do you want to select another audio device now?"  I am only moderately computer proficient. Thanks, hope someone can help. I attached a screen shot of app, lets me slide volume control but everything else is gone.

 on: Today at 16:20:40 
Started by artur.aragao - Last post by artur.aragao
How to set up CL 14 Gskill 3200 mHz ram with new bios v1.8


If it is from MSI, I will need your help a lot, since from BIOS 1.8 things have become very strange in the profiles of the automatic clocks through the profiles. Now I have BIOS 1.90 and what I notice is that the problem persists. setting for profile 1 the clock goes to 3.8GHz, setting to 4 for 3.9GHz. This was not the case with BIOS 1.7. It was pointing my 1800X correctly to 4.0GHz as reported in the profiles for my CPU.

 on: Today at 16:19:46 
Started by thaian619hehe - Last post by thaian619hehe
rbleroy91 Yeah this is, But if "Advanced/Windows OS Configuration\Windows 8.1/ 10 WHQL Support" set to "Enabled 
When it enable when i shut down my pc then turn Pc on, it will stuck at logo main and go freeze cant do anything, Cpu fan still work. After that i need to press reset and it runs normal can boot windows :(.

 on: Today at 16:15:30 
Started by thaian619hehe - Last post by thaian619hehe
My pc is:
Cpu: core i5 6500
ram: corsair 1x8gb bus 2133
card: gtx 1060 msi gaming
Ssd lite-on 120gb GPT primary
Hdd western digital 1Tb primary GPT
Hdd Hitachi 500gb MBR logical drive
Mainboard: msi b150 gaming m3

thanks for reply :)

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