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MSI Gaming Mainboards for Intel and AMD
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First time i buy a MSI card, and probably the last one:It is difficult to put 2 VEGA 64 RADEON (PCI-1). Because it take time or the PC stay black screenSome time it doenst see the second card (PCI-2)....
tytyatgmail 4 55 Last post Yesterday at 18:29:10
by Svet
X370 Titanium - "Windows 10 WHQL Support"
Hi, does anybody know what enabling "Windows 10 WHQL Support" does apart from what we expect it to do ?I am asking because enabling this for some reason unknown to me reduces overclocking potential in...
mongoled 1 49 Last post Yesterday at 17:41:01
by darkhawk
gaming app power plan problem
Hi guys I have msi gaming app installed to control my RGB however it is forcing me to have a windows power plan - I want to use Ryzen power plan but this app forces me gaming mode = high performance a...
neonaus 8 363 Last post Yesterday at 17:36:22
by BoutTime
Setup Bios MSI A320M Gaming Pro
Sorry about my EnglishI bought a MSI A320M Gaming Pro everything working but my cpu was getting too hot so I decided to update the bios from 1.10 to 1.60 all right CPU lowered the temperature.But now ...
chaile.resende 29 385 Last post Yesterday at 17:33:32
by chaile.resende
How to Remove Nahimic and install Realtek
Hi All.How do I uninstall Nahimic and still have or install the Realtek control panel/options?I don't know if uninstalling Nahimic will affect Realtek install.  Also, where do I download the Realtek d...
tdkmate 15 10136 Last post Yesterday at 15:30:10
by seanmccargar
B350 Gaming pro Carbon + core fozr L + extra second fan
Hi there! I want to ask if it safe to connect second torx 120 fan to cpu mobo fan header by pwm splitter because of safety comsumption of those fans? 0,34+0,34+msi logo
juraj.ilencik 2 40 Last post Yesterday at 13:44:39
by juraj.ilencik
Intel release ME flaw detection tool. When will MSI provide a fix?
They have release a detection tool for both linux and windows, so you can scan and check out whether your system has the ME flaw or not.  Detection Tool ...
lembuabraxas 1 80 Last post Yesterday at 12:02:46
by darkhawk
A few things i need to know about my Z370 gaming pro carbon ac
Having just bought a z370 gaming pro carbon AC , i would like to know a few things please .  Running the latest bios : 7B45vA11: When in the Bios , why does the setting >advance>wake up event set up >...
akidy 2 75 Last post Yesterday at 09:06:07
by akidy
Petition for a reliable BIOS
I have a MSI B350 Tomahawk motherboard and a Ryzen 7 1700 cpu. I'd choosed corsair CMK32GX4M2A2666C16 memory according to the memory supported list from for this specific motherboard.... Never...
eduardofg 6 130 Last post Yesterday at 07:20:29
by badboy2k
MSI Gaming App does not open windows 10
I have a msi carbon pro and I use gamming app to control led fx and set OC mode more easily. All of suddenly the app stop to open. I click on the icon and nothing happens.I have tried to uninstall, up...
lcsb280387 40 2636 Last post Best Answer Yesterday at 04:11:44
by schuck6566
X399 NVME RAID support BIOS release
Hi, when will the latest BIOS update be released to support NVME RAID for X399?
jemtay83 25 1015 Last post Yesterday at 03:09:37
by plutomate
Z370 GAMING PRO problems with USB drivers on Windows 7 x64
Hi, I have installed clean Windows 7 x64 with no drivers at all. I have wanted to start with chipset drivers, but exe did not load at all. I have instaleld .NET 4, but still nothing. Then I have tried...
daveoshicz 1 39 Last post 21-November-17, 20:04:36
by darkhawk
This topic has been moved to Anything Under The Sun.
flobelix 0 11 Last post 21-November-17, 18:18:22
by flobelix
Problem with DIMM A2 and B2
Hello,I did recently setup a new computer, but I'm having some trouble with the RAM setup.My setup is:- MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon- i7-8700K- WD Black 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD- Corsair Vengence LED DDR4 320...
eirik_tenno 2 60 Last post 21-November-17, 16:30:15
by eirik_tenno
Intel 15.X series Raid Rom compatible with X99??
Hi, Wondering if anyone is running the 15.X (15.1->15.9) version Raid Efi and Rom modules on their X99 Chipset and if so are they having any issues? Thank you.
Moheban79 5 89 Last post 21-November-17, 03:39:59
by plutomate
MSI 970 Gaming Mobo Issue - 5 beeps
Hi Guys,I've trawled the internet for answers, and I still dont know what to do.I have built a new system. Ive put an MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard and an AMD FX8350 CPU and a Sapphire Dual-X Radeon R9 2...
stannardpaul 8 3479 Last post 20-November-17, 21:36:38
by Nichrome
z87-g45 Gaming Motherboard, Memory Leak in Win 10 x64
I have a Z87-G45 motherboard, with standard on-board LAN. It's identified as "Killer E2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller" on Device Manager. "PCI\VEN_1969&DEV_E091&SUBSYS_78211462&REV_13" if that's any ...
jhonel83 2 65 Last post 20-November-17, 18:36:39
by jhonel83
Z170A Gaming M7 Always Reports a 127 degree System Temperature
**edit -- All temperature reports are from the motherboard by way of the Click 5 UEFI.  There is no operating system installed.I have:1) updated to the latest Click 5 UEFI, version 1.H0.  It was deliv...
test-1786 9 2068 Last post 20-November-17, 16:26:21
by Varana
think i need a new video card
have a newish msi Z170A gaming M7 motherboard. current video card is a evga GeForce GTX 650 Ti that seems to be slowly crapping out on me, its about 3 yrs old so I am not sure if its just to old now o...
silentnimgurth 9 129 Last post 20-November-17, 15:37:37
by jcioffi88
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 (Build 16299.19) Nahimic crashes
Hi, After Windows 10 Fall Creators Update version 1709 (Build 16299.19) Nahimic crashes a couple of times a day. I have to restart the Windows Audio Service . The Problem was also there with the creat...
michellange81 2 135 Last post 20-November-17, 14:39:37
by Nichrome
MOVED: MSI z370 carbon gaming motherboard
This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting.
flobelix 0 27 Last post 20-November-17, 14:28:02
by flobelix
Z270, Mystic light super bright green when red is what is picked after calibrate
I have Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon.  Within the last to updates to mystic light I noticed that The green comes up super bright.  When i Calibrate to get the right colors where the need to be, When I hit Re...
webefx2 0 32 Last post 20-November-17, 13:37:49
by webefx2
X370 Gaming Pro Carbon RGB lights fails.
RGB lights doesn't display yellow colour although it is available to choose the yellow colour. Gaming APP fails to update RGB light settings unless I restart the PC. That happens after multip...
tomsromans20 0 24 Last post 20-November-17, 12:49:00
by tomsromans20
Clear CMOS
Hi,I recently had to clear my CMOS (by pressing button on the back), without double-check I cleared it when the power was on (system was loaded). Computer restarted, booted up, nothing happend.My ques...
shaabash123 3 78 Last post 20-November-17, 10:18:20
by flobelix
00 Debug code error on board
Hey guys So buidling a new pc 16 x 2 Corsair DDR 4 3200 Rami7- 8700 k CPUMSI Z370 Godlike motherboardMSI Gaming X Trio geforce GTX 1080 ti My case is the IN WIN CA03 D-Frame 2.0 So it comes standard w...
bladefury 1 79 Last post 20-November-17, 09:41:54
by shalala
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