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MSI Gaming Mainboards for Intel and AMD
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juliantomas.p, camorin, lee_loo and 102 Guests are viewing this board.
X99A Gaming 7 - Updated bios, corrupted BOOTMGR
Well i'm having one problem after the other. I just decided to update the bios. All went fine. In the process it corrupted the bootmanager. see video.Now the only way I can load into windows is to go ...
f575gtc 4 76 Last post Today at 02:30:01
by f575gtc
b350 works fine then completely shuts off
at random time is goes black,  i ahve to turn the system off because power button is unresponsive.   i am then left with -no fans running-BOOT, VGA,and DRAM debug lights are off-CPU debug light is on ...
mxk130 5 103 Last post Today at 02:13:08
by Svet
x370 gaming pro carbon questions on temps, and lack of performance
I'm sure i'm not the only one having issues with this motherboard.. or lackluster performance. I recently switched from a b350 gaming pro carbon to a x370 gaming pro carbon and have lost a huge amount...
b_rynlds 3 94 Last post Today at 02:09:58
by Svet
X370 Pro Carbon Gaming Slow Raid 10
Hi Everyone,I am having speed issues with the Raid 10 setup on my new Pro Carbon motherboard.  I am using the same hard drives in this Raid 10 setup as were in my previous Raid 10 on a Gigabyte ga-990...
robuk360 1 57 Last post Today at 02:01:33
by Svet
Hi I am trying to install a PCIe 1x to 16x riser with a external graphics card that wont fit in my case on a B350 tomahawk arctic, currently the mobo is not recognizing it, card works and so does rise...
rorsaa 5 106 Last post Best Answer Today at 01:56:36
by Svet
High "Motherboard Temperature" on MSI B350 Tomahawk Artic
Hello peopleA month ago i upgraded my system from MSI Z77A-G45 and i7 3770K to a Ryzen 5 1600 and MSI B350 Tomahawk Artic.I'm used to see a 39 to 40 degrees motherboard temp with my intel based system...
emsanchez17 2 61 Last post Today at 01:42:16
by Svet
B150i Gaming Pro and Intel 600p
System :MSI B150i Gaming Pro ; Intel i3 6100T with stock cooler ; 2x Crucial 4GB DDR4 ; Intel 600p SSDBIOS version E7995IMS.190   Windows 10 HomeI wonder if anyone has had any success with this combin...
onlinegilbert 1 37 Last post Today at 01:39:46
by Svet
can_umur_91 4 89 Last post Today at 00:16:16
by Svet
M.2 runs at half speed on X399, doesn't show up in BIOS
This is the Samsung 950 Pro 512GB.For whatever reason, it can write at its full speed, but its read speed is only 1300 MB/s, well short of its 2500 MB/s rating.The thing is, the Intel 750 SSD i have, ...
bodeth2 12 259 Last post Today at 00:07:01
by adhsmith
MSI GAMING 7 Z97 Mobo frustrations
Hey everyone,I got an MSI Gaming 7 Z97 mobo a few years ago and after I switched I began to notice that my games did not run as well, mostly noticeable in multiplayer games such as Battlefield 4/1 and...
kirbydevotee 2 97 Last post Yesterday at 23:22:01
by kirbydevotee
MSI Z170A Gaming M3 - problem with stock CPU - need to know what is this LED
Hello, from yesterday I have problem with stock CPU on 800mhz. I read many topics in internet, and I know this is propabbly slow mode switch button.When I change intel adaptive thermal monitor in bios...
davastator 12 1934 Last post Yesterday at 20:52:09
by flobelix
X370 Carbon Pro features
I have a MSI Carbon Pro x370 from MSI – there is an issue and when a manual vcore is set for exmaple 1.38v for a 3.9ghz overclock the vcore stays 24/7 @ 1.38v even in idle,load,gaming etc it never dro...
neonaus 4 186 Last post Yesterday at 20:17:57
by luke51087
X399 1900x seeing half the memory
System SpecsAMD 1900XPhantek x399A coolerMSI X399 Carbon BIOS ( v1.5 which is the latest official)4x8GB Gskill Trident Z RGB F4-3600C16Q-32GTZR Samsung PM961 NVMe 1TbWin 10 ProI have 32Gb installed bu...
adhsmith 6 94 Last post Yesterday at 18:04:34
by flobelix
Hello guys,i7-4790KZ97 GAMING 5 G.Skill TridentX DDR3 2133 PC3-17000 16GB 2x8GB CL9G.Skill TridentX DDR3 2133 PC3-17000 16GB 2x8GB CL9Gigabyte gtx970 gaming G1Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVOCooler Master ...
devil_powa 10 202 Last post Yesterday at 15:03:34
by Nidhoggr
Xidax Custom Rig w/ MSI Z270 Carbon Mobo -- Which Audio Jack is "Line In"
So, I purchased this rig in March, and have had the problem that I cannot ever get sound from the audio ports, front or back. It pulls up the wizard, the computer recognizes the speaker, but no sound....
gaeryncross 1 59 Last post Yesterday at 13:14:24
by Nidhoggr
Receiving "failed to load hardware monitor driver"
HelloI have gone through the old posts about this issue, but when I wanted to join the topic I was warned to make a new one, so here I am.In Feb 2017, I bought the msi 970 Gaming motherboard. I instal...
mwilson6468 3 138 Last post Yesterday at 10:45:51
by plutomate
MSI Mystic Light
Im using b250m mortar. Is this just the option to change the color? I want change to more colour or mode for my rgb geil evo x rgb ram.\Spec :Intel Core i5-7400MSI B250M MORTARGeil Evo X RGB 4x2Inno3d...
daffaammar09 3 93 Last post Yesterday at 09:52:04
by plutomate
MSI Z270 PC Mate doesn't recognize ram
Hello, from yesterday I'm starting experiencing this issue, I have two ram bank of 8gb each one, but in bios it only show one memory bank in single channel mode, how this happened? I tried removing an...
Ross90 4 125 Last post Best Answer Yesterday at 09:29:01
by badboy2k
x399 gaming pro carbon d3 debug code
Hey there, I'm getting a debug code of d3 on an x399 Gaming Pro Carbon. The only potential symptoms are one of the 2xUSB3 ports connected to the front of the case doesn't seem to be functioning correc...
john.n.petitte 35 851 Last post 17-September-17, 20:59:53
by Svet
MOVED: X99A Gaming 7, i7 5820k - safe overclocking guide help needed
This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting.
Nichrome 0 16 Last post 17-September-17, 20:38:38
by Nichrome
X370 Gaming Pro won't POST
Hi thereSo I recently acquired myself a new Ryzen build and to go with it an X370 motherboard. So I installed everything, hit the power button and it was fine. Except the memory and CPU boost wasn't f...
leamfindowrie 2 90 Last post 17-September-17, 20:33:50
by Svet
Bios acting strange!
So I was having trouble playing games like Battlefield 1 without stutters and frame drops due too low Ram (I had 8GB) So I bought two vengance 8GB ram cards ddr4. I installed them and and turned on bi...
yahia.sari97 3 63 Last post 17-September-17, 18:39:48
by rbleroy91
X99A - Do i get latest drivers from MSI or go to source? intel chipset, etc...
i have a X99A Gaming 7 - do i rely on MSI Live update 6? Its versions of some of these drivers look really out of date - Intel chipset for example. Is this right? Or do i have to go and get these driv...
f575gtc 3 63 Last post 17-September-17, 18:22:47
by Nidhoggr
Msi x399 Boards
Now that the Threadripper 1920x has come out for like $549, when will we see more msi x399 boards as I do not want current one and it seems nothing but issues are coming from them. With the cheaper cp...
x56baseball 15 181 Last post 17-September-17, 18:16:56
by x56baseball
MSI z270 gaming M3 cannot handle 4 GPUs during mining
Hi Support,My config is following:MB from subj + 4 GPU's 1080ti.3 work perfect, when I add 4th -> it recognized correctly in win10 anniversary with latest updates.Bios ver is from march 2017, gen1 4g ...
xkreed 4 151 Last post 17-September-17, 11:51:25
by Nichrome
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