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MSI Gaming Mainboards for Intel and AMD
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zhang2017sg and 104 Guests are viewing this board.
DO not buy MSI motherboard for mining MSI Z370 SLI plus, MSI Z270 Camo Squad
hi guys,          i have over 20 mining rigs, the price of all other working mining motherboards have gone up 50% to 200% plus most of them are sold out everywhere. I was looking into alternatives so ...
bluefox140 1 88 Last post 13-January-18, 18:02:59
by darkhawk
MSI Z370 memory support issue
Hi guys. I purchased the z370 gaming plus motherboard but the support list does not show any support for this RAM : CMK16GX4M2Z2666C16 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB DDR4 2666Why is this not in the suppo...
ravikant21490 3 67 Last post 13-January-18, 16:35:39
by DrCrow
X399 Carbon : 64Gb installed but only 47.9Gb enable
Hi,I just bought X399 Carbon with 64Gb Corsair Vengeance XMP 2.0 3000mhz C15 and AMD 1950X but it seems the motherboard can enable only 47.9GbBios is updated to the latest firmware, Windows drivers ar...
fabrice.fiorucci 7 114 Last post 13-January-18, 16:08:33
by Nichrome
MSI 970 Gaming RGB LED
I recently got gifted a new Coolermaster chassis. It comes with RGB fans and I was wondering if there's some sort of adapter I could plug into my Mobo (a standard 970 gaming not Pro) so wouldn't have ...
Junglist15 1 35 Last post 13-January-18, 14:06:52
by badboy2k
ZBrush and Nahimic 2 Compatibility bug Report.
"Nahimic 2" audio software services processes are causing the popular 3D program: "ZBrush" to crash when trying to start it."Nahimic2Svc32.exe" (Found in Task Manager) cause the 32 bit Version of the ...
schar60 3 360 Last post 13-January-18, 13:10:20
by cleo_van_den_heuvel
Hi guys,I wanted to share my experience with MSI Z270 KRAIT GAMING in a 8 GPU mining rig build.Before I did another 8 gpu rig with boards having same specification like Z270-P / Z270-A / Z270-AR .... ...
5tefan 4 105 Last post 13-January-18, 10:10:17
by 5tefan
B350 Gaming Pro Carbon Windows 10 installation issue
Hello Everyone I recently bought the following setup:MSI B350 Gaming Pro CarbonAMD Ryzen 1600X16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 Memory (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16)I have placed everything in my case With my OC...
mvandersluijs 7 90 Last post 13-January-18, 09:48:57
by rbleroy91
MSI B250M Mortar Arctic - Accidentally put 8-PIN PCI-e to 8-PIN ATX CPU
Hello MSI users!I am just worried, what will be the effect of my dumbness towards connecting the 8-PIN PCI to 8-PIN CPU. When I turn the computer on, no fans, no post, etc., just the CPU EZ-Debug LED ...
followlexonline 2 100 Last post 13-January-18, 08:35:42
by followlexonline
B350M motherboard + AMD A10-9700 CPU EZ Debug CPU LED cycles continuously
I have a B350M motherboard + AMD A10-9700 CPU which won't POST. The EZ Debug CPU LED cycles past the CPU and DRAM, then both VGA and BOOT light up together, then it starts over again at the top and co...
rebecca.ballesteros 9 80 Last post 13-January-18, 08:00:09
by zhang2017sg
New mobo, CPU, and RAM - recieveing no signal to monitor
My build:MSI Z170A gaming M5 (S/N: 601-7977-010B160800XXXX)EVGA GTX 970Intel I7 6700Cooler Master 212 evoCorsair vengeance 8gb x2 DDR4 2133 mhtz Corsair TX750M gold editionI recently upgraded by mobo,...
Lick 13 216 Last post 13-January-18, 05:43:12
by badboy2k
For Intel 8700K owners - could you confirm that the CPU boosts to 47x/4700MHz?
Hello,Any 8700K owners willing to run it on default settings and see if their CPU will boost as it should to 47x on idle/High Performance, or other very light/single threaded loads? It used to before ...
t0yz 8 132 Last post 13-January-18, 00:43:44
by t0yz
Coffeelake processor on H270 Gaming Pro Carbon
I have a MSI H270 Gaming Pro Carbon, with an i3-7100, and I wanted to upgrade to an i3-8100 or an i3-8350K, and I wanted to know if the chipset supports it or not.
codypalh.99 1 25 Last post 13-January-18, 00:00:01
by flobelix
MSI Fast Boot Doesn't Support This Mainboard
I recently got this message "MSI Fast Boot Doesn't Support This Mainboard" even though I have an MSI motherboard and this function used to work normally for months. Why now? How do I fix it? Regards,
sotto_funkyboy 3 54 Last post 12-January-18, 23:57:57
by flobelix
MSI B350M won't boot but I can get into BIOS after clearing CMOS
I recently bought a Ryzen 5 1600 and MSI B350M Gaming Pro together. It's an upgrade to an existing PC so all other components are the same except for a 1x16 GB Crucial stick of DDR4 RAM.When I put it ...
dabomb18359 12 305 Last post 12-January-18, 23:49:21
by dabomb18359
Wrong Bios installed on my motherboard
So I have a lot of problems with my motherboard since I got it 1 month ago. (B350M MORTAR)Sound issue where the optical output is not detected, Ram issue where I can't get speed I should. Today I deci... 3 97 Last post 12-January-18, 23:06:25
by buddyw53
Hello group,     I am working on a wall mount pc and I have been looking for my motherboard dimensions to no avail. After an exhaustive search I have decided to draw it my self. I would say my drawing...
trueninjalo 2 58 Last post 12-January-18, 21:31:17
by trueninjalo
Question: RAM Module Failure or Incompatibility?
Hello all! I've recently ran into a bit of a problem with my newly acquired custom PC build and would like some professional advice on the situation.I recently purchased parts for my new custom PC bui...
swoop7497 7 177 Last post 12-January-18, 10:38:27
by swoop7497
MSI Z270 Gaming M5 - Debug Code LED
Hey all,At times, I've noticed my Debug Code LED on my motherboard does not display anything. My PC boots up just fine. Is there something wrong with my motherboard?SpecsIntel i5 7600kEVGA 1060 6GB FT...
mmmnap 3 55 Last post 12-January-18, 07:43:31
by rbleroy91
hi MSİ forum; My motherboard model is z270 gaming m5 . this motherboard have LED but right down chipset LED not working I try in the gaming app but gam,ing app only see MB gaming app .my system win 10...
alimertmemis16 3 90 Last post 12-January-18, 06:45:30
by shalala
MSI x99a slic plus, cant turn it on
Hi, bosses,I purchased this used desktop with MSI x99a slic plus. But the problem is it can't be turned on. The power is fine, the switch (power button) is fine, but after I tried to turn it on, nothi...
99639423 12 127 Last post 12-January-18, 04:26:02
by badboy2k
Can't change LED strip color on MSI motherboard
Hello, I recently bought a Phanteks 1M led strip for my PC, which has a "MSI B250M Mortar Arctic" motherboard. I am able to change the lighting mode in the MSI Gaming App, however, it doesn't allow me...
mil4n0r 1 32 Last post 12-January-18, 01:56:24
by skywalker_yd
Recieved bad RMA 970 Gaming
I have just got back a bad motherboard, managed to boot it once to the bios where I encountered the same problems as the one I had just sent back.Now I can't get it to boot at all, and the ram and gfx...
n3m37h 2 80 Last post 12-January-18, 00:24:13
by n3m37h
Problem with B350 Mortar Motherboard
So i have had this motherboard for less than 6 months.I can not get into bios by any means, i have tried all of the buttons, I unplugged all the hard drives, reset bios by taking the battery out, noth...
mikenthor 4 86 Last post 11-January-18, 22:50:48
by mikenthor
MOVED: Z370-GAMING-PLUS having some issues with 8700k
This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting.
flobelix 0 35 Last post 11-January-18, 20:21:40
by flobelix
MSI H270i Gaming Pro AC using Kaby Lake processors
Do I need to flash the bios to be able to use kaby lake processors? I'm currently running it on an i3-6100 but want to upgrade to an i5-7500
inah.geronimo 1 45 Last post 11-January-18, 20:09:20
by flobelix
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