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Author Topic: x370 gaming pro carbon questions on temps, and lack of performance  (Read 729 times)

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b_rynldsTopic starter

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I'm sure i'm not the only one having issues with this motherboard.. or lackluster performance.

 I recently switched from a b350 gaming pro carbon to a x370 gaming pro carbon and have lost a huge amount of performance..  especially noticed after windows updated to the creators edition..

I was scoring over 18000 in Firestrike, and Timespy scores are far better with the b350 and I'm talking a 1000pts in Timespy and 2000pts in Firestrike..  Game performance also has dropped dramatically..

After switching to this x370 gaming pro carbon I'm getting temp issues... specifically the cputin/systin is getting too hot to complete a 30minute stress test in occt.. Which is capping out at 85c and shutting down the test.
It seems something like a voltage controller is getting too hot.. The rest of the system is very cool.. running a 110i and plenty of airflow... cpu temp is staying around 50c, but the cputin is getting to 85c and shutting the test off.. What is the safe temp?

I ran multiplier of 39 and 1.35v on the b350 and it ran fine, actually ran much better than the x370.. The x370 can run at 3.9ghz at 1.3625 or 1.375v but I notice the voltages are all over the place, specifically the cpu voltage spikes over 1.45-1.47v and the motherboard or cputin/systin readings get hot, much hotter than the rest of the system..

Now after the windows creators update everything is sluggish feeling to the point this thing doesnt run any better than a I5 6400.. I have latest gpu drivers (gtx1080), latest chipset drivers from amd, updated audio drivers, updated nic drivers and latest beta bios version 1.91 all from msi dated 9/11/2017

It's frustrating and to the point I'm about to switch motherboard manufacturers.. I thought I'd give msi a try after using gigabyte for years, but my mind is rapidly changing..  I feel there is something sketchy with the voltage control on the x370.


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« Reply #1 on: 14-September-17, 05:28:40 »

you probably want to list your system configuration here first!!!!

b_rynldsTopic starter

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« Reply #2 on: 14-September-17, 21:06:10 »

x370 gaming pro carbon
Ryzen 1700
16gb gskill ddr4 3200 16-16-16-36
samsung 950 m.2 drive
mushkin 480gb sata drive
corsair h110i aio
evga supernova 750g2 psu

All components worked fine in the b350 board for over a month.. power supply was ran in a I5-6600k machine so I know its fine..

 What I have noticed is after a windows update MSI Command Center, MSI Gaming app and a service associated with one of them were stuck in a restart loop or boot loop, which was taking up about 20-25% cpu usage and was what was causing a Kmode exception error, I believe... The next thing I noticed was MSI Afterburner or Riva Tuner was not hooking so I uninstalled it also..  I have uninstalled all MSI software.  Its real nice to pay so much money for a product and not be able to use features reliably..

 Uninstalling the MSI programs have helped, but for some reason the single core performance isnt as good as it was previously with the same clock speed, either at 3.8 or 3.9ghz..


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« Reply #3 on: 19-September-17, 01:09:58 »

the voltage listed sounds too high to me..
remove any OC, then see if you will have any issues.
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