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 on: Today at 02:27:08 
Started by baylenmcadoo - Last post by baylenmcadoo
Thanks... Was the RAMDISK function removed from the app and now a stand alone program ?

 on: Today at 02:15:07 
Started by baylenmcadoo - Last post by flobelix
Well, makes sense to download from the product site of your board:

 on: Today at 02:13:11 
Started by tyler67 - Last post by RedAntisocial
Sorry RedAntisocial, but this is not true.

I think these are US-specific models. The GP73 Leopard-014 is also equipped with a 120Hz screen according to MSI itself.

There are multiple tests out there to see how well your display performs, I really like this one: (not particularly the flying ufo, but all other tools from that site). Used it to confirm overclock of my TN from 60Hz to 90Hz, with confirmed skip free frames and 'similar' ghosting to its native refresh rate (overclock at own risk of course)

Thank you for the correction! I never even thought about changing regions (I'm in Canada) when checking model availability.

 on: Today at 01:36:26 
Started by baylenmcadoo - Last post by baylenmcadoo
Looking for the most recent version of Command Center that works with X99. I DLd the 3.X.X.X versions and Im getting " Command center isnt compatible with this MB. 

6850k 4.5Ghz
x99 Gaming procarbon
32gb TridentZ RGB

 on: Today at 01:21:28 
Started by barsha536 - Last post by barsha536
Do that firstly:
It is important to try bios recovery with these 2 USB ports. Unconnect the mouse and use only the keyboard!

You have to ask to MSI Support for your problem explaining that you have already try a bios recovery with Flashback+ and "manual procedure" (give them the link to this topic: I believe that they will conclude that your mobo need to be repaired. If it is under warranty, they ask you to send it. You will then receive in 2-5 weeks a refurbished mobo in replacement.

Sorry to have not better news,
:hat tip:
i really thank u and who helping 
its my fault i set FAT dont set fat32 
when i change its work fine
im cant write my feeling but im really happy to asking good guys thank you very much ,
writing from my pc =)
thank you rbleroy91
thank you flobelix 
thank you LBJistherealchamp
thank you HenryW
I appreciate you this

 on: Today at 01:14:32 
Started by dn83 - Last post by dn83
Thanks for the reply.

This issue was the same with the previous BIOS I used (version H.F0). I've noticed all the BIOS downloads have a txt file included that state the BIOS is for the MSI X99S Gaming 7 and MSI X99S SLI plus. There's no mention of the MSI X99A Gaming 7 even though I downloaded them from the correct webpage for my X99A Gaming 7 motherboard.

I'm not sure what else to do as the problem was there before I updated the BIOS (I updated it to see if it would correct it). I have a feeling MSI are probably a bit sloppy when putting together their BIOS as mine also shows the boost you get for an i7 6700k & i5 6600k when I click on the question mark tab on the game boost function (see screenshot). Those processors are not for the X99 platform. I manually changed the CPU SA voltage to 0.900v and then saved and rebooted.... It still shows 1.256v in the info tab even though you can see I have manually set it to 0.900v (see screenshot).

HWMonitor shows the 1.256v reading as VIN5 and speccy shows it twice (VIN5 & VIN14). It's all a bit confusing really. No other software that I've used can see or display the 1.256v reading. The CPU Ring voltage and CPU VCCU voltage are also not displayed in the BIOS... They're blank!

 on: Today at 00:36:17 
Started by claudeandrei11 - Last post by davekemp_2
 I also have same laptop. What was the charge like in morning when you tried charging laptop? You said it charged fine day before. My understanding is that if it was say 95% charged and you turn on charger it won't actually start charging until it drops to like 90% battery, then the battery will start charging again. Is this what you are experiencing as if so I believe it's normal

 on: Today at 00:31:11 
Started by stormy1352 - Last post by badboy2k
what CPU are you using on the board?

 on: Yesterday at 23:33:02 
Started by stormy1352 - Last post by stormy1352
Walt I am one of those that always gets the drivers directly from the device manufacturer (AMD in this case), and not the hardware manufacturer. Thanks for the link anyway.

So how to explain that according to Device Manager that there is two SATA controllers with different DEV ID's (7901 and 43B7) yet have the same VEN ID's (1022)?

 on: Yesterday at 23:28:43 
Started by lluisgonzales - Last post by Nichrome

That's limitation of using non "Z" motherboard - no overclocking capabilities.
And it's been like this for quite a while now (8 years?).

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