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 on: Today at 05:59:41 
Started by thaian619hehe - Last post by thaian619hehe
I got a mainboard gaming b150 m3, when i enable windows 10 whql in bios my pc have a problem. After i shutdown my pc and turn it on, it stuck at logo mainboard and get freeze, so only press reset button my pc can access to windows.
Try install win 10 UEFI again but still get stuck at logo main and need to press reset. Thanks for reading :D

 on: Today at 05:52:47 
Started by ilikeeggs1230 - Last post by ilikeeggs1230
So I tried to update to 1.7 and 1.8 from 1.6 BIOS on my B350 Tomahawk, and the install went fine, but after installing the updates, the computer would not boot properly. It would hang on boot and on restart, and eventually on shut down as well. I ended up going back to 1.6 which actually worked so yeah. Wanted to let people know what the issue is with that and see if MSI even knows about it because as far as I know a couple of people have asked me about this already cause it happened to their boards.

 on: Today at 05:44:25 
Started by akis - Last post by david
I would like to buy the GT73/75 with a GTX1070/1080 and the 4K IPS panel. I do not want the SLI version which comes with two power adapters. I live in the UK. I have looked but cannot easily find the spec that I need. If anyone knows where to buy from, please let me know, thanks

Hi akis,

The only MSI gaming notebook than can handle two 1080 in SLI is the big GT83VR. The GT73VR and GT75VR will each have only one dGPU if you select a 1080. That may simplify things for you. I'm not familiar with MSI dealers in the U.K., but one of the best in the U.S. is Xotic PC and they are one of the few build-to-order MSI dealers in the world. They may sell to the U.K.---you'll have to ask them.

Xotic PC lists both models with a single 1080 and a 4K panel option here: GT73VR, GT75VR. I'm not sure what model names to look for because they change from region to region. If you search at other MSI dealers, you just have to search for GT73VR or GT75VR and look at the components included to know if it has what you want. I'm sure both models are also available with just one 1070 as well. You'll just have to check what your MSI dealer offers and this can vary from region to region.

Regarding a 4K UHD panel, I think it's a bad idea. Notebook displays are too small for that kind of ultra-high resolution if you plan to use the notebook for general computing. You would have to turn the Windows scale factor way up (like 200%) in order to read menus and text. Otherwise text and many user interface controls will be so small that you can barely read them. But the problem with setting the scaling factor high is that it "breaks" many programs because their user interfaces are not designed for it. I strongly recommend that you find an MSI dealer with a 4K UHD panel in the size that you plan to buy (17.3-inches) and test it to see if you really want such a high resolution. A notebook-size 4K UHD panel can look great for viewing super high-res photos and 4K UHD videos. But when you need to interact with software user interfaces, it can be a nightmare. So be careful and don't jump to 4K unless you know what it will be like and you can accept any problems it creates. I use a 4K display with my GT80 2QE but its a 40-inch external monitor and it looks great. For general computing, I recommend going no smaller for 4K UHD and there are now a couple of 43-inch 4K UHD computer monitors on the market which may be even better.

Kind regards, David

 on: Today at 05:38:37 
Started by henryli - Last post by henryli
MSI PRC 6th Annual Product Launch in Btg Lohas, Chengde
•Location: Btg Lohas Hotel
•Event purpose: GT75VR Titan Pro, GS63/73VR Stealth Pro, GE73/63VR Raider Product launch
•Display MSI products: (NB, MB, VGA, SPB)
•Time: 2017/08/15 ~ 2017/08/17
•Total attendees: 200 up (150 media, 30 hard-core fans, 20 retailer/disty partners, 10 KOL and event promotion staffs)



 on: Today at 05:20:46 
Started by emersonyang - Last post by tsdavis05
Ahh ok sorry about that I should of looked at the expiration date first ( >_< ) lol Thank You

 on: Today at 05:09:49 
Started by theytesteremail - Last post by theytesteremail
I am very excited to get my NVMe as I hear many good reviews about it so I decided to get on board the NVMe train as well.
I have already purchased the 512GB WD Black NVMe M.2 SSD.  
Each B350 Tomahawk motherboard has an M.2 slot and I know that the motherboard supports M.2 and NVMe drives there.  

-  Do I need to buy a PCIe adaptor for this NVMe to take full advantage of the speeds?  

-  Is there any drawbacks from using a PCIe slot as compared to the M.2 slot already on the motherboard?

-  Can I clone my current OS over to the NVMe after installing it or are there other steps that need to be taken before cloning? (Initializing the drive and etc.)

My main concern is it worth it to spend an extra $30 to buy an adaptor for the NVMe to be used on the PCIe slot, or will installing the NVME onto the M.2 slot on the motherboard yield the same result?

Thanks in advance.

 on: Today at 04:51:47 
Started by ramblinggoats - Last post by SpeedJack

Please contact MSI local service center for repair service.

the local service center :

 on: Today at 04:50:24 
Started by shad0vvfax - Last post by cuneyt1984mail
If the laptop malfunctions, it is your responsibility.
(this vbios is for the GT72vr 6re.)

 on: Today at 04:42:24 
Started by low_rydaz_ - Last post by SpeedJack

Please use MSI HelpDesk to export OS information and compress (zip) the configuration txt file for us. Share the zip file to us and it would be easier to figure out what happened. You can find the latest version of HelpDesk in the download link below.

 on: Today at 04:35:39 
Started by flat_pete - Last post by shehary1
Well, what you say may be true, that MSI wasn't planning on incorporating a second HDD slot but that doesn't mean it isn't usable. In fact, when you go into the Intel Rapid Storage software it detects an unused drive port. I have already filled the only officially empty port with an SSD so why is therestill an empty port in the Intel software?

Sorry for bumping an old topic but I can't give up on trying to make this work! Not until I get word from someone who's actually tried it and says it doesn't work.
I have tried a random, I think it was from an HP Envy, FFC cable with the right connectors without any luck. My next step is to find official MSI FFC cables and see if they work. Probably difference in the sequence of the wires.
I'm going to try to get my hands on a cable from a GT72, older model seems to be right, and try my luck again.

If anyone else has tried or feel like trying please tell me your findings!

Well I tried 3 cables, couple of months ago (posted my findings in NBR Forum in GT73 thread)
Samsung (don't remember the model)
Dell Inspiron 17 5758 5755
Acer Aspire V Nitro VN7-571 VN7-591

With Samsung cable, laptop didn't even power ON

Dell cable didn't work at all, HDD didn't even spin and during testing it got lose in connector and fried itself and HDD board...luckily nothing happened to laptop.

Acer cable partially worked, it spins up the HDD but nothing showed in BIOS setting so as nothing in Windows (HDD didn't detect by system)

My Vote is also MSI GT72 FFC cable (12 pins connector), unfortunately I'm not able to find it anywhere, I think only source to buy it is from MSI.

My other findings, 

If you install Intel Rapid Storage Technology (latest version from Intel website), it shows 3 Internal SATA connector Ports, one used by SATA SSD, 2nd used by SATA disk and 3rd empty, so hardware support as well as software support exist.

you don't need mounting plate to fit any size of HDD in empty space, I recently fitted Seagate 4TB in empty space using SATA III extension cable (1TB removed) and used rubber pieces to support and fit the HDD, worked perfectly.

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