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 on: Today at 18:16:03 
Started by Spaced Invader - Last post by lowrider87
In all my days of building computers I have never had that come up. Are you sure it is not for some peripheral or something?? It would also help if you showed some system specs for us also.

 on: Today at 18:13:37 
Started by hardion - Last post by paulinew
Im stuck at 3.5ghz on 1700x its not down clocking the CPU is at max frequency which is causing higher temps, ive reset cmos bios and have done everything i can think of. Im lost it looks like theres a issue with the 1E bios

 on: Today at 18:10:40 
Started by paulinew - Last post by paulinew
Thanks for your help, i did reset cmos but no difference all cores at 3.5.

 on: Today at 18:09:52 
Started by drnik976 - Last post by Svet
For NVME removable issue, have a try this new BIOS which should fix it

 on: Today at 18:05:26 
Started by paulinew - Last post by rbleroy91
When i try to flash the older bios it tells me i cant downgrade, whats wrong and how can i fix this issue.
Unfortunately, AMD refuse bios downgrade since AGESA Code

You can also contact directly MSI Support (>>How to contact MSI<<) to inform them: perhaps, they were already advertised and have a beta bios to try

In waiting, Svet's suggest that:
MSI is aware of this issue will be fixed with future bios update
For workaround:
after you adjust CPU ratio/voltage in BIOS, go to BIOS\OC\Core Performance Boost, you want to
1.       Change it to Disable
2.       Change it back to Auto
After that should successfully boot into OS.
(extract from: It is for another mobo (B350m Gaming Pro) but would work also for you.
Good luck,
:hat tip:

 on: Today at 17:53:35 
Started by gianglol123 - Last post by darkhawk
Thank you guys a lot for helping me out. It seems like my cpu can only hit 3.7ghz stable at 1.325V, no matter how hard i push, it can not get a stable 3.8ghz, even at 1.4V, does bios version matter in how far a cpu can be stably overclocked? Cause i tried and failed 3.8ghz with older bios version too?

It can make a difference.

I'll be honest....most of the newer BIOS's are great for memory and overclocking the memory....but poor for overclocking the CPU and for making the voltage lower on the CPU.

But....even on my 1500X, I don't bother overclocking because it didn't provide much improvement compared to just maxing the memory overclock. It also ran cooler.

 on: Today at 17:46:29 
Started by paulinew - Last post by paulinew
Windows 10 x64
MSI 370X Pro Carbon
2x8gb Corsair Vengence 300mhz @ 2933mhz

It was all fine on the previous bios

 on: Today at 17:36:42 
Started by himlastar98 - Last post by badboy2k
that temp is probably the CPU voltage delivery VRM's getting every hot on the motherboard from the increased load your putting them under! see if blowing air around the CPU socket gets the temperature back down?

 on: Today at 17:34:20 
Started by paulinew - Last post by badboy2k
>>Posting Guide<< you have gave us no information what hardware you have so no one can help you with the limited information you have given so please follow that link and supply the needed information!

 on: Today at 17:31:58 
Started by paulinew - Last post by paulinew
Ive just upgraded my bios to 7A32V1E and my clocks are stuck at 3.5 its not down clocking at all and the power is set to balanced and when i try to flash the older bios it tells me i cant downgrade, whats wrong and how can i fix this issue.


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