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Last post by b.omara
in Re: My video review from the MSI Trident 3 ARCTIC :)
on 16-September-17, 11:39:23
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in Re: Assasin´s Creed Unity
on 13-September-17, 08:12:26
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in MOVED: Crashing since Bio upgrade...??
on 24-May-17, 18:50:00
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Assembly guides

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in Re: Questions about using gaming monitor to get 144hz with G...
on 14-September-17, 20:33:03
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Desktop Remix

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in Re: [MSI Desktop REMIX] Frozen Beast
on 22-August-17, 17:29:25
Place to discuss MSI Gaming AIO (AG series) related topics.
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Sticky Topics
NVidia presented the latest GPU generation a few months ago, all the GPU performance tests point out that the new NVidia 10 series GPU’s are equipped with cutting edge performance, and at least a 42% ...
edcwtsai 7 1328 Last post 23-August-17, 23:00:37
by samuga_igor
Gamers always find the spec of their PC important, but they usually ignore that the cooling ability is highly correlated with the system performance. If you want your PC’s performance to be powerful y...
myikari 4 2196 Last post 14-April-17, 17:13:23
by jtfberryfarm
A power supply of 350W, can’t support the GTX 1070 graphics card. Don’t believe things that are not scientifically proven.Some gamers are confused that MSI Aegis is equipped with an NVIDIA GTX 970 gra...
myikari 15 3379 Last post 23-March-17, 05:44:06
by reloadandy
Hi Gamers , Some of you might know MSI gaming desktop equipped Mystic light - the controllable RGB LED light system. One of my favorite mystic light mode is "Audio mode "The Mystic light system could ...
edcwtsai 13 2371 Last post 08-February-17, 23:25:38
by kozubish
Hi Gamers, Have you ever seen Aegis series mystic light?#Aegis Mystic Light Now, here comes the Aegis Ti with the more fantastic mystic light. Please keep follow our update. #Aegis Ti Mystic Light
myikari 3 1094 Last post 01-September-16, 09:06:17
by s.vesselov
Hi Gamers ,  It's our honor to present to you , the MSI Aegis X upgrade Tutorial !  As you know our you might have Aegis X , it's a incredible machine for Gaming. Now we want you guys to know how to u...
edcwtsai 0 1119 Last post 09-August-16, 03:06:08
by edcwtsai
Hi Gamers,Did you notice the latest MSI Gaming desktop on the MSI Facebook?Get ready for new supreme gaming power. Want to play everything in max graphics options and in 4K? Keep an eye on our newest ...
myikari 4 1386 Last post 02-August-16, 02:17:55
by kjbuue8
Normal Topics
Random Static Noise in Earphones
I bought this all-in-one Trident 3 VR7RD-202US less than a month ago. I haven't really tested out the 3.5mm headphone jack until today, and when I did, there was random static noise coming from the ea...
leolaitszching 2 41 Last post Today at 08:43:57
by leolaitszching
msi Aegis, what is this noise? please help
Please see below youtube link and help me identify and fix this noise. this desktop has been working silent for over 8 months, but just got this noise. desktop remained at one place, never moved.  I u...
d_eepak 3 38 Last post Today at 03:09:09
by d_eepak
Unboxing Noisy Nightblade MI2C
Hi all,just bought today a nightblade MI2C series and as I switched on for the first time, the noise was awful!!Entering the bios, I noticed the CPU fan was given to run at 1000RPM while the graphic b...
lucsar 4 106 Last post 17-September-17, 17:11:45
by lucsar
How to adjust the fan speed of the Nightblade B85C-205EU
So I just got my brand new MSI Nightblade B85C-205EU PC and immediately as i turned it on I noticed that the case fans were loud as hell. I went on to check the BIOS and saw that they were running at ...
o.juuso 11 3686 Last post 17-September-17, 16:58:40
by flobelix
MSI Codex X-064EU BIOS setting
Hello,Is there a way access advanced BIOS settings? It seems that the BIOS version is different from MSI Z170a sli plus. I installed a few chassis fans and would like to adjust the fan speed curves wh...
markus.jenu 1 312 Last post 15-September-17, 11:30:37
by okolvik
Trident 3 - Extend RAM to 16GB
Hi everyone,I have a MSI Trident 3 (VR7RC-027EU) and would like to upgrade RAM from 8 to 16GB. I am from the Netherlands.The current memory bank is populated with 8GB RAM (MSI24D4S7D8MB-8).Where can I...
msi 16 402 Last post 14-September-17, 11:42:36
by msi
CPU gets really hot when playing BF1
Hello people, My i7 7700 gets really hot when playing BF1 and I recently bought this pc. What is the problem? MSI Trident 3
diangelojubitana 5 114 Last post Best Answer 12-September-17, 14:42:36
by diangelojubitana
Where to get the Trident 3 330w PSU?
I want to upgrade my 230w > 330w so i can use a GTX 1070 but i can't find the 330w PSU anywhere :( Help pls
rdilux 6 248 Last post 12-September-17, 01:05:40
by diangelojubitana
GTX 1060 Fan gets stuck
Hi. I'm pretty new to this stuff, and the GTX 1060 that came in my MSI Nightblade 3 is the first GPU I've had. I recently realized that my fans shouldn't be so loud, so I looked at the video card fans...
Weeeooojr 3 85 Last post 11-September-17, 19:28:56
by Nichrome
MSI Trident 3 Won't Turn On
I've had a Trident 3 for about a month at this point. Personally, I've been very happy with it. It is powerful and quiet with a great form factor.Sadly, it no longer turns on... Tried to power it up t...
withersdavis 38 3298 Last post 09-September-17, 03:42:46
by walterr
Windows 10 Home
Does anyone know if you have to use another computer to create an ISO file for installation of windows 10 on a pc?. If I use the windows media creation tool, the headline will say(installation media f...
paalklovland 2 120 Last post 04-September-17, 02:21:02
by Yang
Wireless card dual adapter vs win10 upgrades
Nightblade x2b win10 64bitsDo not upgrade your wireless card dual adapter driver...always keep driver version  as it originally came with.You will struggle like i did as wifi will keep dropping out ra...
clearchrome 2 116 Last post 04-September-17, 02:15:04
by Yang
MSI Codex X3-012US - Bluetooth issues
Hi All, first time desktop User.. (coming forom laptops) have bought the MSI Codex X3-012US Gaming desktop, but unable to connect to any bluetooth device. tried installing the latest windows/intel blu...
sbalarajan 5 186 Last post Best Answer 01-September-17, 09:22:58
by Nichrome
Nightblade MI3 and GPU upgrade
This PC ships with a GTX 1060 6gb, would it be possibile in the future to upgrade to a GTX 1070 without worrying about overheating issues in that small case? And what about the PSU? Will 350W be enoug...
djmarco 8 247 Last post 31-August-17, 02:48:17
by Yang
Cant enable game boost or anything plzz watch yt video
so i cant figure out what is wrong so i hope someone can help. plzz watch the video. ik its :censored: quality but i have a shitty samsung so hehe. thanks
kurumpa1 9 174 Last post 29-August-17, 02:32:02
by Yang
Trident 3 Arctic, is it worth it?
Hello, I'm looking for a small gaming PC and the Trident 3 Arctic looks like a great choice for my needs. What's preventing me from buying it are the overheating problems (some reviews said that the C...
djmarco 4 160 Last post 27-August-17, 00:06:32
by kuro-shinobi
MSI Aegis X - Will MSI's 1080Ti Gaming X card fit?
Hi all,I'm currently looking to upgrade my Aegis X from the 1070 it came with when I first got it to a 1080Ti, MSI's Gaming X 1080Ti to be specific.Would the 10ish mm difference in length make any dif...
j10dingosmith 1 139 Last post 24-August-17, 01:47:03
by Yang
help with installing a sata drive
Where do i find out what mother board i have. Bought an MSI Nightblade 3 last week and want to install a sata ssd drive. Both sata power spots are used. looking to find another power to use for drive....
sgryzelak 9 401 Last post 17-August-17, 21:10:51
by sgryzelak
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