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 on: Today at 21:23:48 
Started by krille - Last post by krille
Nevermind. I figured it out through some googling. The steps are as follows, if anyone else is interested. I have Windows 10 pro b.t.w
  • In Windows, open msconfig.exe
  • On the Boot tab, check the box for Boot in Safe Mode, click apply and OK, then close msconfig.
  • The computer will prompt you to restart, click OK
  • During restart, go into the BIOS (click and hold either Delete or F2 depending on your motherboard)
  • In the BIOS, select the Advanced tab and go to Drive Configuration
  • Select RAID
  • Save changes and exit the BIOS.
  • The computer will restart and Windows will boot in safe mode. While it is booting in safe mode, Windows will install the RAID drivers. You can check it in Device Manager under Storage Controllers.
  • Open msconfig again and unckeck Boot in Safe Mode
  • Windows will prompt you to restart. This time Windows will boot normally with RAID enabled.
  • This is what I did and after that boot into bios and succesfully creating the raid0 with the two samsungdisks.

 on: Today at 21:20:50 
Started by OliverG - Last post by OliverG
It says released on the 30th Nov, but when i built this system last weekend it wasn't there! LiveUpdate doesn't show it either....

Anyway, thanks! Will update and get back to you.

 on: Today at 21:19:11 
Started by alexeyk94 - Last post by jcioffi88
hmmm.. i never knew that there was z170 boards that used ddr3

 on: Today at 21:17:49 
Started by Svet - Last post by Svet
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.

 on: Today at 21:18:25 
Started by baylenmcadoo - Last post by baylenmcadoo
Yes, I have been trying to get their software to work since the first beta version was released. Same results through even the newest version. Either I get No Trident Z ram found or the GUI on the program only works 1% of the time and only will control one of the ram modules 

 on: Today at 21:17:16 
Started by teo_dore - Last post by Svet
what PSU you are using?
see >>Posting Guide<<

 on: Today at 21:11:52 
Started by info - Last post by Svet
msi fast boot or fast boot can disable those keys for faster booting

 on: Today at 21:11:19 
Started by OliverG - Last post by Svet
try latest version 1.7

 on: Today at 21:06:41 
Started by baylenmcadoo - Last post by HenryW
Have you tried the G.Skill software?

 on: Today at 20:56:53 
Started by cobalt - Last post by cobalt
Hey all,
I'm having a problem with my msi h270i gaming pro ac board.
Its been running fine with my GTX 970, but I recently thought it was time for a bit of a change, so I bought a 1080ti.
Unfortunately with the 1080ti installed my M2 slot displays empty, despite there being my Samsung EVO NVME SSD in it.
Swap in the GTX 970 and everything works a treat.

What I've done:
Physically checked all connections.
Disconnected all SATA drives, leaving just the GPU, RAM, and NVME SSD.
Removed the included M2 WiFi card.

Its almost like the system is choked for PCIe lanes, but I don't see how that can be - especially after removing the WiFi card.

BIOS is running the latest version.
The GPU seems to work fine in my eGPU enclosure.
My power supply is an EVGA 750watt, and seems to be fine.

Does anyone have any direction they can offer?
Has anyone heard of similar issues?
Thanks in advance

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