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MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in o...
emersonyang 13 3615 Last post 05-September-17, 17:48:39
by onurkymcck
Normal Topics
Unboxing msi gtx 1060 6 gb
Unboxing msi gtx 1060 6 gb:
pakerplxx 0 64 Last post 11-February-18, 22:33:23
by pakerplxx
First, i need to say that i have upgraded my GPU from MSI R9 280 (which is kinda low segment at this time) and i was happy with ...
boraleon1 0 57 Last post 07-February-18, 16:19:53
by boraleon1
Msi ge63vr raider
Finally I got my first gaming laptop from msi
misalgogna 0 79 Last post 03-February-18, 07:48:07
by misalgogna
Unboxing MSI GTX 1070 Armor 8G OC
Well, it's been a few years now that I've upgraded my system. Now it was time again, because I could not play the latest games a...
Xiefen 3 179 Last post 31-January-18, 17:10:17
by Snipe_820
1070 TI Titanium Unboxing
Really great card!Here's my review:Pros:Powerful. Extremely quiet and cool. Temps stay at 70 and under. My processor fan is loud...
ARMOR_152 6 549 Last post 31-January-18, 16:37:43
by Snipe_820
1070Ti unboxing 8 GB
It can be overclocked so the rumors were false as suspected. Yay! I am so darn happy to finally get my hands on this one. Althou...
utharugade 0 99 Last post 25-January-18, 12:46:42
by utharugade
Unboxing MSI 1050ti Gaming X
Hello everybody! I have been using zotac gtx 650 2gb 128 bit for three years and i think the time has come to upgrade my gpu.For...
StanicEnemy 4 597 Last post 18-January-18, 01:52:45
by acepkoswara79
A power almost 100% higher than the previous generation. This has been the letter of introduction of the GTX 1080 in all the tes...
cervantes.martin.m.a 2 209 Last post 13-January-18, 05:31:51
by mrstylmz61
微星 GTX1070 QUICK SILVER OC 快銀龍魂開箱
前言    (Sorry my english is not that good ,so please translate by you self ,thank you very much.)           習慣隔2代開始考慮與評估是否入手的我,向來...
d122056547 8 1713 Last post 06-January-18, 21:17:55
by mrstylmz61
MSİ gtx1070 quick silver
Hi brothers!"MSİ gtx1070 quick silver"out of the box!GeForce GTX graphics cards are the most advanced ever created. Discover unp...
ilhan_karatay 4 553 Last post 04-January-18, 11:07:23
by stefan.bielza
Unboxing MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X
Received my MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8GB GDDR5X Graphics Card from and MSI Intel Z270 Gaming M3, ...
max1009 2 586 Last post 04-January-18, 08:39:41
by mrstylmz61
RX480 ARMOR OC Edition Unboxing
[attachthumb=1][attachthumb=2]Hello everyone! I am a passionate gamer from Turkey. Last year I was looking for a price/performan...
osmans9 1 240 Last post 04-January-18, 08:38:22
by mrstylmz61
2x GTX 1080 Gaming X Unboxing and Review
[font="Segoe UI","Helvetica Neue","Liberation Sans","Nimbus Sans L",Arial,sans-serif]The boxing isn't so special, but it is enou...
gervitisz 5 866 Last post 03-January-18, 18:56:45
by mrstylmz61
Hello, I present some photos of my graphics card :Graphics Card&positive aspects :very solidly constructed,Very nice designno ne...
andrzej.skiba 26 2610 Last post 03-January-18, 18:55:36
by mrstylmz61
MSI GTX 1070 Ti 8GB GAMING Unboxing
As a first time owner of Msi products with this card.  I'm very happy with my purchase.  From start to finish there were no comp...
ChampReady 0 162 Last post 01-January-18, 19:01:34
by ChampReady
gtx 1060 6gb
Muy satisfecho con la compra de mi GTX 1060 6gb, no es tan costosa y cumple con los buenos 60 fps en ultra. Muy recomendable. En...
vicentealexis2002 1 189 Last post 29-December-17, 15:27:37
by badboy2k
MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB GDDR5 256bit Unboxing
Hello,I'm from Poland. I do not speak very well English so sorry for the mistakes.My previous graphics card does not already mee...
tom_tomi 17 2108 Last post 29-December-17, 07:00:12
by riccampo
Unboxing MSI GAMING X RX480 8G
[Hello Guys. I recently purchased RX 480 Gaming x model from Cyprus price was 240 Euro. This GPU is performance /price GPU. Extr...
ynrozn1 3 683 Last post 19-December-17, 20:12:18
by jiri.svancalek
2way SLI HB Bridge M Unboxing and Review
[font="Segoe UI",Tahoma,Verdana,sans-serif][font="Segoe UI","Segoe UI_MSFontService",sans-serif]I haven't really found unboxing ...
gervitisz 1 603 Last post 18-December-17, 20:22:50
by jiri.svancalek
Hello !This is my first MSI graphics in years, and im very pleased, because the performance and design is something else.To the ...
andregbf 5 911 Last post 18-December-17, 20:17:11
by jiri.svancalek
First look GTX 1080 Ti Lingtning & Lightning Z
Some photo and video clip MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning and Lightning ZCustom spec:Motherboard msi x99a gaming 9Cpu intel core i7- 6...
nguyenlinhbao 9 1054 Last post 18-December-17, 20:14:57
by jiri.svancalek
Radeon R7 370 GAMING 4G
MSI Radeon R7 370 4GB The game-plan with these was to start off with one and later upgrade to the CrossFire setup at a later dat...
berk.kurtcu 1 387 Last post 21-November-17, 08:51:44
by kasharas2
MSI GTX 1060 3G
Hey guys this video card is awesome, i buyed it becouse nvidia told that this card was near to power of a gtx 980 and it is! so ...
erikandronico 11 1172 Last post 25-October-17, 01:16:21
by jcioffi88
MSI GeForce® GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G unboxing
Let's first start with the specs of the MSI GeForce® GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G:Graphics Processing UnitNVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070Inter...
jossa 6 817 Last post 29-September-17, 08:23:08
by onurkymcck
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