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Socket AM4, AM3(+), FM1, FM2(+), AM1 and newer
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MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 2 1975 Last post 09-August-17, 13:14:55
Starting this thread since it might be useful for the future.....Problem : PC appears to boot, EZDEBUG LED's light up, then go out, but nothing appears on the screen?Solution : Follow the procedure be...
darkhawk 0 2805 Last post 22-June-17, 23:53:01
by darkhawk
xmad 5 7506 Last post 14-February-17, 16:22:30
by flobelix
MSI MGA 2015 Grand Finals is upon us! It’s the first time ever for the Grand Finals to set foot in the United States; all regional qualified players will battle at the StarCraft II and Heroes of the S...
emersonyang 0 1410 Last post 13-August-15, 01:05:52
by emersonyang
Wanting to upgrade with a new cpu or running into troubles after having already upgraded frequently the question comes up if the new cpu is supported by the board used.Before asking about that with a ...
flobelix 0 6333 Last post 28-July-12, 16:27:36
by flobelix
Hi guys,Lately, I see many people giving the advice to place a mainboard on the anti-static bag it came in to test the setup.DON'T EVER DO THAT! STAY AWAY FROM THOSE BAGS, THEY ARE OF CONDUCTIONG MATE...
Hans 0 8868 Last post 19-October-09, 19:33:44
by Hans
Just read the manual and use correct keys!!NumPad's +/- or PageUp/PageDown if you want to adjust values.Quote from: AaronYuri on 31-August-08, 02:26:25Use the +/- keys by the number pad, or use the pa...
Svet 0 12370 Last post 02-July-09, 00:33:03
by Svet
Read Here FirstPre-Build Issues and Choosing ComponentsTrouble ShootingTips & Guides & Useful LinksBios Setup/GuidesRaid GuidesPower Suppy Requirements & SelectionHow to Flash Bios NVidia 64 & Award B...
fafner 0 62639 Last post 27-March-05, 21:20:18
by fafner
Normal Topics
A68HM E33 V2 failed bios update
Hi,Hi, I have a big problem:Windows 7 crashed during the bios update. System stoped 2 hours and i rebooted the machine. Now, when i turn the system on, HDD starts but i don't have any image on the scr...
ihomemailboxch 13 748 Last post Yesterday at 22:08:24
by Svet
990FXA-GD80 BIOS update
So I recently discovered that there were a bunch of BIOS updates for this motherboard. There's a 11.x series and a 13.x series. I have 11.13 and want to upgrade to 13.6. It has some Windows 8+ feature...
markpeloquin 2 40 Last post Yesterday at 22:07:42
by Svet
MSI B350 PC MATE discussion thread
Hi guys,I would like this thread to be an open discussion related to this B350 PC Mate version.This board seems to be a Tomahawk without the bells and whistles (like LED nonsense and other not so usef...
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ildotoress 277 22141 Last post Yesterday at 16:55:11
by maltilite
MOVED: X370 Gaming Pro motherboard, Ryzen 5, getting past the graphics card hangup
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 23 Last post 16-October-17, 18:15:50
by Svet
MOVED: Are there going to be mroe updates for B350 PC Mate? Still problems with RAM.
This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting.
Svet 0 25 Last post 16-October-17, 18:14:04
by Svet
MSI Command Center does not support this mainboard! HELP
So I have installed the MSI Command Center and when I attempt to open it I get the message "MSI Command Center does not support this mainboard". I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall several tim...
wgoebel2 1 52 Last post 16-October-17, 11:33:40
by Nichrome
MOVED: Planning to get MSI B350M Mortar
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Nichrome 0 22 Last post 16-October-17, 11:07:20
by Nichrome
MOVED: ryzen 5 1600x oc using oc genie 4
This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting.
Nichrome 0 20 Last post 16-October-17, 11:05:30
by Nichrome
MOVED: MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon RGB lighting failed.
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 31 Last post 15-October-17, 14:56:57
by Svet
970A-G46 motherboard - Failed BIOS update, two beeps, no POST
Hi, all. Got an  odd issue where I can't boot up any more:Mobo is 970A-G46, and I was attempting to update the BIOS.  I ran the utility in Windows and it froze the system, so I wound up rebooting. Whe...
adder-- 1 47 Last post 15-October-17, 14:56:35
by Svet
MOVED: Help with my MSI X370 GAMING PLUS
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Nichrome 0 45 Last post 15-October-17, 09:22:15
by Nichrome
MOVED: Can't reach 3200 RAM speed on x370 gaming pro carbon....Help?
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 60 Last post 14-October-17, 09:54:15
by Svet
My motherboard do not do auto boot (like normaly see the bios image and boot) I have to press f2 to boot, and when boot my fx8350 works only on 2 ghz, a half of your capacity. I've already change the ...
guiitx 5 133 Last post 13-October-17, 21:26:42
by flobelix
MOVED: MSI B350 Gaming Plus - Mic monitoring level really low
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Nichrome 0 44 Last post 13-October-17, 12:52:29
by Nichrome
MOVED: b350m Mortar Arctic RYZEN 3 1200 EZ DEBUG Issue
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Nichrome 0 73 Last post 12-October-17, 21:34:50
by Nichrome
OC Memory Speed - MSI Command Center vs CPU-Z
I attained my best memory speeds for MSI Command Center using BIOS Try IT (16-18-18-18-38) without XMP: 2800 MHz  according to the MSI Command Center.Other variations including XMP & auto don't seem t...
number.1 5 194 Last post Best Answer 12-October-17, 17:59:16
by number.1
This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting.
Svet 0 75 Last post 12-October-17, 12:00:59
by Svet
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