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By entering this section, you know these are UNSUPPORTED AND UNOFFICIAL BIOS files, and donation is required.
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Sticky Topics
Purpose of the MSI Wind U90/U100/U100+ Notebook Patch:* Force OFF  CPU's Hyper-Threading Technology* Patch NVRAM to modify Turbo function to be engaged by default, and apply @24% OC  * Fixed issue Blu...
Svet 25 13800 Last post 16-January-15, 12:15:52
by thesame
To keep the work running, donation is required!>>> >>> Donate <<< <<<Thank you! Services status: Work in progress, requests are being processed. Use at own risk with warning if by chance something goe...
Svet 0 28595 Last post 06-January-10, 06:22:33
by Svet
Beware, all BIOSses in this section have been created and tested by Svet!However, nobody is responsible if they fail or kill your Notebook, only YOU are.Svet will explain what the modifications are, b...
Ex Forum User 3 0 17819 Last post 02-November-08, 15:12:25
by Ex Forum User 3
Normal Topics
Unlock your bios
Anyone who wants to unlock there bios pm me the mods have taken down my other post with instructions
dansternfds 0 0 Last post Today at 01:05:33
by dansternfds
Custom gs63vr 6rf bios
Hey @svet,  I am interested in a modded bios for my gs63vr 6rf. Any chance you could help with this? Thanks
erick1499 1 21 Last post Yesterday at 15:12:49
by Svet
Hey Svet, can i get the unlocked BIOS for the GS63VR 6RF?
killkount 1 17 Last post Yesterday at 14:45:24
by Svet
GT60 0NE fan issue
I, too, have the panic fan problem after removing a faulty video card.  I apologize if I'm in the wrong thread but this is my first post and i'm just getting the feel on how the board works. Could you...
imabbruinfan4life 1 22 Last post Yesterday at 12:10:54
by Svet
Unlock Bios msi gt72 2qd
Hello everyone, could some one tell me can I unlock the Bios of msi gt72 2qd please? Thanks.
ortiz_llorca 1 26 Last post 16-October-17, 15:50:34
by Svet
MOVED: E16F4IG6.70C Ver: 08.00.10 MS-16F4 bios update
For discussing official stuffs, this topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Svet 0 16 Last post 16-October-17, 15:49:15
by Svet
hi svet,i have an msi gt70 2pc.  i was wondering which bios version is the best to run on this laptop and which version i could donate to unlock. currently it has bios E1763IMS.50TEC version  1763EMS1...
autotech_37 2 72 Last post 15-October-17, 21:56:59
by autotech_37
[Request] BIOS unlock for MSI-GS73VR 6RF
Hello, I would like to know if I could unlock my BIOS and see what could be done. Mainly undervolt the cpu if I can. I've already changed the LCD panel so no worries Thanks
graillot.romain 1 61 Last post 15-October-17, 11:58:19
by Svet
Cyber power fangbook 4 ( MSI GT72VR 6RE Gtx 1070 6700HQ)
Hi, What will a custom unlocked bios allow me to do. Thanks Mike
mikedutt5 1 48 Last post 15-October-17, 11:56:24
by Svet
[Request] Unlocked BIOS for MSI GT62VR 7re
Hello, looking for unlocked BIOS for the said laptop.BIOS Version:                 E16L2IMS.309BIOS Release Date:            2017/07/24EC Version:                   16L2EMS1.1070221201715:51:28Also wh...
pvvalchev13 1 54 Last post 15-October-17, 11:56:06
by Svet
MOVED: Thunderbolt 3 to 2 Adapter / Tb Firmware update?
For discussing official stuffs, this topic has been moved to GAMING Notebooks.
Svet 0 37 Last post 14-October-17, 19:55:50
by Svet
enabling virualization
Hello guys,I have tried accessing my BIOS to enable virtualization option however it wasn't there could anybody assist me.I've heard that I should update my BIOS ,so what is the procedure I should fol...
ahmed.altour99 1 47 Last post 13-October-17, 19:01:45
by Svet
GT60 MS-16f3 bios chip damaged
Hey Guys,i flashed a modded original medion bios for my x6821 it worked fine, so i unlocked my bios and flashed it using windows ami, programm wants to reboot so i clicked i have only a blac...
pxrave 1 54 Last post 13-October-17, 18:58:23
by Svet
a modified bios for GTX 860M on GT60
Hello guysI have an problem with a new graphic card. My GTX 675M on GT60 was broken. I have bought and installed the GTX 860M but the card cannot be identified by the nvidia driver.Did someone have a ...
qianjl 1 124 Last post 13-October-17, 15:46:56
by Svet
Unlock gs60 6qe
Hello. Please tell me which bios options will be available after unlocking? Can I overclock cpu and gpu, change cooler speed rotation  after? Thanks.
angabi 1 45 Last post 13-October-17, 15:45:36
by Svet
[Request] BIOS unlock for MS-16F3
Good day,I have de-installed my GPU after it broke down, and now my fan keeps on blowing at 100%.I can't find the option to turn it off/down in the bios.BIOS version: E16F3IG6.308Build date and time: ...
rafako1000 1 45 Last post 13-October-17, 15:43:38
by Svet
GE72 6QF Modded Bios/Vbios
Hello boys, i need a modded BIOS/Vbios to try modify CPU/GPU parameter Many thanks
tema.pierpaolo 1 57 Last post 13-October-17, 15:33:06
by Svet
GT70 2OC/2OD BIOS Needed
Greetings Svet,I, like many others, am stuck with some issues from CyberpowerPC and need to update my BIOS. Information belowFangbook Evo HX7 (GTX 770M, i7-4800MQ)Motherboard: MSI_NB GT70 2OC/2OD MS17...
djallcity84 1 55 Last post 13-October-17, 15:26:30
by Svet
Hi Svet, what are the options for using egpu on GE60 2PE? What can I have in the Bios to make my life easier?
adrien.cardoso 1 77 Last post 11-October-17, 13:08:18
by Svet
GT73VR 7RE Titan
What changes to bios does the make?
jeffmac4487 1 80 Last post 10-October-17, 17:34:18
by Svet
GE63VR 7RF bios
Dear Svet, i would like to know is there any bios or gpu modifications (tweaks) that can be done for this model i just got one, and i want to push it to the limit  thank you so much
dr.khamko 1 78 Last post 10-October-17, 17:32:00
by Svet
msi ge60 2pc apache
I want to use function enable hotplug pci express in bios please help me. i7 - 4710hq 2.5ghz ram16 gb gtx850m
zgametee 1 87 Last post 10-October-17, 08:38:40
by Svet
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