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Various assembly guides that have been uploaded.
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Sticky Topics
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
Dragoonyang 10 3507 Last post 21-July-17, 12:09:34
by svenstachowiak94
The >>Forum FAQ<< now contains links to all the assembly/disassembly guides that have been uploaded by request by the moderators, they can now be found here:
Stu 0 11667 Last post 05-February-10, 20:23:44
by Stu
Normal Topics
Hi please help me
My problem is when I decide to start working a recovery image the tool didn't work and show me this eror your computer's disk partitions are NOT factory default configuration The Application cannot be...
mo7ammad1994 4 60 Last post Yesterday at 18:18:36
by uelmaree
Inconsistent keyboard pressing issue on MSI GT72S
Hello, All!Let me introduce my rig:- MSI GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G- SSE version: 3.11.5 (Current Latest)- BIOS: E1782IMS.11D- 32 GB of RAM DDR4- 1 TB HDD + 128 GB (NVMe) + 512 GB (SATA III M2 SSD)Prob...
jeffryangtoni24 0 8 Last post Yesterday at 17:29:52
by jeffryangtoni24
Msi GL72 6QC Fan problem
Hi there,My laptop just ran out of warranty a few days ago (18 to be more exact) and now the  fan is making this rattling noise all the time. I looked on the internet and I would like to try and repla...
andrei_rugea 0 18 Last post 16-October-17, 15:27:02
by andrei_rugea
Guide to open a MSI laptop screen?
Hello,I bought a GP60 2QE laptop few years ago. Few days ago the screen started flickering and after carefully analyzing the issue it's obviously a hardware issue. Most likely something to do with the...
sergiu.lucec 2 133 Last post 08-October-17, 22:12:43
by sergiu.lucec
GE72 6QF Assembly Guide
Hi all Got a problem with my GE72 6QF : there's something broken at the basis of the laptop's screen, and it won't rotate anymore without threatening to burst.That's why I'm looking for the assembly g...
marc.deflin 0 50 Last post 06-October-17, 18:59:31
by marc.deflin
NVME M2 SSD for my laptop
I would like to confirm that my laptop Gp62 6QF leopard pro can install this m2 ssd (samsung 960 evo NVME m2 ssd). Currently got one hdd .
tehjunhaur 1 74 Last post 05-October-17, 08:52:36
by aleph
No display after installing new RAM into my MSI 15.6" GE62VR Apache Pro-024!
Can someone please help? I am willing to pay, in BTC, anyone solving my issue.As the title states, I just purchased a new RAM stick (8GB, DDR4, 2133, Crucial brand) Pic of New RAM, to "upgrade" one of...
jgarrard1591 1 257 Last post 30-September-17, 21:14:40
by kimee.tebo
Hello, I've bought a GT72VR 6RE and a good gaming chair. I'm very happy, but only one thing... I've have to look a little bit down. I'm 60 years old, so after hours of playing I feel my neck. How can ...
dirkjanssens6 2 120 Last post 25-September-17, 09:01:37
by dirkjanssens6
Upgrading gpu
Is It possible to upgrade from a 1060 to 1080 in a ge72vr apache pro? 2 435 Last post 24-September-17, 18:16:49
by sicily428
Trackpad Loud Clicking
Hi,I realise that this may seem a very "petty" discussion, and I'm not aware that it is in way at all a fault. I have a GE62 6QD and the trackpad buttons are ridiculously load when clicked. I've never...
Clarky 2 270 Last post 22-September-17, 21:20:09
by ianbeckwith
how to Install multiple case fan??
hihow can i add multiple case fan into my system ??MY system config:-I7 6800KRAM DDR4 16gb single...X99a MSI motherboardcpu fan CM Hyper 212xCM  912halfI bought 3 fan ... 2 Cooler master sickle flow x...
navn.dogra 0 99 Last post 18-September-17, 18:37:04
by navn.dogra
Screen replacement for MSI GE62 2QF Apache Pro
hello i was wondering if i could replace my 4K IPS screen with some 1080p IPS. if it possible to know whats exactly things that i should consider and aware also the detailed information about screen t...
dali.ardiansyah 1 144 Last post 15-September-17, 20:07:00
by david
Is a 2.5-inch FireCuda compatible with the GE70?
I have a GE70 2QE, I currently have a 1TB HDD and I wish to replace it with a 2TB SSHD. Is the Compatible with the c...
samuel.beausoleil 2 153 Last post 12-September-17, 00:34:25
by samuel.beausoleil
Upgrade MSI Ge620 - 2011 gaming laptop
Hi guys. I trying to get the best performance on my MSI Ge620 laptop (...)Right now Im thinking to upgrade the hardware because I did the best on the software and also change the thermal paste.RAMSo ...
toninkss 0 103 Last post 11-September-17, 22:21:02
by toninkss
Can i add ssd 4xslot adapter to GT72VR 7RE Dominator Pro?
Hi, can someone help me with this doubt? i`ve seen some videos of ppl with a 4 slot adapter on their msi and im wondering if i can purchase one too for my laptop. Something like this one : 
izotz.c.m 4 264 Last post 08-September-17, 20:49:23
by izotz.c.m
Basic questions on HDD replacement for GE72VR Apache Pro
Hello!I am the proud owner of a GE72VR Apache Pro bought at bestbuy a couple weeks ago. This laptop is amazing!I want to increase the HDD size, 1TB is not enough. the 128gb SSD is ok for the system, I...
diegan.storm 6 288 Last post 08-September-17, 20:10:02
by asm1
Can I self install a ssd and hook up a monitor to the MSI GE62VR Apache Pro-650?
Can I put myself a ssd into a MSI GE62VR Apache Pro-650 15.6" Full HD Gaming Notebook Computer, Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10?With a monitor, ...
theogiannis77 1 180 Last post 08-September-17, 14:21:03
by asm1
GT72-2PE Dominator Pro Assmebly guide
Hi, Does anyone have the GT72-2PE assembly guide? I used to have it but I can't seem to find it now Thank you andreasyeah
andreaSyeah 0 142 Last post 07-September-17, 15:45:23
by andreaSyeah
DVD ROM removal on GT72 2QD Dominator
Hi everyone!I purchased the GT72 2QD Dominator. I was surprised when I saw that it had a DVD ROM on it, I don't really know who uses DVD ROMs nowadays lol. The thing is that I don't want it, I prefer ...
kilometrez 1 162 Last post 04-September-17, 23:53:37
by david
How to install m.2 ssd in GT72VR Dominator Pro-288
I just recieved my GT72VR Dominator Pro-288 and also bought a Samsung 950 Pro ssd to install after research showed it had an m.2 upgrade slot. I've opened it up and I see what appears to be an m.2 int...
white_knight_won 5 969 Last post 01-September-17, 18:34:55
by forestviewr
MSI MS-1781 SSD Adaptor Board, MS-17812, F2-Y3-c38
Hi, newbie here. Can I install the above mentioned adaptor board into MSI GT72VR 6RD Dominator-063?
muhammadalisiddiqui 4 975 Last post 31-August-17, 15:31:50
by forestviewr
new thermal psate
Hi is here Instructions for ussing new thermal paste for notebook MSI GT72 2PE     cpu and gpu    ,video or pictures how use new thermal paste? thanks
jakub.hodina1989 1 193 Last post 30-August-17, 21:43:58
by david
Upgrade cpu
I have the MSI gt72 6re is it possible to upgrade the country by changing the motherboard or somerhing
cartertom0270 5 441 Last post 28-August-17, 00:30:48
by alastorx0001
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