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This is the place to discuss Mobile Workstations
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Sticky Topics
Spend less time worrying, and more time creating!Not everyone is tech-savvy, nor should you be a tech-expert just to know how to choose a notebook that suits you.Now, MSI has taken the feedback and ad...
digitalme404 0 269 Last post 07-August-17, 08:39:07
by digitalme404
Quick news here: The WS63 now also comes with Quadro P4000 graphics!For those who have been seeking slim & light mobile workstations are probably already familiar with the WS series.And the WS63 7RK w...
digitalme404 0 253 Last post 07-August-17, 08:00:38
by digitalme404
It’s Computex 2017 throughout the week! (May 30th ~ Jun 3rd @Taipei, Taiwan)      If you’re in the neighborhood, skip this post and JUST COME and say hi!For those of you who can’t be here in person, h...
digitalme404 0 2247 Last post 31-May-17, 10:08:33
by digitalme404
Hi Everyone,We had the opportunity to collaborate with a famous concept artist Jama Jurabaev, from ILM London. To our surprise, he’s been using MSI laptops even before the collaboration!He has contrib...
digitalme404 0 513 Last post 22-May-17, 06:30:47
by digitalme404
Memory occupied issue.(August 8th 2014) Intel AC 7260/3160 WLAN adapter WiFi connectivity issue. (Jun 17th 2014) WiFi connectivity issue with WPA encryption. (Sep 12th 2014)How to install Killer’s L...
msiTechNB 0 2022 Last post 27-January-15, 00:01:43
by msiTechNB
Normal Topics
WS63-7RK 15in 4K display color accuracy after calibration
Hi all,I have WS63-7RK with 4K display and trying to calibrate the display with Xite i1Display Pro At home I have an external Dell 24in 4k premier colour display attached via DP and it keeps great cal...
robertbslee 2 309 Last post 07-December-17, 03:08:41
by robertbslee
Intel ME for WS63 7RK - vulnerability after update latest updates?
Intel ME for WS63 7RK - vulnerabilityafter update?According to Intel -> after the update MSI states to fix this issue, ...
robertbslee 0 28 Last post 07-December-17, 03:05:52
by robertbslee
need help choosing a computer
I am not looking for a gaming computerI am looking for a computer to use for CAD design I was thinking of a trident 3 desktop - but how to configure it ??ora mobile workstation  WS. WT or WE , but nut...
apopky 4 469 Last post 21-November-17, 19:04:33
by jcioffi88
MSI WS63 updated Quadro P4000 max Q - Canada
Any idea when the MSI WS63 with the updated Quadro P4000 max Q - will come to Canada? Thanks!
mattpeck 1 158 Last post 17-November-17, 09:07:14
by digitalme404
MSI WS63 7RK-290US - Docking station
Please suggest me a docking station for MSI WS63 7RK-290US. MSI official site I didn't find docking stations, do th...
curecheru_mn 7 1041 Last post 17-November-17, 09:01:01
by digitalme404
New to MSI and forum
Hello fellow forum members,I have recently purchased a MSI WT72 6QL-400US laptop. I am extremely pleased so far from what I have seen. I have two questions;1. I am getting message telling me I should ...
mobone51 5 1201 Last post 21-September-17, 19:03:15
by joerg-hohmann
MSI Workstation WT72 6QJ bios download
Hello, I have to update the bios of my laptop WT72 6QJ since I'm experiencing some issues, my current bios version is E1782IWS.10C, please post latest version available. Thank you for your time.
Ross90 2 372 Last post Best Answer 12-September-17, 08:20:43
by Ross90
Need MSI M4000M and M5000M Vbios
Hello I need for M4000M and M5000M the MSI Vbios. Could some help me with it?
joerg-hohmann 3 361 Last post 11-September-17, 04:13:49
by sarcasm
MSI WS63-7RK self upgrade
HI All,I have sent a question to support but they seem to take few days to answer. So I thought maybe people here will know.I just bought WS63-7RK-296AU , love the 4k display and nvme but it has two a...
robertbslee 1 323 Last post 08-September-17, 10:06:54
by runningman
ws60 6qj-258usk LCD problem
Hello everyone,I got the problem with WS60 6qj-258 UHD 4k. The yellow color is looked dark and mustard. The refresh rate is locked at 48HZ. I found my number model LCD is LTN156FL01-D01. I want to kno...
tuananhphamkts 1 286 Last post 30-August-17, 06:09:38
by runningman
GT60-20j Windows 10 - synaptics driver
I have a GT60-20j (stock, with exception of two samsung 840 SSD's)Made the upgrade to win 10 64 mostly all works well.  The only driver I am having an issue with is the synaptics touch pad.  Seems to ...
dankatz01 8 5466 Last post 17-August-17, 02:41:44
by jindikus
WS72 6QJ I can't switch to NVIDIA quadro
hello,i have a WS72 6QJ 28FR and I can't switch to the nvidia quadro card even if I launch applicatoin with "run with performance Nvidia card"I've intalled the last System Control Manager compatible w...
frederic.roussey 1 247 Last post 16-August-17, 04:08:50
by runningman
WS60 6QJ Monitors Flashing on and off
Hi all,I have been pulling my hair out over this issue for the last couple days.Windows 10 Creators Edition updated no issue a couple weeks ago.I have an external monitor (Dell E2414H) via HDMI. I kno...
robert.morden 6 475 Last post 16-August-17, 03:35:42
by runningman
MS63 7RL??
I found an article that contained some info on the WS63 7RL, as opposed to the WS63 7RK that is currently available for sale.  The 7Rl will have the Quadro P4000 graphics chip.  Is this something that...
robert.randolph79 1 302 Last post 07-August-17, 07:30:11
by digitalme404
Video Player
Video PlayerHello everyone.  New owner of a WE72 7RJ.  I'm a cgi artist and 3d modeler from Oklahoma.  I do a lot of demo videos for distribution and recently ran into a problem.  Can't get my dvd's t...
henry.poppe 7 703 Last post 19-July-17, 03:35:07
by henry.poppe
WT72-6QK Backlight Is Not Working
Hi there, my keyboard and touchpad backlight is not working (they are turned off). I tried to update KLM and install SteelSeries Engine 3, but it is still not working. Any solution out there? Thanks!U...
info 1 389 Last post 05-July-17, 09:17:40
by runningman
Slow transfer across network
I have a WT72 2OM-1047 computer. I have 2 SSD drives and 1 normal HDD. When I copy files to the server across the wireless network my transfer rate is extremely slow, like in the Kb range. I have trie...
scottrappley 1 316 Last post 04-July-17, 06:48:05
by digitalme404
Mobile Workstation Upgrade
Hello fellow forum members,I am the owner of a MSI WT72 6QL-400US 17.3" Workstation Xeon E3-1505M w/ nVIDIA Quadro M4000M laptop. I am considering upgrading my M.2 SSD drive by adding a Samsung 960 PR...
mobone51 1 442 Last post Best Answer 22-June-17, 14:06:17
by HenryW
VR Demo at The Canadian International AutoShow
Hi Everyone,Just wanna share this cool new VR demo might've seen it on Workstation Facebook Page last week)  With the help of Globacore, MSI had the opportunity to wor...
digitalme404 0 451 Last post 19-April-17, 02:54:21
by digitalme404
Workstation WT72 6QL Camera
Hello,I'm under w10, up to date, all the laptop drivers also.And since I do this update I no longer have access to the camera. It is recognized, all seems ok and when I launch the camera application I...
adafera 4 797 Last post 10-April-17, 09:55:02
by adafera
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