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Author Topic: Does PE70 7RD or PE72 7RD have IPS display?  (Read 754 times)

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Does PE70 7RD or PE72 7RD have IPS display?
« on: 06-August-17, 02:04:04 »

I can't find a good answer as everyone I ask from MSI vendors to MSI reps just copy and paste the spec sheet which doesn't specifically say IPS so they assume it doesn't have one. I know the first PE70 had an LG IPS display and the second version the 6QE version had a TN panel. There are some korean videos of the latest PE70 7RD that show an IPS display but the Spanish version seems to only have a TN. So I really have no idea what the US version will have. The model is the PE70 7RD-027.

There is also a newer PE72 7RD-666 that is $300 more. It looks exactly the same as the PE70 except the DVD drive seems to be missing and there is more RAm and storage. The product page says it can have a 94% NTSC wide-view screen. I am assuming that means it is an IPS but of course there is an asterisk saying it's only available in certain countries and they don't specify which countries so I am still gambling when it comes to displays. I tried asking the MSi reps and vendors as well and they say TN but they seem to just be copying and pasting the spec sheet with no definitive answer. The US model I'm looking at is the PE72 7RD-666.

Would really appreciate if someone who has any of these specific laptop models can confirm with HWINFO or any other tool the exact LCD panels inside or at least can tell me definitively if they have IPS or not. I owned an MSI GS73VR before and it had a wide angle TN panel which everyone claimed was IPS-like but I could not stand it and returned the laptop. I want a guarantee IPS as I don't want to go through the hassle and expense of a return.


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« Reply #1 on: 07-August-17, 06:49:05 »

Sorry I don't have a PE70/PE72 panel, but based on the result search on internet (PE70 7RD-027, PE72 7RD-666),  PE70/PE72 is not equipped with a IPS-level panel, it seems TN panel.
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