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Author Topic: MSI MGA x The Gameplan Interschool Grand Final LAN Party (MALAYSIA)  (Read 503 times)

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29th July 2017. Attended an event MSI MGA x The Gameplan Interschool Grand Final LAN Party. Was held at hotel ballroom. When there for the LAN party with a bunch of friends (LAN party goers since 2013 :P)

Some pics. Didn't take much photo, enjoying the event too much maybe :P

 (ID tag on top my RIG)

(The Ballroom)

(Lucky guarding my RX480 Gaming x 8G)

(Internet speed, errrr not that fast but hey it decent :P)

(Early morning on the LAN party)

(Some watercooling build using MSI parts. Therese other showcase of new Gaming Notebook,VR,Sim Race also. Tried all of it and it was superb)

(Some loots Lucky)

Overall had a lot of fun with friends. Meet up new people who into gaming and stuff. One thing is MSI should appreciate more on their fan and user. (More giveaway please for your true Fan :P)

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