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Author Topic: Forum slow?  (Read 408 times)

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Forum slow?
« on: 11-August-17, 21:51:13 »

Is it me or is the forum SLOW to load ?

Using Firefox 54 x64 and have no such problems on other forums I visit, but here I ALWAYS get a "waiting on...." message before the page or post I want to view is loaded, usua;ly after a 30 second wait.  I remember the 56K modem days (pfft... I had a 33.6K) and whilst not  THAT bad, it is getting there.  Surely the content cant be so heavy that the forums can't cope ?

I rule out my connections because I can't replicate the behaviour anywhere else.


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« Reply #1 on: 12-August-17, 04:15:41 »

Yes, its been abnormally slow the lately (at least on the 11th). It could be various things. The server needs rebooted/optimization, or a network interruption. 

While this forum is never very fast. lately its basically unusable.

Seems resolved now


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« Reply #2 on: 20-August-17, 00:28:40 »

This forum always takes a few more seconds than usual to load on my end.
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« Reply #3 on: 06-September-17, 19:37:01 »

It's -excruciatingly- slow, and buggy to boot.  Maybe 20% of my pages crash.

Surely they can do better.
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