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Author Topic: MSI GX70 3BE - About 2 years later  (Read 412 times)

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MSI GX70 3BE - About 2 years later
« on: 18-June-15, 11:43:12 »

Time fly so fast, and it seems my awesome MSI GX70 gaming laptop is reaching 2 years old. Well, many fun and joy it has given me, no doubt.

But there is one thing which make me sad, my warranty is about to expired.

So, how is it? You may want to read this forum link. This was created about one year ago.

Right now? It still have all the bells and whistles in it, functioning just like it was first switch on. I do maintain my laptop once in a while, to keep it clean and make it run at optimal performance.

I once get an offer from Origin for a full game called Dragon Age: Origin. Yeah, upon install and play, the game lagged at first. After, some studying and research, apparently the game will crash the DirectX if the game is played in DirectX 10 and above. Origin even release a work around to solve the problem. So I have to set the DirectX to 9 (I'm not sure how I set it, I have forgotten already) to play the game. The graphics is not what I imagine (after all, the game was created at Windows XP era, about 12 years ago I think). I'm not pretty much like this game, maybe partly because I'm not familiar with the game dynamics. Oh well, looks like I need to further my research on how to play this game.

I bought StarCraftII recently (of course when they slash their price by half), and I'm quite impressed. Hope they release their 3rd story by this year. Graphics are pretty good at very high settings, funny thing is I couldn't play in full screen as it will be very lag, I have to set to play in Borderless Window mode. Nevertheless, all graphics settings to maximum, with MSAA to x2. Still could achieve good 60 fps frame rate and very minimal frame drop. Of course most of the time I play solo as I don't have low latency internet yet.

I found CnC 3 Tiberium War when I was doing housekeeping recently, and installed it in my machine. Ah, those good old time, I remember I always like to taunt my enemy before completely finish them off with Rift, Nuke, and Ion Canon. So, after I installed it, I try to do something that I have never done before, set all my graphic settings to max and max out the MSAA. Last time when I do this in my old machine, I get 2 frames per second. But with this MS GX70, I still get 60fps with virtually no frame drop at all. Awesome. And for the very first time, I get to see the 3D model in a very very detail. The Stormtroopers' model is the best. Oh yeah, super weapon blast off in a blink of an eye, especially nukes which last time makes my old machine skip all the frames for 1 or more seconds.

So, anyway, although new hardware has made my GX70 looks old, but my GX70 still capable to play games. Just note to self you might need to reduce the graphic a little. I usually experiment how the game response with different settings to determine which is the best settings to play the game. But I hardly doubt that my HD8970m has meet its worst enemy yet as of today, for so far, it still haven't break a sweat. I'm planning to try Diablo 3 next, if I have the budget.

Well, that's all for the year (imagine how fast a year can go). Hope to write down my experience with my favourite gaming machine. It's awesome, and wish it could be in the future. *Note to self: MSI had change the forum, need to use new password.


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« Reply #1 on: 14-November-17, 18:07:35 »

Voided my warranty in about.....meh, an hour of having the laptop.

Upgraded the RAM from the crappy 1.5v DDR3 1600MHz 8GB DIMM to 2x HyperX 1.35v DDR3 1866MHz 8GB DIMMs.
A year later, I upgraded to a SDD and moved the 750GB HDD to the secondary.
Now I'm about to upgrade from the HD 8970M 2GB to a R9 M290X 4GB.

Also, if you do the above upgrades, pull the GPU and CPU, clean off the crap-tastic thermal compound they used, and use something like Arctic Silver or better thermal grease. You'll notice a bit better performance from better thermal controls. I promise you! I'm able to play PUBG on mid range settings with my HD 8970M 2GB still installed after the new thermal grease was applied.
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