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Author Topic: I can't figure out what is wrong with my MSI Gtx 960  (Read 609 times)

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dragonvue99Topic starter

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Yesterday my cousin gave me his MSI Gtx 960. I was pretty excited because I had a PNG 750ti and everything online says that the 960 is better than the 750ti. So after I acquired the part I slapped it into my pc and downloaded the most recent driver for it. Went to go test it in a League of Legends game and I could not even make 60 FPS, I was getting around 30-40 FPS. I also forgot to mention that this 960 was part of my cousin's pc which has not been turned on since the beginning or so of this year. I was confused as to what was happening and I am still now. Maybe I had my hopes too high for this GPU? With my 750ti I had 70-120 FPS... not sure what I did wrong. Please send help....

Today I used DDU to delete previous drivers twice. I updated the driver to the most recent one. Swapped the ram sticks onto the 1 & 3 slots because I had them on 2 & 4 but same thing is happening. My power option is on high performance. I'm monitoring the GPU with MSI Afterburner but I'm not sure what I'm looking for...

My specs currently is:
Fx - 6300
MSI 970 Gaming Mobo
MSI Gtx 960
WD Blue HD
Toshiba HD
Corsair RM 550

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dragonvue99Topic starter

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« Reply #1 on: 14-November-17, 03:22:47 »

This is what I got testing.


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« Reply #2 on: 14-November-17, 08:08:44 »

Hi, can you remove the glow effect fromyour text else its hard to read for me and others


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« Reply #3 on: 14-November-17, 18:48:41 »

The story of your Cousin's pc already sounds like the card is bad (and he knew) but however. Add the card's S/N and a copy of the current vbios saved to file. >>GOP / UEFI Vbios requests - Read Here First<<
MSI X299 Gaming M7 ACK (MS-7A90) Bios 1.9
Core i7 7820X @ 4203.84 MHz (42 * 100.09 MHz, fixed all cores), 1.086v
Corsair H110 Liquid CPU Cooler
32GB (4 x 8GB) Corsair CMK32GX4M4C3000C15R @ 1500 MHz (DDR4-3000), 15-17-17-35-2t 1.35v
MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING 11G
256GB Samsung 830 SSD + 2TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD
Corsair HX1200i • +12V: 100A • +3.3V: 30A • +5V: 30A
Windows 10 Pro
Cooler Master Masterbox 5 MSI Edition
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