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Author Topic: GL72 6QF - keyboard problems  (Read 1065 times)

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tonnilercheTopic starter

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GL72 6QF - keyboard problems
« on: 14-November-17, 18:00:28 »


Did a search on GL72 6QF in this forum - did not find any exact similar problems to my problem.

MSI GL72 6QF with SSD, 8gb, intel i7 6700HQ and 960M gfx - bought from new in May 2016.

Problem (four days ago)
Specific letters and numbers are dead on my keyboard - 0 on the number row - DEL on the numpad section - other letters and numbers too.

First google search made my try out these fixes (four days ago)
Update bios and EC to latest version (done in september 2017)
Update Synaptics driver to latest version (done yesterday)
Update SCM software (done yesterday)
Reset bios back to manufacture setting - disconnected power cord, pressed bios reset button on the back through the small hole (done yesterday)

All of these fixes did not resolve the problem.

Then more troubleshooting (yesterday):
Pressing DEL in POST (tried 3 times) did NOT allow me to enter BIOS   ->   now suspecting hardware keyboard fault.

More googling (yesterday):
Found a thread, mentioning keyboard being a weak spot for some MSI laptops - writer told he got his keyboard replaced by MSI.

This brings up some question - can you guys help with answering these?

1) Will MSI cover a replacement of the keyboard through warranty, even though i have had the back cover removed from the laptop a few months ago? - and the fact that the laptop is now disassembled?
(a few months ago i replaced thermal paste on GPU and CPU - this lowered gaming temperatures with approx 20 celcius and now allowed me to play games without the CPU throttling and hitting tJuction =+85 celcius).

2) If MSI will NOT cover keyboard replacement under warranty - where can i buy a replacement?
I've searched ebay without luck - will MSI sell me a keyboard sparepart?
I've also contacted the keyboard manufacturer over email, but they havent replied yet.

3) If i choose to replace keyboard myself - how do i remove this? - attacted pictures show that the aluminum frame below the keyboard is plastic soldered through alot of small black spots on the frame? - how do i remove the keyboard?

4) If it is not possible to buy a seperate keyboard, or replace it without damaging components - what will a new plastic frame with keyboard built in, cost me?

Best regards :)

Tonni, Denmark :)


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« Reply #1 on: 15-November-17, 09:31:13 »


I suggest you could refer to the following steps to see if these steps help you.
1. Please refer to the steps below for troubleshooting and prevent the problem from improper/outdated software or profile.
2. Please enter safe mode in Windows, then see if the issue still exists. 
If it doesn’t work under Windows safe mode, please contact MSI local service center for further check. 
3. If it works in Windows safe mode, perform Windows Updates untill there is no updates available. Select the Start button, select Settings  > Update & security > Windows Update, then check the issue.
4. If the issue still remains, please download TouchPad Driver from MSI webpage of your model. Disconnect the internet, uninstall and install Synaptics TouchPad Driver, check it again without connecting internet.

5. If none of the above steps helped, you might need to contact MSI local service center for further check. 
The local service center :

tonnilercheTopic starter

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« Reply #2 on: 15-November-17, 15:40:50 »

Hi SpeedJack.

I guess you didnt read my subject properly.

Synaptics Touchpad driver was updated - did not fix the errors.

Pressing DEL in POST does not allow you to enter bios => error not influenced by operating system.

Are you sure that it is not a waste of time to contact MSI service center, since my warranty is broken?


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« Reply #3 on: 16-November-17, 14:53:07 »

Hi Bro,

Really you can contact MSI service center. They will help to solve the issue. Even your warranty Brock they can help to solve it and sometimes they will provide solution or less price for new keyboard.

tonnilercheTopic starter

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« Reply #4 on: 16-November-17, 15:03:57 »

Allright - im gonna write these guys an email :)
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