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 on: Today at 21:42:44 
Started by korn7809 - Last post by korn7809
Yes I can get to bios. USB is top boot priority but I also tried to pick it with what ever F button it is. I pressed the gpu switch button and it said it needs to restart to completely the operation or what ever so I did and it got stuck in bios. I have removed the boot drives and left in the storage drive and can't boot from DVD or USB still.

 on: Today at 21:39:23 
Started by ripshockxx - Last post by ripshockxx
So, recently i buckled in to my friend's suggestion to pick up a b350 Tomahawk for my AMD Ryzen 1600x build. Solid looking motherboard, plenty of options, but as an early adopter, I'm hit with a problem i really could've avoided. My Team Dark 16 GB kit of DDR4 3000MHz ram isn't on the QVL, is already bought, and the system won't post. Error LED show's a bad or nonexistent CPU. problem is, cpu is brand new. I've heard this error happens when the ram isn't supported, at all. the bios is probably the first edition, and i cant update it without a stick from the QVL that'll allow it to POST. Problem is, i don't have the time to sit down and comb through the QVL for a stick that is cheap and works. Of course, all this might be for naught and the CPU is just DOA, but god i hope not. Can someone help? I battled MSI's customer support back and forth until they stopped responding. I don't know if I RMA the board it'll come back with an updated BIOS or not. Really I guess i'm looking for solutions. This is my first post, and i'm rushed, so if i'm not in the right area, i apologize.

 on: Today at 21:39:18 
Started by coneslayer - Last post by Nichrome
MSI is aware of this, and they got the microcode that will be applied to BIOSes. There will be a BETA BIOS for motherboards, but no ETA has been given.
Also "official" BIOS version will be a bit later than BETA, as they are testing a BIOS for a while before they let it go public and official.
And because of the above, contact link is being provided.

 on: Today at 21:36:53 
Started by thedonquixotic - Last post by thedonquixotic
It's not just the card as I have just inserted an old card and it is having similar problems. I'll try flashing the bios though.

 on: Today at 21:36:10 
Started by maple15207 - Last post by Nichrome
Well motherboards used to come with a jumper, and that's what it is supposed to represent, a jumper cap (see blue thing below). [Also ignore the fact there is 3 pins on the image, that's how it was before some changes, or still may be on other manufacturers' boards]

But since newer motherboards doesn't come with it, method is just to use a screwdriver (most commonly used tool to shorten the pins basically).

 on: Today at 21:34:53 
Started by pantomime.jakkyl - Last post by pantomime.jakkyl
So far so good with VA.53.

 on: Today at 21:34:41 
Started by coneslayer - Last post by msi
I looked into this forum just to find information about this.
Thanks, coneslayer! :biggthumbsup:

But, i'm a little confused: Why a link to the contract form?
This affects all Skylake && Kaby Lake owners.
Does MSI want possibly thousends of emails instead of one nice forum post about it?

 on: Today at 21:29:54 
Started by flobelix - Last post by flobelix
This topic has been moved to GAMING Graphics Cards.

 on: Today at 21:29:24 
Started by darkmaster2014 - Last post by flobelix
Boot in safemode and retry to uninstall.

 on: Today at 21:27:41 
Started by jph - Last post by flobelix
Ummm, my bad.  I pulled the model from CPUID and that only shows the stick model.  There are four of them.  I have corrected my gear list. :biggthumbsup:

:think:  Once again: F4-3000C15-4GRK is a 4GB module.

It is a 32GB (4 x 8GB) kit. 

Quote from: jph signature

F4-3000C15Q-16GRK is a 4x4GB kit so a total of 16GB. Are you using two of those or 32GB was simply wrong???

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