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If you download a BIOS from this area, nobody is to blame but yourself!
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Sticky Topics
First off, let's start by saying this is COMPLETELY unsupported by MSI, it's forum staff, and is provided merely for advanced users that may want to re-program their BIOS this way if it gets bricked.I...
darkhawk 0 191 Last post 19-June-17, 00:54:18
by darkhawk
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 1 1769 Last post 16-June-17, 22:26:31
by muhammadfahmiazhary
BETA BIOS's will be posted when they are available. We do not have any time frame of WHEN a new BETA BIOS will be available.It will get posted in the appropriate thread/section when it is available.Un...
darkhawk 0 4246 Last post 25-May-17, 17:18:09
by darkhawk
NOTE 1: These are provided as a service to the user with no obligation. Abuse it, abuse the moderators, and we will discontinue it.NOTE 2: These are provided as is with no expressed guarantee. USE THE...
darkhawk 23 65274 Last post 25-April-17, 17:33:37
by darkhawk
Since the release of the original vJ0 Ivy UEFI/BIOS update package, are there any Beta's currently available? Also, if there are any, do they flash both chips as the vJ0 update did or just the primary...
Froggy Gremlin 37 5362 Last post 15-February-13, 20:37:34
by Froggy Gremlin
Please report missing or broken links to me by PM. (Thanks)NOTE:Please note that bios flashing is performed entirely at your own risk!If something goes wrong and you end with dead board, its your own ...
xmad 0 54257 Last post 30-November-12, 16:49:00
by xmad
Normal Topics
X370 XPower Gaming Titanium (7A31V1) Bios Discussion
I'm starting this thread to discuss the tweaks, changes or otherwise improvements in the X370 XPower Gaming Titanium MB Bios' Beta or official.Personally the Bios that functioned the best for my Ram w...
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jonrevis1985 63 2874 Last post Today at 12:25:29
by imwechs
[B350 BIOS v1.65] That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.
That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind!  I'm here to inform you that's new version of beta bios for b350 tomahawk fixed problem with overclocking. It's possible to OC a ryzen cpu ...
neverfailmore 21 791 Last post Today at 11:51:35
by lawrencem99
MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon Beta Bios
Any news on the above board for the next bios release which will support AMDs AGESA ?I see ASUS and ASRock already have a beta bios out containing this update from AMD, and WOW is all I can sa...
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jamin280672 95 5001 Last post 25-June-17, 20:25:22
by darkhawk
B350M Mortar Arctic BIOS
Slowly but surely were getting there, the new A.3 BIOS is now letting me run 2666MHz instead of being stuck at 2400MHz, wont post above 2666MHz though. RAM is F4-3200C14D-32GTZKW for those interested....
tittyballz 4 634 Last post 24-June-17, 17:49:56
by joseph.r.simon
MSI B350 Tomahawk 1.4 BIOS
I have issues with this BIOS as well.Overclocks do not stick. I have tried the old trick of resetting to defaults, rebooting and loading OC settings. Windows reports stock clocks even tho BIOS says I ...
mamasan78 15 1511 Last post 24-June-17, 15:34:50
by darkhawk
B350M Mortar
Is there any way of changing the PLL voltage with the current beta bios? I've been looking a lot and have only currently only found vr 12vin OCP expander. And as a request to future BIOS'es, could you...
ereider20010103 1 87 Last post 23-June-17, 18:20:39
by darkhawk
X370 SLI PLUS(7A33V3) V3.44 Cool'n'Quiet while overclocked?
So, I've overclocked my 1600X to 3.9GHz and ram to stock 3200MHz(very happy about that, V3.3 only allowed up to 2667MHz), but if I enable Cool'n'Quiet the system becomes very unstable, boots every now...
deuxrtmg 8 355 Last post 22-June-17, 14:03:51
by deuxrtmg
B350M Mortar
Flashed the 1.52 beta bios into my B350M Mortar.Before (bios 1.4), my Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3200 C16 kit ran on 2400. At 2667 it would boot, but Ryzen Master wasn't able to let the CPU over 2.2 G...
dannybroos 11 656 Last post 21-June-17, 18:18:03
by r.sarwar87
B350 tomahawk 1.64 bios this may help you video
Hi all like many people I have nothing but problems with new bios from day of mobo release. I've seen false vcore and nb reporting and general instability issues and as the number of bios came out so ...
exiledrumandbass 3 442 Last post 20-June-17, 22:39:20
by exiledrumandbass
B350 Tomahawk - Beta Bios - BSOD
Hi all, sorry for my english first. I bought MSI B350 Tomahawk (bios version 1.0) + Ryzen 1500x + Adata 8GB 3200 and I flash bios to version 1.5. This version is OK and stable. I found new beta versio...
martin.michut 5 314 Last post 20-June-17, 14:17:24
by scorpio
V1.64 B350 Tomahawk
Hi, does anyone have this BIOS flashed currently?Im running V1.62 atm, but it is very unstable for me these last days (It worked fine for a couple days.)Should I flash 1.64 or just go back to the stab...
ayoubeladak 33 1681 Last post 20-June-17, 00:43:22
by darkhawk
This topic has been moved to GAMING Motherboards.
Svet 0 63 Last post 18-June-17, 09:03:30
by Svet
B350 Arctic Tomahawk beta bios request.
Hello.I recently acquired a B350 Arctic Tomahawk motherboard, and I'm surprised with the few amount of updates to it. Is there any beta BIOS that I could try out? I'm not able to even get my ram up to...
drterrier96 16 885 Last post 18-June-17, 01:23:13
by wdeydwondrer
x370 Gaming Pro Carbon bios issues
Hello world!I purchased this board with a ryzen7 1700 @ 3.9ghz, and 2x8gb Gskill ddr3200 ram @ 2667 14-13-13-13-32. No matter what I do, I can not get my ram to post at anything above 2667. A-XMP (or ...
jacoblbristow94 32 9212 Last post 17-June-17, 09:32:15
by darshanbehere
970A Gaming Pro Carbon Beta BIOS
Is there any new Beta BIOS for the 970A Gaming Pro Carbon?
ncndoaner 11 712 Last post 15-June-17, 14:56:38
by clackersx
Beta Bios for x370 sli plus
Any beta bios for x370 sli plus|? ??
austinsheltonisastro 1 156 Last post 15-June-17, 05:09:33
by tului78
Any new BIOS for X99A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM?Currently using 1.41, and having problems with USB initialization on POST, like 10-20 seconds stuck on post code 98, and Unknown USB Device, I think someth...
hitman60 5 280 Last post 10-June-17, 13:29:33
by hitman60
Msi 970 Gaming newest beta bios
Where can i find the newest bios update for the 970 gaming motherboard? i cant find a link anywhere. thanks in advance!
erick.szekely381 10 1864 Last post 10-June-17, 10:43:30
by cseneleswow
MSI X370 Pro Carbon - Bios Bugs and feature request
Hi, I've purchased and been using the MSI X370 Carbon Pro motherboard and am on BIOS version 1.5 (and have been since I got the board). The board works for the most part allowing me to make fulll use ...
chaoss 2 600 Last post 07-June-17, 02:42:56
by leonardtj
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