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If you download a BIOS from this area, nobody is to blame but yourself!
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Sticky Topics
BETA BIOS's will be posted when they are available.We do not have any time frame of WHEN a new BETA BIOS will be available.It will get posted in the appropriate thread/section when it is available.Unt...
darkhawk 25 219632 Last post 01-September-17, 11:54:32
by darkhawk
NOTE 1: These are provided as a service to the user with no obligation. Abuse it, abuse the moderators, and we will discontinue it.NOTE 2: These are provided as is with no expressed guarantee. USE THE...
darkhawk 1 4519 Last post 15-August-17, 12:31:00
by darkhawk
NOTE 1: These are provided as a service to the user with no obligation. Abuse it, abuse the moderators, and we will discontinue it.NOTE 2: These are provided as is with no expressed guarantee. USE THE...
darkhawk 7 6768 Last post 18-July-17, 13:11:43
by darkhawk
First off, let's start by saying this is COMPLETELY unsupported by MSI, it's forum staff, and is provided merely for advanced users that may want to re-program their BIOS this way if it gets bricked.I...
darkhawk 0 1415 Last post 19-June-17, 00:54:18
by darkhawk
MSI is proud to introduce the all-new MSI Rewards program where users can contribute with insights and help other users out in order to earn rewards. Members can earn points toward rewards such as PC ...
emersonyang 1 2720 Last post 16-June-17, 22:26:31
by muhammadfahmiazhary
Since the release of the original vJ0 Ivy UEFI/BIOS update package, are there any Beta's currently available? Also, if there are any, do they flash both chips as the vJ0 update did or just the primary...
Froggy Gremlin 37 7339 Last post 15-February-13, 20:37:34
by Froggy Gremlin
Please report missing or broken links to me by PM. (Thanks)NOTE:Please note that bios flashing is performed entirely at your own risk!If something goes wrong and you end with dead board, its your own ...
xmad 0 59451 Last post 30-November-12, 16:49:00
by xmad
Normal Topics
X99S MPOWER's latest Beta BIOS
Hi dear MSI,Please post the latest beta bios for X99S MPOWER, my current version(and the latest on the site) is M.B, will love to have the latest microcode update and maybe some new features... As the...
fatal4u 0 12 Last post Today at 00:44:10
by fatal4u
AMD AM4 Beta BIOS dryspell
Longest stretch of days between upload on any Beta BIOS(s) for the AM4 platforms.Hopeful we have not been shunted to the ditch in favor of Z370 and X4xx development; new Intel and upcoming AMD motherb...
miklet 34 2450 Last post Yesterday at 21:37:31
by imwechs
HUGE BIOS ISSUES on X399 SLI Plus (and probably Gaming Pro).. Any BETA?
Hello!So, after modding this and that in the BIOS, I went back to the original 7B09vA1 BIOS from MSI, flashed through USB BIOS Flashback+ because I saw a number of seriously bad issues that makes the ...
kholk11 5 156 Last post Yesterday at 02:30:29
by darkhawk
AMD Reportedly Allows Disabling PSP Secure Processor With Latest AGESA
With the latest AGESA update for Ryzen-based systems, AMD is reportedly allowing the Platform Security Processor (PSP) to be disabled. The AMD PSP akin to Intel's Management Engine. This built-in AMD ...
darkelfbear 0 172 Last post 10-December-17, 00:45:41
by darkelfbear
Cool N Quiet Overclocking Bug With B350 Tomahawk Arctic
Hi all,With the latest beta UEFI (VH73) and the latest release version (H7) for the B350 Tomahawk Arctic, I'm experiencing an issue with regards to overclocking at a UEFI level that I didn't experienc...
steven_ansell 4 547 Last post 08-December-17, 16:18:49
by buddyw53
Hello!I am sharing my modded bios! So....Bought an X399 SLI Plus and noticed that there were some missing ... features.After some research here and there I saw that the AMD CBS menu is in there but hi...
kholk11 0 70 Last post 07-December-17, 11:29:28
by kholk11
MOVED: ram just work on 2133 on B350 Tomahawk Help plz (CMU32GX4M2C3000C15)
This topic has been moved to Overclocking, Undervolting.
Nichrome 0 94 Last post 06-December-17, 16:38:25
by Nichrome
Hello,I have seen in some topics that you have sometimes beta bios releases. By any chance, have you the last one for the "MSI X99A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM". Actually, I use the 1.52 (E7A21IMS.152) and...
rbleroy91 27 1493 Last post 05-December-17, 08:36:18
by rbleroy91
MSI Z370 Gaming M5, Beta Bios...
Hello, where i can find the latest Beta Files for the Z370 Gaming M5?
suko204 3 124 Last post 04-December-17, 16:54:10
by darkhawk
MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon Beta Bios
Any news on the above board for the next bios release which will support AMDs AGESA ?I see ASUS and ASRock already have a beta bios out containing this update from AMD, and WOW is all I can sa...
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jamin280672 241 27901 Last post 02-December-17, 03:18:44
by darkhawk
MSi X99S SLi Plus
Hello guys , i have x99s sli plus mobo with 5820K and corsair 16gb kit LPX @ 3000MHz version in dual channel on 1.D bios i could enable XMP to 3000MHz automatically BLCK goes to 125 and i was having 1...
johnny-r7xboxlive 8 512 Last post 26-November-17, 14:02:24
by johnny-r7xboxlive
Any modded bios for MS-B106 motherboard
Hi, is there available any modded bios with more settings for Nightblade X2B bios, Motherboard is MS-B106. Getting frustrated with this current bios where is only couple settings to change and check h...
jani.ikonen 0 111 Last post 22-November-17, 15:20:34
by jani.ikonen
Z97 Pc Mate MCE Mod available?
Hello i would like to ask, if there's a MCE modded BIOS for the Z97 Pc Mate out there?I would like to push my Xeon 1231 v3 to 3.8GHz on all cores with the MultiCoreEnhancement feature.I've already fou...
ligh7z7 0 143 Last post 18-November-17, 11:42:49
by ligh7z7
P965 Platinum
BIOS Sign-on message: MSI P965 Platinum A7238IMS V1.5B1 032207 (Date: 03/22/2007)Attachment name: A7238IMSv151.zipBIOS Sign-on message: MSI P965 Platinum A7238IMS V1.5B2 040407 (Date: 04/04/2007)Attac...
Svet 9 1791 Last post 08-November-17, 18:58:38
by flobelix
G-skill Flare x 3200mhz, cold boot issue
ive got a Msi X370 pro carbon with 1700 ryzen , it will run 3200mhz with cl14 , but not at cold boot , every morning i start it i have to reset the speed , and run it for some time then restart and se...
rasmus.lauridsen 6 455 Last post 07-November-17, 12:46:04
by rasmus.lauridsen
MSI 970 GAMING latest bios?
Hello.I have an MSI 970Gaming motherboard with 22.4 (M.4) from 2015-12-23 which is latest stable on the MSI web-site. . I was wondering if there is a la...
Kitsunefoxie 5 330 Last post Best Answer 05-November-17, 13:00:39
by flobelix
How to change MSI B350M Mortar Logo
Hi,I recently updated my bios to 7A39v29. Afterwards I still get the same logo on my post (where you click delete to enter bios setup) after playing around with the voltage the post seems to change wi...
nixond25 3 461 Last post 18-October-17, 15:03:54
by buddyw53
X370 XPower Gaming Titanium (7A31V1) Bios Discussion
I'm starting this thread to discuss the tweaks, changes or otherwise improvements in the X370 XPower Gaming Titanium MB Bios' Beta or official.Personally the Bios that functioned the best for my Ram w...
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jonrevis1985 214 18107 Last post 16-October-17, 23:36:31
by imwechs
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