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Title: 40x12x48 Dragonwriter problems
Post by: PaleSaint on 24-July-02, 04:45:49
Just recently purchased my 40x12x48 and haven't been able to write one full CD :(

At random times during the writing process, Nero returns a 'communication error'. The CDRW is the only drive on the onboard ide - my HDDs run off a Promise RAID card - and I've tried the obvious: download new 4-in-1 drivers for my chipset, flash the firmware, upgrade/downgrade Nero, change ide channels and try other CD writing software. But all in vain.

My system is an old Athlon 600, running win2k.

Anyone? Anyone?
Post by: bim2k on 24-July-02, 07:41:37
I think you've got a problem getting the data off the Promise card.  With a V I A based chipset, you're always pushing your luck with RAID, PCI latency, etc.  :(  :evil:

I would benchmark your hard drive system with Atto's HDD benchmark to see if it can sustain high speed writes.  You can get it from the link on this page ( along with some others.

If you're really desperate to burn a CD, I suggest you make an image file before you burn, and also defragging your drive should help matters a bit.

If your hard drive is partitioned, make sure that the boot partition has at LEAST 1 GB of free, defragged space.


edit: It'd be better also if your HDD was on the onboard IDE, unless there was a serious problem which caused you to use the Promise controller.
Post by: PaleSaint on 24-July-02, 21:18:57
OK - finally got it together. After hours of fighting, changing IDEs, defragging etc, someone finally suggested I flash upgrade my mainboard BIOS. Now the writer works perfectly :D

FYI, I have an old FIC mobo from 2000.

Thanks for the suggestions - can't tell you how relieved I am :)
Title: 40x12x48 Dragonwriter problems
Post by: KiasThor on 12-October-02, 08:26:09
Hello, I have also problems with my cd-writer. First it burned nicely 16x cd-roms and I didnt care about it because those cd-r´s where only supported to 16x. Now I got better roms and those are supported to 32x. If I try to burn them with Nero I can´t do it at all. Every single burn has failed. I installed the bundle version that i got with the drive ( and I can burn cd´s with 8-16x. I have read these boards now many hours and noticed that firmware update is what I need. Well I went to dl page and took the correct firmware and installed it. I rebooted my pc and tried to burn cd. Surprise, surprise it failed again.

What to do? Buy new burner that is not MSI?

KT3 Ultra-ARU MS-6380E
amd athlon 1200
40gt samsung Ide master (dm mode 5)
40x12x48 Dragonwriter 2nd ide (master dma mode2)
geforce1 ddr
winxp pro
nero or

I just wonder that what I´ve done wrong because others seems to get help from firmware update. I really appreciate answers. And the burn fails, it doesn´t matter if I try to backup cd or just burn simple data.