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Title: geforce4 ti4400 slow
Post by: theo on 09-July-02, 15:47:02
I just got a msi geforce4 ti4400, installed it and even downloaded the latest drivers.

System is WindowsXP Pro.
MSI 850 pro with 512 rdram
1.6 ghz processor intel

I had a geforce2 gts and it gave me benchmarks much higher then my geforce4.

I benchmark Quake2, Halflife, all run very slow compared to my geforce2.

Help, I didn't spend all that money to get a slower vid card!!!!

Post by: Assaf on 09-July-02, 21:46:13
Obviosly the Ti4400 should be much faster so there is a problem.

A few things to check:

-Set the AGP apature size to 128MB
-Disable AntiAliasing during benchmarking
-Use 29.42 official drivers
-Refresh rate set too low and Vsync is active.
-850Pro (MS6339) had an original AMI bios that was very slow compaired with the later Award bios.