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Title: CPU VDD voltage or CPU voltage?
Post by: smccrory60 on 14-October-10, 04:46:34
Hi all. My first post here but I've been lurking for a while. When increasing CPU voltage when OC'ing, is it the CPU VDD voltage or the CPU voltage in the cell menu? The reason I ask is because with my old unlocked AMD 550BE cpu I increased the CPU VDD voltage to 1.425v and OC'ed to 3.6 running 4 cores and everything was fine running Prime 95.A friend has the same mobo and the 550BE but he changed the CPU voltage when OC'ing without any issues. Which is the correct voltage to be adjusting? I now have the 1090TBE CPU and had it running at 1.4v and OC'ed to 4Ghz when my mobo died! I'll have the new board tomorrow and don't want to kill it also. Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: CPU VDD voltage or CPU voltage?
Post by: mrinfinit3 on 15-October-10, 00:39:10
In very basic terms:

VDD is the voltage "range" in which the regulators will allow "said" cpu voltage (think of it like a valve)

CPU voltage: is the voltage supplied to the CPU before vdroop occurrences (ie: cpu voltage may be set at 1.5v but cpu-z will report 1.46v-1.48v) Voltage will fluctuate more if ACC/Cool n' Quiet/or phase power is active)

The key to maintaining a solid "high" core OC is to raise the 2 options together. IE: VDD @ 1.52xx and CPU voltage @ 1.51v; always keeping the VDD slightly higher than the core voltage.

If MSI: Keep an eye on the voltage regulator temps... if become too hot to touch...drop/lower CPU VDD...MSI voltage Regs. are known to burn/melt under high stress or if improperly cooled