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Title: MSI GTX 970 - no signal
Post by: romeshw on 31-October-14, 10:30:02
Hi guys,

I’m hoping someone can help.  This week I bought a MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming Edition 4096MB GDDR5 to replace my aging GTX 460.  One small problem is that when I power on, I get absolutely no signal to the monitor, no POST message, nothing…

The weird thing is that there are no error beeps and the computer actually boots into Windows!  The fans both start, but then stop after a little while and the MSI logo lights up.

Set up:
Asus P8P67 Intel P67 (Socket 1155) DDR3
i5-2500k 3.30GHz Socket LGA1155 Processor
OCZ Technology 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666 1333MHz Gold Low Voltage
Windows 7 Ultimate / Nvidia 348.48 drivers

Things I’ve tried:
-   Different DVI and HDMI cables, different monitor
-   Plugged the 460 into the SLI slot and run Windows, and the 970 doesn’t show in the device manager
-   Flashing the motherboard bios, but the highest version I can get to is 2303

Any help would be greatly appreciate, although be gentle with me, I’m pretty much intermediate when it comes to computers!
Title: Re: MSI GTX 970 - no signal
Post by: Nichrome on 31-October-14, 16:54:41
What's the power supply?
Also are you sure you're running latest BIOS for your motherboard?
Title: Re: MSI GTX 970 - no signal
Post by: romeshw on 04-November-14, 17:57:15
SuperFlower Golden Green HX 750W "80 Plus Gold" Power Supply - Black

Double and triple checked the connections. The 460 runs fine with 2 x 6 pin PEG connectors, the 970 needs 1 x 6 pin and 1 x 8 pin and seem to connect fine.

Motherboard bios is as up to date as possible for the B2 revision, but I've got another board to try tonight.  Fingers crossed!
Title: Re: MSI GTX 970 - no signal
Post by: romeshw on 05-November-14, 13:10:10
Success!  Well, it turns out it was the motherboard, probably something to do with me not being able to flash the BIOS past 2303.  I found a forum that said that because it was the B2 stepping of the P8P67 board, I wouldn’t be able to flash to any BIOS version starting with 3* (latest version is 3602) and this could very well be why it wasn’t working.

Still a bit strange that it would boot up into Windows with a completely blank screen, but at least it’s working!

I might be an extra £400 poorer, but I do now have an i7-4790k with an Asus Maximus VII Ranger MB :)

Thanks for the input and advice.
Title: Re: MSI GTX 970 - no signal
Post by: Nichrome on 05-November-14, 14:55:31
Well, found some sort of solution to this  :biggthumbsup:
Title: Re: MSI GTX 970 - no signal
Post by: deef85 on 28-November-14, 20:54:04
While my MSI Geforce GTX 970 was being send to me, I stumbled on this topic and other topics relating running a GTX 970 on a Asus P8P67 ((specifically B2 stepping, since that's the one I also have). When I read about this issue on this specific mainboard with bios version 2302 I got scared because this meant I also needed to buy a new mainboard.. Though I thought I'll will try it out first when it arrives, maybe I'm lucky, and guess what ? I'm lucky, because this card is running flawlessly on my system with almost the exact the same specs as the OP.

Asus P8P67 Deluxe (B2 stepping) with bios version 2302
I7 2600K stock speeds.

It this due to the new hybrid (uefi/legacy) VBioses, and weren't they implemented beforce (like around October ?)
Or am I really that lucky ?

Title: Re: MSI GTX 970 - no signal
Post by: flobelix on 30-November-14, 20:15:51
Open an own topic please but don't hijack an existing one.