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Title: 55 inch Panasonic Overscan
Post by: Adam.valente on 07-December-14, 22:27:24
Just built myself a steam box which for the time being is running on windows 8.1 X64.


MSI 280 graphics card
MSI mini ITX motherboard
i5 4690 CPU
8gb RAM
Sandisk 128gb ssd
Latest drivers for chipsets and graphics

Problem I have is serious overscan when I try to run 1080p in games I get shocking amounts of zoom. I've tried to use the catalyst software to fix the issue and it does absolutely nothing. Games are all being run in steam full screen/regular application.

Everything else works perfectly, video, web, everything gives an ideal presentation in windows. Is there're anything else I can try? At the moment I feel like I've wasted hundreds on a fast pc that doesn't give me any gaming perks.


Title: Re: 55 inch Panasonic Overscan
Post by: TZBC on 09-December-14, 02:22:14
Have you clear CMOS?

Do you have other monitor / graphics card to try?

How you adjust to 1080p and the overscan is show after you entering game or after you done the setting?
could you post the picture of overscan?