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Title: PCI SCSI Doesn't work with GF4 4400
Post by: synic on 11-July-02, 14:50:42
I swapped my old Herc GF2 out for the new MSI GF4 TI4400 card and found out that my PCI SCSI card doesn't work with it in. Swapped back in the GF2 and it works fine, and also works in a diff PC.

Flashed BIOS of my Abit KG7-RAID, no change...

Post by: synic on 11-July-02, 15:29:49
is this to do with the 1.5v thing?
Post by: synic on 12-July-02, 01:43:51
someone suggested this may have to do with a BIOS limitation about how much ROM space can be used for initialization routines such as video BIOS, mobo BIOS, and any other I/O cards such as the SCSI... Apparently most SCSI cards use 64K or so of memory at init and shrink back to like 16K or so....
Going to play with moving the cards around to change the order of initialization and we'll see if any change occurs...
Post by: Assaf on 12-July-02, 05:08:15
You can try disabling useless stuff in the bios (COM ports, LPT, gameport......)