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Title: MSI GP60 2QF Keyboard
Post by: baerle on 26-September-15, 11:52:00
Hi guys,
i just bought myself a nice new GP60 and am VERY happy with the performance so far. I was worried about the fan-noises as other people had written on the internet that it would be rather loud but i am pleasently surprised. the only issue i have is the horrible keyboard-layout. is there any way i can buy a replacement-keyboard with a "normal" layout? it does not even have to be original MSI, i don't mind as long as it fits and has at least a normal-sized enter-key and a shorter left shift key.
else i will have to return it, which i would hate since i am realy very very happy with it.
i have already searched ebay and other online marketplaces but i only found the original keyobard-designs.
ANY help is HIGHLY appreciated! THANKS !
Title: Re: MSI GP60 2QF Keyboard
Post by: RX-8 on 02-October-15, 10:04:52
The keyboard is based on the chocolate style of SteelSerieskeyboard.
I don't think MSI has older layout which you preferred. They only provide current layout.

I know the "normal" keyboard layout you mean.
That was mostly used in PC age 1990-2005.
I prefer old layout as well but already get used to it because of my job.
If you don't like this keyboard layout for laptop/small PC, you can buy a nice and bigger external keyboard with normal layout when using it at home.