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Title: [MSI PRO MOD - S4] PC case Knight of Darkness Bitman
Post by: fuxking0813 on 13-July-16, 11:35:49
Hi guys my name is Kaixing and welcome all to our new work-log
This time we’re going to enter the Fourth season of MSI PRO MODS and I call this  Knight of Darkness Batman

The inspiration of this work originated from the Bat mobile appeared in series films and comics of Batman. 
First of all, we manually welded the framework of the metal part. Then by using the 3D software, on the basis of elements obtained from films, games and comics and inspiration design, we adopted the semi-manual way to design the armor part and combined the part with water cooling.
The production cycle is about three months and finally this work came into being. 

Here is a case from the motorboat steel

CPU:Intel i7 5930k
Graphics Card:MSI GeForceGTX1080
COOLER:CORSAIR & bitspower
MEMORY(DDR4*4PCS):CORSAIR Dominator Platinum DDR4 16G*4
SSD:Samsung950 256g