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Title: (2) 4k @ 60hz displays. WT73VR
Post by: joe on 11-March-17, 07:08:07
So this workstation is advertized to power 2 displays from the tb3 connection.   The only way was able to acheive this is by utilizing MST by daisy chaining displays.   Which only provides 4k @ 30hz. I called MSI and they confirmed that it would produce (2) 4k @ 60  hz. But could not tell me how it was done.  Using a Plugable  TB3 to dual Display port adapter only powers one display.  Plugable said it is because for some reason MSI motherbords only send 1 display line to the TB3... so has anyone else acheived (2) 4k @ 60 hz through the single TB3 connection?  As of right now i am thinking this is false advertizing or at least please list 30hz on the info page for the WT73VR ti take away all doubt.   Why only 1 display line MSI?
Title: Re: (2) 4k @ 60hz displays. WT73VR
Post by: runningman on 14-March-17, 10:37:38
Hi, I think MSI TB3 spec is mainly from INTEL.

And if MSI can get INTEL TB3 certificate, that means their TB3 feature has been approved by INTEL.
Just like the list in INTEL TB3 product show case.

As for your adapter signal, it is just my guess, maybe the adapter compatibility is not as good as a TB3 docking, since INTEL is mainly using TB3 docking to demonstrate the extension ability.