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Title: MSI WS63-7RK self upgrade
Post by: robertbslee on 16-August-17, 07:27:02
HI All,

I have sent a question to support but they seem to take few days to answer. So I thought maybe people here will know.

I just bought WS63-7RK-296AU , love the 4k display and nvme but it has two areas that I really want to upgrade, specifically the ram 16gb and 2tb hdd storage. Basically it was the only option I had for the 4k display.

I am confident looking on youtube that I can easily do this, but will this void warranty, please note I am in Australia not USA?

I think 32gb ram and 2tb ssd will bosst my work flow.
Title: Re: MSI WS63-7RK self upgrade
Post by: runningman on 08-September-17, 10:06:54
Hi, WS63 is not easy to disassemble, you may still try if you are confident with your skills, however the warranty rules vary from the country, you still need to consult the local service center in your area.
Also you should confirm the compatibility of the component you wish to upgrade.