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Title: MSI WE62 7RI Random BSOD
Post by: twenex on 21-August-18, 04:10:52
So i purchased MSI WE62 7RI just few month back on April 2018 i guess for company use. Now i have problem with the laptop:

- BSOD everytime restart the pc or start the pc after clean shutdown. After 1 BSOD the laptop start normally.
- BSOD when using battery. Sometime BSOD happen.
- BSOD when wakeup from sleep or when display turn on.

Its a stock MSI WE62 no modification or add additional RAM. 
Try to reset the laptop still same. Fresh start etc.

So anyone have any information regarding this BSOD issue. Maybe latest windows 10 update that cause this? and any guide to solve this problem?
Its a new laptop 4 month old so should i just send to service center?
Title: Re: MSI WE62 7RI Random BSOD
Post by: twenex on 06-September-18, 09:31:17
Hi, does MSI actually know that this MSI Workstation cannot work on Windows 10 Build 1803? Last time i ask question regarding the BSOD. After that i just send to MSI Service Center in Malaysia which is E-Gate Services Sdn Bhd. So i just get back the laptop and when i ask what the problem they said they just reformat the laptop. They didn't even replace any RAM or HDD or SSD or motherboard because they said there is no problem with the hardware. Upon checking the laptop i saw that they disable the windows update service. I'm trying to ask the technician who "fix" this laptop but not around during my pick up. 

So my question you guys actually know that this model when upgrading to Windows 10 Build 1803 actually can cause BSOD Blue Screen Of Death. And the solution when i send the laptop actually you guys just reinstall windows with Build 1607 and disable the windows update service? I purchase this laptop for my work which cost me RM7754 which is around USD$1868 and it even didn't come with free bag.

If i can get refund i would love to return this laptop and get my money back. 

Reformat the laptop to windows 10 lower build and disable the windows update service is not a solution. That just show that MSI just too lazy too figure it out what's the actual problem.
Title: Re: MSI WE62 7RI Random BSOD
Post by: M0nster99 on 13-December-18, 06:47:47
The BSOD may be created by numerous reasons, it may be caused by drivers, OS system issue or some other things, there are dump files in the system folder that keep records of the BSOD events. The files show what's the issue if next time you encounter it again.
There is a Microsoft forum that leads you to enable/disable Windows update in Service Manager, try to set it to Auto and update Windows OS again to check that BSOD issue, there were some issues with Windows 2018 fall update a few months ago, perhaps they disable it for you because of that.
Enable/Disable Windows update