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Title: WS63 8SJ screen flickering issue
Post by: jimmygnesda on 12-December-18, 06:03:35
I purchased the new WS63 8SJ workstation laptop about 4 months ago and it has been smooth sailing until today. I got home and opened up the screen to have it flicker rapidly in unexpected fashion. The logo on the back follows the same pattern as the screen flickering. I have never brought the computer from my basement without a case and never misused it in any way. I tried a BIOS update and driver updates for both the Intel integrated graphics and the P2000 but this has helped none. The system is running windows 10 that is also up to date. I use the computer a lot for school work and cannot currently afford to have it missing for 2 or so weeks by having it shipped cross country to get it repaired. Does anyone have any ideas for a possible at home solution that could save me the time and money? If you truly believe it to be an electrical issue, please let me know.
Title: Re: WS63 8SJ screen flickering issue
Post by: ace8888 on 12-December-18, 10:57:17 (

this is forum only, please do register your Q officially in MSI service website, you can post your question there to speed up
the problem solution.