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Title: MSI graphics card promotions
Post by: on 20-December-18, 14:54:52
Has anyone else bought a MSI graphics card with the incentive of a promotion being offered and then been refused??
I bought a 1070 last month with the $20 steam card incentive and have been told the promo has ended even though it is still being advertised as of 20th December
Does not give me any confidence in MSI as a reputable company.
Title: Re: MSI graphics card promotions
Post by: TheyCallMeJigga on 24-December-18, 20:10:04
I actually came here for the same reason. They are telling me I am denied my game after I just spent $1400 buying their video card. I can even provide proof from their own website that I actually qualify for 2 different games and was refused both. I am a pretty petty person and if they don't give me what I am entitled to I will simply return the card and go buy a cheaper version 2080 ti that I can actually control the RGB without needing to own one of their motherboards.

Honestly not happy at all about my purchase and the run around I am getting from MSI.
Title: Re: MSI graphics card promotions
Post by: flobelix on 24-December-18, 22:50:12
I would contact MSI directly about it: >>How to contact MSI.<< (

The forum members won't be able to help.