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Title: Mystic Light Music Sync Not Working
Post by: jonathanmnicoli on 19-March-19, 20:44:40
I just recently built my new PC and am currently using the B450 Tomahawk.
The motherboard has RGB lighting onboard as well as 2x RGB headers.
Today I decided to buy 2 RGB strips to go into my build that were compatible with Mystic Light. 
When I use mystic light everything works fine except for the music sync which just strobes through all the colors really fast, out of sync with the music. 
When I watch other videos on using this effect the lights react to volume, sound, bass, treble, etc.
How do I achieve this? 
I uninstalled gaming app and mystic light and reinstalled. I even updated my BIOS to the newest version just now. (Even though it was just optional)
My gaming app only shows one tile that I can click on on the top which is the eye where I can adjust display. I see other people using it that have access to the RGB section of the app. I don't even see that feature.
Everything is up to date and reinstalled and everything yet I don't have access to those features that I see others using. I called into MSI and received very poor customer support on the subject and was told I had a bad mobo and needed to send it in but the guy was just very rude and put-off by my questions and was the one who had me flash my bios to the newest version over this. Please help. I would really like this feature as it is very aesthetically pleasing to me.
Title: Re: Mystic Light Music Sync Not Working
Post by: darkhawk on 19-March-19, 23:34:25
I would stick to using Mystic Light 3 application.

Uninstall the gaming app and just install Mystic Light 3. Then see if it works.