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Title: W25 / G25 UHD display via TB3
Post by: shedman61 on 18-April-19, 03:07:58
Hi All,
I have a problem with display output to a Acer XB273k G-Sync Monitor using a Thunderbolt 3 to Displayport cable.
Computer is a MSI W25 (like a G25) desktop - has laptop chassis, Nvidia MXM3 Quadro P5200 graphics. uses external display.
When the Nvidia graphics driver is installed, monitor reports 'no signal'
When the driver is un-installed (microsoft basic display) the display works.

I have tested this connection with 3 different cables including a vesa certified 5k cable.
I have installed the latest Windows 1809, the latest nvidia drivers, the latest Thunderbolt3 driver (that I can find)

Please help.
Do nvidia Quadro (Pascal) cards work with G-Sync?
Could it be the TB3 driver? the nvidia driver with optimus probs (no on-board gpu on this model) or Is the monitor not compatable?

Title: Re: W25 / G25 UHD display via TB3
Post by: gk2377 on 13-May-19, 11:34:41
Here's the platform for mobile workstation, not for desktop product line. maybe you can check here for further help: (
Title: Re: W25 / G25 UHD display via TB3
Post by: shedman61 on 30-May-19, 13:31:48
Hi Captain!
I did originally post to desktop, Yang says post to laptop....
These putes probably need their own section??
Still no display on DP connection on gsync monitor (when driver is installed), display shows when the driver is not installed.
not getting far with Nvidia techs either... I'm just getting passed from Nvidia to MSI to Acer.. and repeat!!

The Nvidia Quadro card is not g-sync capable, but shouldn't the display work without 'gsync-ing' thru the DP connector?
Why does the monitor get 'no signal' only after the driver is installed?

Anyone that can help here, please do, haven't got far with the factory techs..