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Title: MSI P65 8RF has two graphics adaptors?
Post by: oskar.karlsson on 20-April-19, 10:49:42
I have a MSI P65 Creator 8RF laptop. I have seen in Windows, in the device manager, that it has two graphics adaptors, an Intel UHD Graphics 630 an an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 MaxQ Design. I am wondering how does the laptop manage using both graphics adaptors. For example if I run a game, I can see an Nvidia logo poping up with some full screen options, so I assume in this case is using the nvidia graphics cards. But for example if I run furmark, a GPU stress test, it will run over the Intel GPU, not being able to the oter one. Also, the screen options says the laptop screen is being used with the Intel graphics card, and another monitor I have connected with the miniDP, says it is connected to the Nvidia graphics adaptor. How can I know and manage which adaptor is using for any particular case or software? Any tips? thank you
Title: Re: MSI P65 8RF has two graphics adaptors?
Post by: theorichk on 23-April-19, 15:18:02
Hi Oscar,

Not 100% sure if its the same on the P65, but on my laptop on Windows 10 there are two ways to set what graphics adapter a specific application uses.

Under Settings, Display there is an option Graphics settings at the very bottom. You can select the application and then choose the graphics adapter it uses.

You can also open the NVIDIA control panel and set the preferred Graphics adapter under 3D options. Remember that always using the NVIDIA adapter will greatly shorten your battery runtime.
Title: Re: MSI P65 8RF has two graphics adaptors?
Post by: oskar.karlsson on 24-April-19, 17:44:15
Thanks for your response, it is exactly what I wanted to know. Seems it is set up in Windows to use the Intel adaptor for low energy demanding applications and the nvidia one for the high requirements. Also, in the nvidia 3d set up the GPU for OpenGL is set to automatic, so I understand everything is set up for windows to control which adaptor uses based on the performance demand, which is fine for me. Just wanted to know how It did it. Thank you!