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Title: MSA Databases Corrupted?
Post by: toshtosh on 23-April-19, 09:47:48
Hey all,

Did anyone experience the issue where you have submitted the necessary documents and applied for a document only for it not to be found in the MSI Support databases? Recently purchased a product that was supposedly eligible for a gaming chair. Applied for the promotion on the day the product arrived (which was a day after purchase) and after a week or so, the status turned to Gift: awaiting receive (copied directly from MSI User Page) and I began to wait as the dispatch of promotion was around end of March. Now it's almost May, nothing arrived, no updates, no news, and when I contact MSI support I get a response that my application is not seen on the system and I should apply to the vendor (what!? this is not their responsibility to fulfill). Despite various screenshots, sharing the documents over and over again, the eligibility that was defined and accepted by the review system is now no longer valid, and I am led to believe that the promotion was a bait all along. Please enlighten me if anyone has run into a similar scenario where their promotion mysteriously vanished from the MSI systems.

Title: Re: MSA Databases Corrupted?
Post by: flobelix on 23-April-19, 20:52:15
Please contact MSI diretly about it: >>How to contact MSI.<< (